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Daorffo “Rueckwaerts” Ajab
Love Baja Desert Off-Road Racing
Love Baja Desert Off-Road Racing

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Christine “GZ” Giampaoli Zonca, a well-established Italian Rally driver based in Barcelona, Spain, to be the new lead driver
Young female Italian rally racer Christine Giampaoli Zonca and her co-driver Luy Galán at Baja 500. According to will Christine “GZ” Giampaoli Zonca, a well-established Italian Rally driver based in Barcelona, Spain, to be the new lead driver for that team. She was driving the newly added CAN-AM X3 highly modified UTV

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Galindo Motorsports #1 Trophy Truck started 21st off the line and finished in 7th place.
Steven Eugenio and Armin Schwarz 2015 #Baja1000   #ArminSchwarz   driving from the start: "Right off the start it was really good. We were making up some time and getting some guys in front of us. The truck was awesome and running perfectly. We were in a bottleneck near race mile 290. I think #Vildosola got stuck in the main line and everybody tried to make their way around."
#StevenEugenio "When I got in we were a bit behind and stuck in the dust and then I ended up getting stuck in the silt. We had a clean run going but there was a rock sticking out of a sand wash that I didn’t see and it snapped our rim."
+Baja Off-Road +Desert Series +Offroad +Trophy Trucks +Baja 1000 #Motorsport #Desert #Offroad #Racing #TripTagger  

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Where is the "Like" button in gPlus ;) (just kidding)
The leading Kawasaki 4x and Honda 1x hauling the mail separated by maybe 250 meters at 2014 Baja 1000

#Kawasaki #Honda #2014B1K #Baja1000 +Baja 1000 +Baja 1000 Peninsula Run +MotoSpeed TV 

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Results 2013 Dos Mares 500 +Dos Mares 500 +Offroad Union 
The 2013 Dos Mares 500 Off-Road Desert Race - XX Dos Mares 500
3.-5. May 2013, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Finisher - Results:
Trophy Truck
1  53 José de Jesús Flores 16:04:00 - 21:16:14 - 05:12:14
2  45 Gary Magness 16:06:00 - 21:22:48 - 05:16:48
3  20 Martín Avendaño O. 16:01:00 - 21:18:29 - 05:17:29
4  99 Alejandro Abaroa Geraldo 16:02:00 - 21:25:14 - 05:23:14
5  32 Chelsea Magness 16:05:00 - 22:26:44 - 06:21:44
6  29 Enrique Murillo 16:08:00 23:56:06 07:48:06


1 175 Jaime Huerta 16:14:00 - 21:03:04 - 04:49:04
2 109 Abel Sandoval 16:10:00 - 21:02:37 - 04:52:37
3 125 Steve Barry 16:12:00 - 21:12:28 - 05:00:28
4 199 Samuel Araiza / Neto Cervantes 16:09:00 - 21:25:24 - 05:16:24
5 152 Fernando Hoyos Aguilar 16:13:00 - 21:49:12 - 05:36:12

All results at:

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OK Baja Off-Road video. I doubt it will be long online as it has lot's of sections from protected videos and they give a @#$%^& about their non-profilt use etc. statement. Been there, done that....

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#Baja1000 2012 - with 4 month still on the clock - the 2012  Baja 1000, 45th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 edition will be run - pre-events and race - 14.-17. November 2012, Ensenada To La Paz Peninsula Run ( ) some outlooks and opinions will appear. Here some cut together footage aimed at the motorcycle competition.

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Travis Pastrana is a veteran of pushing sports to their limit, but even the great Pastrana was pushed to his limits at Red Bull Hare Scramble Erzbergrodeo

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