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Yep, yep, ok!
Yep, yep, ok!


Go Mavericks!!

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Awesome picture!!

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Awesome picture.. my season is approaching soon
The #festival, which includes #morel #mushroom events and a #home-#brewed #beer #tasting tent, will move to the "Jordan block," near the intersection of Route 23 and Main Street.

After last year's event, Ottawa Visitor Center @pickusottawail Director Julie Johnson said they were going to need a bigger tent and this year they got one.

The tent for the Morel MASH-Up #Homebrew Tasting will be double the size of last year and will move to blacktop near the Jordan block. The #craft #vendor and #food #market and morel auction will be located in the grassy area of the block.

The dates have also moved to Saturday, May 2, and Sunday, May 3. In previous years the festival was on Friday and Saturday. "That is to allow some growth for the event and also to allow our constituency in the Chicago and #Chicago #suburbs to be able to get down here," Johnson said.

Tangled Roots Brewing Company, which is opening a brewery and restaurant in #downtown Ottawa, will be sponsoring the event. "A lot of the people who are drinking craft beer are homebrewers and a lot of these craft beer companies came from homebrewers originally," said Scott Struchen, chief commercial officer for the company. "That's how a lot of these companies started. That's how our company really got started." Struchen said the company plans to open their tasting room, located in the 800 block of La Salle Street, the same weekend as Morel Fest. However, the actual date they open will depend on construction and permitting.

The homebrew portion of the festival will be on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and should feature 12 to 15 clubs from around the state. Last year, nine clubs served their beer to the public, including sponsoring club the Marseilles Area Society of #Homebrewers. "The feedback we got last year was overwhelmingly good," said MASH member Robb Hasty. "Everyone that showed up said they look forward to coming again this year." Last year, clubs averaged five beers each, Hasty said.

A new addition this year will be #live #music performed by Dyer Soens.

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Here is a good one!!

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Spider trap
#wow #spider #gif


Net-casting Spiders - interesting facts

Net-casting Spiders have a unique way of catching their prey. They make a small web in the form of a net held by the front legs that can be stretched out wide to envelop an unwary insect passing by.

When at rest, the spider hangs from vegetation with its head downwards, its long body and long, thin front and back legs held together on each side, giving the spider a stick-like appearance. The spider also assumes a head-down position when it is waiting for prey, except that it now holds its net with the front four legs and suspends itself by the back legs and spinnerets from support lines to surrounding foliage.

The net is a blueish-white square of wool-like cribellate silk, whose coiled lines are designed to stretch and entangle prey. In order to have an aiming point, the spider often drops splashes of white faecal droppings onto the leaf or bark substrate over which it is poised. When an insect walks across this 'target', the spider plunges its net downward to envelop and entangle it. If successful, the spider silk-wraps the prey item, bites and paralyses it, and then feeds on it. Net strikes will also be made at flying insects that stray too close. An unused net is sometimes stored by hanging it on nearby leaves for the next night's hunting, or the spider may eat it.

- See more at:
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This is the biggest equipment I've been able to work around!
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sweet picture
You Can’t Keep a Good Coyote Down-- by Rick Lamplugh

When wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone after a seventy-year absence, the park’s coyotes had no idea who the new dog in the neighborhood was. But wolves knew: coyotes were competition for their hard won food. Within a few years, wolves had helped to reduce the Lamar Valley coyote population by half. Yet today, there are as many coyotes in the valley as there were before wolves returned. That’s an impressive recovery, but I wouldn’t expect less from the coyote, an intelligent, tough survivor with a long history of overcoming adversity inside and outside the park.

To read more about how the coyote survived the reintroduction of wolves and years of persecution by humans, see my latest post—You Can’t Keep a Good Coyote Down—on Yellowstone Stories and Images.

Coyotes managed to grab two chapters of my new bestseller In the Temple of Wolves. To “Look Inside” or buy a copy on Amazon

Yellowstone coyote mousing photo by Rick Lamplugh

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He is right!
This is an amazing video :)
Yes, i realize I'm sharing this on social media but i guess that's the target audience ;p
i am guilty of this too, but im going to #lookup  
share this maybe?

~Vicky :)
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