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My life will never be the same after this moment.

It's half 6 on a Sunday and I've already been awake for an hour and a half. For no good reason. That's. Just. Wrong. Stupid brain.

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Blue power sword, red power sword. Not sur which I prefer. I also need to decide what to have on his chest scroll. I'm thinking "WALLS!". 
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Cc +David Megins-Nicholas the last one I finished. I didn't go up to bone on the highlights here though. First one just using yellow for highlights and first with a red layer for highlights. Looking at it again I Def needs the bone final highlight. 

Eugh, not good. Basically the new G+ layout makes it incredibly easy to miss any post with out a picture attached. I'm already finding my eyes going straight from picture to picture and skipping the rest.

The worst thing about that is that the posts without the pictures are almost always the ones with actual content.

Can I get the university's VPN working on debain? Can I chuff. I set it up, turn it on and the damn thing times out, crashes or does nothing.

Edit: Nailed it. Apparently the website has both the ip address and the group name for the vpn wrong. Helpful.

Edit 2: Re-reading it sounds unfair to the university details. The main issue was (and still is) with the gnome-shell applet and network manager simply bailing or crashing everytime I try to connect to the vpn. I've given up and done it the manual way.

Surely Monday the 13th should be far more unlucky than Friday the 13th. My main reasoning for this is that it's a Monday.

Updating to the latest Ubuntu. Giving it it's last chance before I either go debian or fedora. I'm as yet undecided.

From our window I can see a road bridge, a rail bridge, a light house, 3 small sail boats, 2 big freight ships, a castle and an oil rig. Awesome. 

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Slightly different to my normal morning view. 
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