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Joshua Grasso
English professor and father of 2 boys
English professor and father of 2 boys

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The Dream of our Past: Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven (2014)
Toward the end of Emily
St. John Mandel’s post-apocalyptic, literary science fiction novel, Station
Eleven , several characters contemplate whether or not to teach their
children about the world before ...the one that had electricity, planes,
phones, comput...

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Why College Matters--a Note to the Naysayers
There have been a lot of arguments lately about how college is bad for the US, how education is "dangerous," and how young people (and older people) feel betrayed by it. Many ask, why go to college if you're learning useless, old, irrelevant information tha...

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The Mysterious, Intimate World of Vermeer
The Dutch master, Johannes
Vermeer, bequeathed only 35 paintings to posterity, though some are undoubtedly
lost, and others have been judged spurious. Still, in an age where painters
needed to flatter the nobility to obtain a constant stream of commissions,...

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Some books, even great books, are
destined to elude your grasp. You will go your entire life without reading them
or even hearing their name. A book that could conceivably change your life, or
simply allow you to disappear into a haze of literary delight, w...

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The Astrologer's Portrait and The Count of the Living Death are FREE to download July 5-6th!
To test out my new covers for both novels, you can download them free this July 5th and 6th from Amazon (you can download a free Kindle app even if you don't own a Kindle). These novels have been out for a few years now, and I've tried to brush them up a bi...

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Just a Reminder: Final Paper due July 10th by 5pm!
I know I e-mailed this to you already, but just as a reminder here in case you forget or misplaced it. Also, don't forget to get me the 5th template response to your outside graphic novel so I can post it on the blog.  The Paper Assignment:  Choose ONE of t...

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Which Title, Which Cover?
As I continue to edit and refine my new novel, I find myself also struggling with more peripheral matters, such as what to call the damn thing, and how to sell it with the right cover. In a previous post, I revealed what I thought would be the cover, only t...

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Cover Reveal: The Cutpurse Code
This may be the cover for my new novel, which I'm currently in the final stages of revising for publication. Excited about it so far, though once I'm totally, completed finished with the book the title--and cover--could change once again. Time will tell!  I...

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For Thursday/Friday: Wilson, Ms. Marvel
For Thursday/Friday, read G.Willow Wilson's Ms. Marvel, Vol.1 and respond with the Comics Response template. For more information about the author and the book, here's a recent interview with Wilson that discusses her vision
for Kamala Khan, as well as her ...
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