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What up ho.

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I just told a friend of mine about this process so thank you for writing up something that I can show her. My first exposure to this was through you, so it'll be good for her to see something straight from your brain. 

I don't have an issue with anyone that participates in egg donation or the practice in general. I don't want my questions or hypotheticals to be interpreted wrong or put you on the defensive because I totally don't mean them that way. I just think there is a general uncomfortableness that a lot of people's problems with this arise from that can be expanded upon a bit. 

I think the negative side of this in the general public's perception exists because selling something is almost the same thing as being compensated for the effort involved in giving that thing away. I've thought about that lately because I'm on the marrow donor list, and there is a pretty substantial (unless I've been misinformed) amount they give you to donate your marrow. Another friend of mine described the compensation process with platelet donation, and even he as a donor described some of the grey area concerns involved with that. You would laugh if he described the participants in the Athens clinic he goes to once a month to donate. 

I know the process from the inquiring couple's end has to be expensive, and that's probably why some people don't like to call it donating. Would a couple that couldn't afford to in essence pay for your time and the process that leads to an egg donation ever get one through Extraordinary Conceptions? I'm not saying this to play devil's advocate for no reason, I'm just trying to phrase the issue people have in the best possible way. 

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