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David Lawson
Gamer, engineer, dreamer and all around swell guy.
Gamer, engineer, dreamer and all around swell guy.


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A week from today...
...I will have new posts on this blog. Relevant posts hopefully. With pictures, maybe video too. Stay tuned.

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My FLGS updated their website with a cool new look.

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Finding an old character sheet gave me something to write about.

Just finished my map for my #HackMaster adventure at  #GaryCon  VI. It may be for one night only, but the Conquest of the Archipelago will live again March 27th!

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I got introduced to the Glyos System about a week ago. It's a series of sci-fi action figures made of solid vinyl that feature a universal joint design that allows you to create customized figures using parts from any figure in the system.

I bought a few figures and add-ons which arrived on Thursday. The figures alone are excellent and feature a good deal of articulation for their size. But the real fun is taking those figures apart and reassembling them to make new figures.

Just a warning, there are a LOT of small parts involved. So it's not really an ideal toy for small children. You also need some sort of carrying case for any extra pieces you may have. The small size will also do a number on your thumbs as you attempt to fit pieces together. But from a creative aspect, this is a great toyline.

I can see someone running a sci-fi game using these as a substitute for miniatures. Makes me wish Onell Design had a fantasy themed series of figures.

You can order figures from Onell Design at

Glyos System
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[New Magic Item] Bag of Bags
Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm not going to bore everyone with personal junk. Instead I will just dive into blogging again and hope for the best. Over Christmas vacation last week, I got inspired for this new magic item. And given that it's a container,...

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I'm convinced that 99% of the people that throw the word 'fascist' so freely have no clue what the word really means.

There's still time to donate to fight against prostate and testicular cancer. #Movember

A week into #Movember and I've already raised a little over $200 and got a decent 'stache going. Hoping things will get even better on both fronts.

My laptop crashed on me. Best Buy was able to restore it, but I lost everything. Time to scrounge through all my junk for backups.
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