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I forget, will you do new vehicle versions upon request if they aren't in your current inventory? Looking for a 2017 Toyota tundra version possibly.

+indash net It was mentioned in comments on another post but would it be possible to do a brief document with at minimum a general description of soldering and assembly for both Base and Core boards? I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron but if I can get a better idea of what is actually involved I can better decide which upgrade path to take.

Wondering if there's been any progress on USB tethering? I looked in the issues log but there doesn't seem to be much there. Anyone had any success with any experimentation?

Should we have root on the octacore units? Not able to obtain root access even though the superSU app says that version 2.65 is installed. Can I get in to recovery to install? If so how do I boot into recovery?

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+Bjarte Rolland, Have you seen the "Headunit" app that is essentially android auto reverse engineered?

It does work on the octa core units. Haven't figured out bluetooth but thought you might be interested since you were also looking at AutoMate.

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I recently received and installed my OctaCore unit in my '04 Subaru Forester. My Forester's factory radio is mounted lower on the dash but luckily for me there was an add on top mount 2-din pod designed for gauges. So I got that and installed my unit on the top of my dash. The Subaru gauge pod was either slightly smaller than 2-din or the InDashNet unit is slightly larger. Regardless with a little bit of time with my rotary tool I was able to make space. Though I didn't do the best job in the trimming department it's not very noticeable.

The unit itself boots pretty quickly and if there was a way to retain the date/time between reboots it would not be an issue at all. As it is though it takes the clock a decent amount of time, (15-20 seconds) before the clock updates through my hotspotted phone's internet connection. Touch response is good all around. I like the radio app, simple and easy to use. I'm not 100% clear on what all of the buttons along the bottom do but most are obvious, (sorry I didn't grab a picture of the radio app).

On my first boot I was exploring and got a system message that there was a new version of google play services, so I updated it. Subsequently the rest of the apps that are play store apps that shipped with the device began to update as well, (gmail, Google Now, Google maps, etc). During that process however I got my first crash. Now I say crash and what I mean is that the screen actually goes white and then slowly fades to black. From here I either have to turn my vehicle off and wait for power to shut off completely or I use a pin to hold the reset button which is right above the "band" button on the top right of the unit.

Since that first boot I have had similar crashes, most consistently while using google maps. This brings me to GPS. I haven't decided where I'm going to place my antenna permanently yet so I just have it coming out of the bottom right corner or my mount right now and the antenna is just sitting on my dash. When I first used google maps it asked if I wanted to change to high accuracy mode, (Uses mobile network, wifi, and GPS). Not really putting any thought in to it I of course said 'yes' set to high accuracy. However this gave google maps significant problems. What I have deduced is that all that should be needed is GPS alone. I have concluded that the information coming from my 'wifi' aka my phone's hotspot, only updates periodically and due to that the beacon that represented me on the map would only jump periodically, (about every 4 blocks or so). So not very helpful. But when set to GPS only, maps behaves as you would expect on a mobile phone.

I may end up looking in to some other navigation app since google maps doesn't have any mode, (that I'm aware of) to adapt its color scheme to the ambient lighting, i.e. at night it just stays the white background and is way too bright. I think Waze has adaptive brightness/colors but I'm not sure how it determines that on most mobile devices. It could possible be using the phone's ambient sensors or perhaps simply the time of day. I have thought about somehow adding a light sensor to the top of my gauge pod and maybe interfacing it with an arduino or similar controller to send commands to the unit that could adapt brightness. But that is a project for another day.

Netflix, Amazon music, Amazon Video, and Pocket Casts all work well. Pandora on the other hand is having problems so far. It installs and loads enough for me to sign in no problem, but when actually choosing a station is constantly skips songs until it gets to a point where the servers return the error that they can't find anymore songs for this station at this time. I have seen similar behavior on my phone when the app is having trouble establishing a solid connection with the servers, (bad signal or whatever). So I would guess that it has something to do with how it's communicating with the USB wifi adapter that came with the unit.

I have yet to attach a hard drive but I have used a USB flash drive with the unit and it recognized it just fine. However I have a 64GB exFat formatted flash drive that was not recognized. I'm investigating this and I also have the question of supported file systems out to Thomas. Hopefully the kernel supports it but we may just need a 3rd party app to mount.

Until I get a larger SSD attached to the unit I likely won't have the opportunity to use Thomas's Music or Video apps but hopefully soon. I haven't popped a DVD in the slot yet but I did try a regular CD but unfortunately it is not recognized. Perhaps this can be remedied with an app? Something to investigate.

Overall I like this unit and it is capable of so much more than what I can get at the car audio stores here in the USA. And while I do love all of the capabilities there are definitely some shortcomings that make this unit feel "beta". Again I'm not complaining as I love it. I just would love to see more and more devices that can take on the main stream and to do that there do need to be some improvements in usability. The best example is the bluetooth app that interfaces with my mobile phone. The unit does not pick up texting so far as I have been able to see. And while I understand that it is likely not simple, I would love to see the contacts being able to interface with my google contacts stored on the device and not necessarily by pulling them through bluetooth.

There certainly some improvements that could be made that would make this unit utterly fantastic. Right now it is a good unit that in my book is still better than anything offered in the main stream car stereo market but that requires some know-how in order to fully enjoy. Keep up the good work Thomas!!
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We need more and better options in the vehicle infotainment sector. InDashNet is doing it's best to help that along. Support early and you get the current universal head unit for only $100+ shipping!
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SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Kakao, or use any other Android apps on Win/Mac with #AirDroid3:
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I think that I actually cried just a little bit while reading this article. Long but very very good.
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