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Out with the old...
My 100 favorite recordings of 2014 No genre limitations. Listed without comment. Decided on after much consideration and reconsideration. I love these albums and wish I had the time in 2014 to write about more than a handful of them. I feel the need to get ...

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Colin Clary, <i>Twee Blues Vol. 1</i>
The affable Colin Clary and his bands – the Smittens and Let’s Whisper, primarily – might seem the epitome of “twee” to many listeners: gentle, sweet. Yet rather than take that as an insult, Clary seems to embrace the notion; even, at times, to turn the aes...

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Architecture in Helsinki, <i>Now + 4eva</i>
Across their 14 years, the Australian group Architecture in Helsinki has shape-shifted, and not. The essence of their music has been the same – using melody, rhythm and varied instrumentation on pop songs about life/death/love, with a poetic sense of whimsy...

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REW<<, <i>Departeures</i>
There are palm trees on the cover, and the first song starts out with a vaguely tropical feeling before turning into something closer to a French-pop duet. A song midway through starts out with ambient sounds that very closely resemble (and probably are) th...

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On the challenges of writing about music in 2014
Excuse me, if you will; a moment of introspection. This piece could be just as easily titled “On the challenges of
parenthood” or “On the challenges of owning a house” or “On the challenges of
having a job you like” or “On the challenges of being a music ob...

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25 Years Ago: <i>Road to the Riches</i>
Friday, March 14 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of De La Soul's playful-rap classic Three Feet High and Rising . It's a date likely to be noticed, in part because of the trio's recent headline-making move to put their music online for free; but a...

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Jeffrey Lewis and the Jrams - s/t CD
I’m finding it harder to keep up with my favorite bands. Either by age 40 I’ve collected too many favorite bands or life is moving too
fast for me to stay on top of it. Things happen that never did before – I’ll realize a band
I listened to obsessively in 2...

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Darren Hayman - Blue House
If I’m not careful, I’m going to spend all of my money on
bandcamp downloads of bands from the UK. Actually, if I’m not careful I’m going
to get sucked into and spend all of my money on Darren Hayman and
Hefner records that I don’t have. What thi...

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Welcome back...
"Gonna have a lot of fun / gonna hit a home run / in the littlest league possible" - GBV After essentially a one-year hiatus, Erasing Clouds is officially back. Check back on Monday, March 3 for the first post. I'll be writing at least one configuration of ...
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