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President Trump signs an executive order which unwinds Obama's Climate Change policies.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Trump will be Trumped on Unwinding Climate Change Policies

#donaldtrump #climatechange #trump

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Former EPA administrator Mr. Ruckelshaus, should know that those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Former EPA Administrator Warns of Future Mistakes

#EPA #donaldtrump #sustainability #trump

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In yet another move to undo what makes sense for the country, it appears that fuel economy standards will be rolled back from the goals set during President Obama's administration.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Fuel Economy….The President Clearly Does not Understand the Term LEADERSHIP

#donaldtrump #trump #fossilfuels #fueleconomy #fuel

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Wayne DeFeo comments featured in a recent Essex News Daily article.

New Jersey Recycling Center implements an Odor-Suppression System

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I am not certain that a floating island is a real or economically feasible solution to combat global warming.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: So, to Combat Global Warming, Let’s build Floating Islands

#climatechange #globalwarming

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Styrofoam food packaging is not sustainable, is harmful from an environmental standpoint and it wastes resources.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: DART Misses the Bullseye with its Greenwashing Efforts...

#recycle #styrofoam #DART

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The largest beekeepers have a good deal of work to help them financially. However, it is not always about the money.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Pity the BeeKeeper

#beekeeper #bee #beepollination #environmentalconsulting

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It is painfully obvious that Mexico City is a city on the verge of collapse, both figuratively and physically because of water.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Water, a Terrible Thing To Waste

#water #mexicocity #environmentalconsulting

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With Toshiba/Westinghouse pulling out of the nuclear power market, we see further proof about the economic failure of this mode of power generation.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Nuclear Power Pull Out by Toshiba; A Proof that we need to be careful what we wish for.


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An entrepreneur operating a gray market recycling operation without a Business Integrity Commission License is certainly a violation of the spirit of the law.

DeFeo Associates Spotlight: Is it Recycling or Scavenging?

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