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Reading and writing and blogging
Reading and writing and blogging

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Road Trips
What is it about taking a road trip? As a kid, I wasn't crazy about long car rides. They were boring and I fought with my sister about where we were sitting in the back seat and sometimes I got car sick. As an adult, if I am within driving distance, I prefe...

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Dublin Literacy Conference Presentation
It was an honor to present with the amazing Deb Frazier today at the Dublin Literacy Conference. Here's our presentation...

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Tuesday that Feels like Monday
Good Morning! I almost missed writing this post because I thought it was Monday. No work yesterday because of Presidents' Day...well, no school because of the holiday. I was very productive this weekend (and that's not the norm)...  I did laundry. I graded....

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Celebrating Perspective
This week has reminded me to question perspective. There were some things in my life causing me stress or sadness. I decided to write about them. Seeing things from a different perspective and questioning my perspective turn into lightbulb moments for me. I...

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Three A.M. The Bewitching Hour
This past year has brought some changes and disruptions to my sleep patterns. The one pattern that has stuck around is waking at three AM. Wide awake...the no going back to sleep awake. For weeks I was frustrated and worried until I relaxed into it. Researc...

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Every Day, English Opens a New Chapter
I am going to let the words of my students speak today. We are working together on writing a class mission statement. I've written about the process here and here . One class is still in the revision process. They are at the point where they have completed ...

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Kindness Warrior
I'm celebrating kindness today. This week a friend called me a "kindness warrior". I love that and I am claiming that title by recognizing and celebrating moments of kindness. I have so many moments spent with students this week that are filled with kindnes...

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Why I Teach!
This is why I teach.  In my last post , I wrote about a new mission statement that my principal wrote for our school. This comment on my post gave me a great idea... I decided to try this out with my students and we began our journey to create a class missi...

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Who Are You?
Monday morning started out as any other in school. We turned on the morning announcements to begin our day. Our principal ends each day with sharing part of our school's mission statement. He does this every day. It becomes part of the fabric of our communi...

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Fat and Beautiful
I'm fat. Overweight. Large. Big boned. Chunky. There are so many euphemisms for this... that what this is? A condition? I've spent a good amount of my life hating my body. Others have expressed that hatred, dislike, or discomfort to me too. P...
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