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Hate that you have to go through all this. I know the Fibro makes thinking harder, but Steve's comes and goes. Foods from Anti-Inflammatory lists helps. I think it's mean for the doc not to fill out the form. I bought some soft silicone tape for my tool handles (it sticks to itself) which might give  you relief from the steering wheel or troublesome kitchen tools. Will email you it's name, etc. It has saved my hands from nerve damage. We are also taking that vitamine for peripheral nerve damage: benfotiamine. It's only been a few months, though. We'll help you find some relief.

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I think at least two a day is needed on the long days! I am getting my ideas cooking and am very excited now that all those shows are sinking into my brain. I sure hope they can manage to do this at least every other year. Every year would be wonderful. Talk about a boost to getting work done...that would be the ticket!

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I have to make those footlights in miniature now. Guess my Alice in Wonderland Toy Theater will be after the Greek Toy Theater.
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