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Dan Christensen

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Thanks for the invite
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Dan Christensen

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All made of sand, awesome work.
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Dan Christensen

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today I'm looking for some wallpapers and then..... :D
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nah, Mint is a word that means "Ubuntu's Unity be damned"
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Dan Christensen

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Thanks for the invite, greetings from denmark.
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Hello +Dan Christensen . I like your avatar. Welcome!
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Thanks for the invite. Im running archlinux, but a long time debian user also. Have a great one!
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Dan Christensen

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Dan Christensen

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Just wrong on so many levels
The US just lost all credibility in regards to global patent law: Obama Vetoes Apple Product Ban

If the politicians of the country can overrule the law, what difference does that make from what we see in China or Russia?

Apparently, it's fine when Apple forces Samsung's products off the market for violating patents, but when the opposite is true, Apple's actions are protected by the personal opinion and whims of the president.

But more to the point, I don't understand the concept of country leaders having the ability to veto court rulings. This is not something you do in a society of 'rights', this is what you do when politicians play dictators.

As I have said many times before. We don't live in a democracy. We are still playing the game of kings and emperors.
The President strikes down a ruling that could have prohibited sales of some Apple products in the United States.
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Dan Christensen

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In preparation for 2014-04-08, the day Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP. the city of Munich plans to distribute free CDs with Ubuntu Linux via the city libraries and other places. Microsoft wont comment. I like :-) (Article in german) (15 tracker)
Wer mit Windows XP arbeitet, muss bald ohne neue Updates von Microsoft auskommen. Die Stadt München reagiert mit ungewöhnlichen Geschenken.
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Dan Christensen

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I really need this in my office... #Cool   #Awesome  
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I really need an office big enough to put something like that in it. 
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Dan Christensen

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Dan Christensen

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Another #caturday  survived without too many cats leaking into my stream.
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Longtime Gnu/Linux user debian for most of the time, but now i run Archlinux, and can't see me go back. Bit of a cli guy so like vim/mutt/slrn/irssi maybe switch to weechat I really like it, but havent used it for long.

Also longtime pipesmoker :p love my pipes and the difference tobacco I enjoy in them :) most VA and enjoy a good flake.
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