Exhibit B in the series "Zak S does and says some pretty transphobic shit":


"I made the apology because my personal ethics code compelled me to do so. I'm always particularly concerned about letting my biases lead me into rash judgements, and I felt I should give Zak the benefit of the doubt. But I made it earlier than I would have liked in part because Zak was repeatedly calling me a liar and demanding I show evidence and give names, and because several of his supporters made (admittedly ludicrous) legal threats, and I didn't want to go on his enemies list and see my real name (publically available) go up with the other designers he regularly attacks right as I was about to enter publishing."

Zak (and "friends") group-threaten, harass and stalk a trans person to coerce them into making a public apology on behalf of Zak, one which Zak and his "friends" then continually bring up to deflect criticism of themselves.

Also, Zak (or someone who coincidentally uses the same words and same characteristic misspellings as Zak while also being very concerned about the same targets that Zak has - I'll choose to take the logical leap) stalks a trans person for months anonymously using transphobic insults to describe them and then deletes the evidence.
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