Why You Should Curate Content (And How to Do It Right)

In tomorrow's Lede podcast, +Jerod Morris and +Demian Farnworth are going to kick off a four-part series on curation. 

Why curation?

Because it’s a concept that is easy to understand, but NOT easy to execute. It requires commitment, strategic thinking, and that most precious of resources -- time.

But when you do it right, and do it right consistently, content curation can be a foundational building block of your authority. 

You'll see what we mean tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

And by the way, we would love your feedback for the future posts in this series, specifically answers to questions like: 

  - What tools do you use for curation?
  - What does your process look like?
  - What do you struggle with?

Drop your comments here. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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