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j. wilson
you knew the job was dangerous when you took it
you knew the job was dangerous when you took it

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photo diary: june 6-10
june 6: my kooky class; painting outside; tea party decor; rawr, I'm a lion june 7: no more coffee; super yummy fruit salad; bluejay; new baskets june 8: backyard poppies; messy paint; brushes full of paint; making bake sale goodies june 9: costume ready; m...

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photo diary: june 1-5
june 1: classroom blocks; old mistermade print; pretty plant; classroom duckie june 2: new reads; salad for dinner; making a mane; thrifted tray june 3: fiscalini wander; buzzy bee; bike ride; cocktail june 4: glitter jars; diy mane; washing all the cups; s...

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photo diary: may 26-31
may 25: scents in the classroom; weighing berries; making art; still life with roses may 26: leg stretch by the sea; noodles for lunch; not my house; after dinner bitters may 27: van shopping; banh mi lunch; picnic a-go-gos; dinner with friends and family m...

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photo diary: may 19-24
may 19: new tape; new bowls; old gossip; yellow roses may 20: smoothie lunch; coffee in the garden; summer plans; cucumber sauce may 21: tadpoles and polliwogs; moss; birthday cake; visitor may 22: smoothie fix; blackberries to be; making play dough; homema...

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photo diary: may 13-18
may 13: bad breathing day; colorku; farmers market haul; burrito bowl for dinner may 14: mother's day pompoms; front yard flowers; more colorku; cupcakes may 15: restless morning; pretty roses; feathers; making lunch for tomorrow may 16: color in the play y...

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couches, coffee, and coral colored hair
How's that for alliteration? For some unknown reason I woke up all bright-eyed and bushy tailed before 7am. I stumbled out into the living room and started mumbling about how our neighbor across the street was running a power saw around 10pm. Why? why? Why?...

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Mister and I had fasting blood work to take care of (hello middle age!) so I was up at 6am to make it to the front of the line for the 6:30am opening at the lab, the lab where my favorite phlebotomist has the same name as me...first AND last! We were 4th in...

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a new capsule
A week or so ago, when I did laundry, I found that the tops hanging in the bathroom to air dry looked really good together...almost like they would make a good when I took them down, I rifled through the dresser for some finishing pieces and vo...

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My hair looks freakishly white when wearing a white shirt which I do not often do as white shirts are not really good friends with preschool classrooms. Tomorrow, the white hair goes away...I'm working towards my natural color whatever it may be...not grey,...

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the view from the garden
This is the view from the garden. This peak you see is a mighty popular peak here in town. It seems, no matter how early I am up, someone is already at the top of the peak. Me? I have never been up. I know the views are supposed to be STUNNING but the crowd...
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