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Gas Gas Ejector applications

1. Increase Recovery from LP Wells:
A high-pressure gas well can be used to enhance both the production and the total recovery from a depleted well using a multiphase ejector. The installation of an ejector on the surface allows one to use free energy from a high pressure well to boost a low pressure well, thereby obtaining enhancement of the good production and/or extension of the field life. This device does not require any power supply and is characterized by a simple design, absence of moving parts and small dimensions, coupled with a high degree of reliability and low cost.

- Decreasing the pressure of HP gas to a suitable lower pressure to meet downstream condition
- Bringing back the LP wells to life

2. Boost Production By Means of Adding Ejector to the Old Compressor:
In case of older production facilities in which the design points have changed, compressors are less efficient. Discharge gas from compressors fed back into it to maintain the efficiency, while this energy can be used as the motive of ejectors and the advantages of adding ejectors are as following:

- Reducing the back pressure on LP wells
- Using of otherwise wasted energy
- Boosting production

3. Ejector Instead of 1st Stage Compressor:
As ejectors do not have any moving parts, they are maintenance free and do not need any electrical power; they can be totally used instead of 1st stage mechanical compressors in LP wells discharge. High-pressure gas of 2nd compressor can be used as the motive of the ejector. The advantages are as below:

- Eliminating the need for 1st stage compressor
- Reducing the capital costs
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Steam Jet Ejector
Steam Jet Ejectors are pumping devices used in general to evacuate fluids from one process step and deliver them to another. The theory behind the Steam Jet Ejectors involves converting high-pressure motive steam into a high-velocity jet in a nozzle. This causes a decrease in pressure and an increase in velocity so the suction fluid enters the ejector and its pressure increases by means of the converging-diverging diffuser.
Typical Applications in Industries
- Pre-evacuation of condensers and other kinds of vessels in chemical and power plants
- chemical reactors working under vacuum
- Drying under vacuum in chemical process industries like food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, textile, paper & pulp
- Vacuum distillation in oil refining
- Crystallization in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry
- Deodorization in edible oil industry
- Degassing and deaeration in food industry, plastic extrusion, high-quality steel alloy production, oil, and beverage production
- Evaporating in desalination, food, and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, sulfate process
- Thermocompressor for autoclave steam recovery
- Cooling where a suitable steam supply already exists for other purposes
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