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English Speaking Cologne
For anglophiles and English speakers near Cologne Germany
For anglophiles and English speakers near Cologne Germany


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Interested in taking over the English Speaking Cologne project?

Please comment on the original community post if you can, or reshare this with Robert.
I don't live in Cologne anymore, it's time I handed the "English Speaking Cologne project" over to someone to move the project forward. 

Obviously, having put a lot of time an effort into it over the years I'd like to hand it over to trustworthy, ethical hands. 

The "project" in total includes: the site. the Facebook page, the twitter account, this community, and the Google+ Page. 

It needs new blood, not just in terms of ownership, but also active members, blog authors etc. It would be a fun project to take over for someone enthusiastic who understands the scope. 

Any hand-raisers?

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Hope you're all having a super #Karneval  this year!

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Recognise this? - #UpCologne  

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#Cologne  night #gif  from up-on-high ...

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This looks worth going to, if any of you can make it.
The Berlin Wall fell #onthisday in 1989. Do you remember where you were? #MemoriesOfANation  

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Oh you "Scherzkeks" ...
Scherzkeks is this week's #WordOfTheWeek ! Learn more fantastic words from the German language here:  #LearnGerman  

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Do you know this woman?

Please help +Yasmine Dey retrieve her lost / stolen smart-phone.
The suspect may be from the Cologne area, but Yasmine ommited to say where the phone was lost / stolen.

If you know something that could help please let Yasmine know on the original thread:

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Hallo to all! This woman on the picture stole my smartphone. Unfortunately I don't know her, as it got stolen in a pub but this and other pictures were automatically uploaded and ready to be shared on Google+. Does anyone know how I can trace her? Thanks

Full time #SocialMedia  position in #Cologne  Germany 

If you are interested please leave a comment below. 
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