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For equality in the Muslim family
For equality in the Muslim family

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‘Bar none, this is the best treatment of women and Islamic law that I have read in the past twenty years ... profound, eye-opening and even exhilarating. It is difficult for me to take seriously any student or scholar dealing with the subject of guardianship of men over women in Islam unless, or until, they have read and digested this book.’
-Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl 
Omar and Azmeralda Alfi Professor of Law,
UCLA School of Law

‘Brimming with facts and insight, these critical and constructive essays by a global array of scholars and reformers focus our attention on how patriarchy functions in Muslim texts and contexts, and how it can be challenged. Their distinctive analyses converge and diverge, leading the reader to a new awareness of the range and power of Muslim feminist thought in the twenty first century.’
-Kecia Ali 
Associate Professor of Religion, 
Boston University

‘A highly stimulating collection of pieces by notable scholars and activists ... Men in Charge? provides a complex and clearly articulated analysis of the problems with the dominant exegetical and juristic understandings of gender relations ... an extremely valuable contribution to the discourse on gender relations, equality, justice and women’s rights in Islam and among Muslims.’
-Farid Esack
Professor in the Study of Islam and Head of Department of Religion Studies, 
University of Johannesburg

Muslim legal tradition does not treat men and women equally. At the root of this discrimination lies a theological assumption: God has given men authority over women. This assumption is justified with reference to a Qur’anic verse (4:34) and is expressed in two key legal concepts that underlie the logic of most contemporary Muslim family laws. One, qiwamah, generally denotes a husband’s authority over his wife. The other, wilayah, refers to the right and duty of male family members to exercise guardianship over female members and the privileging of fathers over mothers in guardianship of their children.

Based on exciting new feminist research, Men in Charge? critically engages with this assumption and challenges male authority and gender discrimination from within Muslim legal tradition.The authors trace how male dominance came to be inherent in the tradition, show how it is produced and sustained in contemporary times, and indicate how the tradition can be reformed in order to promote gender equality and justice.

The contributors are academics and activists from varied disciplines and backgrounds who were brought together by Musawah, a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family. Since its launch in 2009, Musawah has sought to produce new knowledge to support local and national movements as they develop and advocate for change.


Publisher: OneWorld

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PUBLICATION HIGHLIGHT: The #Musawah Toolkit for Advocates is for you if you believe in #equality for #Muslim #women

Check out the latest feminist resources in the Musawah Resources Library, including a new article by Hoodah Abrahams-Fayker on the feminist legal activism of South African women's non-profit Women's Legal Centre 


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Find out more about the #Musawah  Course on #Islam  & Gender Equality and Justice

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Hear our song, sing along - a beautiful output released on International Women's Day 2014 by #MusawahAdvocates  in the #Maldives  who participated in our I-nGEJ Course in November 2013

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Congratulations to #Musawah  Director, #ZainahAnwar  for being conferred the Legion of Honour, the French government's highest award! #IWD2014  

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The quest for a more egalitarian understanding of the Quran: #ZainahAnwar , #SistersInIslam  and #Musawah  

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#Musawah 's tweet seminar on International Women's Day was a great hit! Check out the tweets using hashtag #femquran  

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#MakingWaves is a documentary by International IDEA that features the work of fearless #MuslimFeminists in their efforts to realise #equality and #justice for #Muslim communities around the world.

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