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mh aug 31, 130 am

yea i did, not much but i did, like switch the recurrent head section for a php include but that doesnt show ... i didnt know i was under oblisgations here cos i got nothing to prove


butman o man ... that "old" ssd ...

on that ddr4 mobo

sure makes linux oily

mh i could spend that money in less than one night, not even have enough for the night in  a place where theres nothing for me and come home empty handed with my nuts still bulging and my dick still dry

you're right


or did you get part of any of the points for once ?

what time is it ?
never too late for revenge you say ?
i noticed some people across the world have had it and just give up

giving up is not my business neither is being stuck in a place i didnt choose to be

25th ? 26th august 2016 ?

thisshit should be almost permanent online i suppose, almost cos frankly gathering copper for spare parts just to get one mini-rig up and running took about nine months .... so idont really have aperma backup in case i have to reboot it but we'll make do

now what to do with it ?

what do you do with yours ?

angry birds and pokemon go

my phone wont run it but that pokemon thing actually looks nice for a change

what to do with it ?

the facebook-killer ?

the in your browser world of warcraft killer ?

id say the last one who tried was bethesda spending i guess by now 120-150 MILLION dollars on one game ...
i still doubt they're actually making money off of it by now

so, i guess not, so what?
maybe just convince myself that i exist cos inpsiration zero, broke as fuck and the photos serve but one purpose

this aint living

i know if you were born in syria todayand you see that

its like omg

but i reserve the right to not measure my success or happines by other peoples misery

i think i might on occasional moments of clarity add a mobile orients sub to it , just for the fuck of it cos i never did that

then again i might not

so thats the reall my life with timestamps there i sugges you dont let anyone else convince you otherwise

previous date unknown huh ...
unable to connect

unable to connect, now what ?

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couldt not load website

works fine from here

must be a google thing, dont worry guys im not posting how to cook meth or explosives


besides,your kid already knows how to

its just the every day no life looking 100 times better than it actually is

or how pictures can deceive
Nothings new with me, this 80 or 70 euro abo lets me forward only one internl ip as server so its either a cam
or a server

and i dont even have the hardwae to keep it all running

het leven zoals het is date en timestamps included

out of inspiration on what to do with it
that means something
something bad
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retorica t

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who's your daddy now ?

who ?
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retorica t

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i didnt even know they did google talks anymore
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retorica t

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what a waste

born in a fucking shithole
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retorica t

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its there

... after five tries

are you SURE you're not checking my zbelling and gremmer in the obsolete echelon project you forgot all about , leaders of the free world ?

or you think the chinese hackers are trying to make you look bad cos if i talk to them i never have to post twice

let alone five times
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retorica t

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please help me

im prepared for many things but not for this

theres a naked asian guy on my stream ...

how do i get it off .... ????????????????????????
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retorica t

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kid ...


you're not smart enough


THEY werent smart enough

if you need to ...


you can find your info and get out without leaving a trace maybe

once you make demands you WILL leave a trace

dont listen to all that hollywood bullshit do your research
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retorica t

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lets cut to the chase then ...

STILL mister williams

i agree

you get the leaders you deserve

talk on all at once

i think the guy might have some kind of your kind of paper degree too im not sure

i know saul, the poster lifted it out of context .... the bots are working 24/7 right now you mentioned a name once

but like you say right there

you get the rulers you deserve , right so whoever doesnt get it

thinks its about choosing between this or that


is already there

i cant imagine someone like him choosing any of them

just like i cant

im still up for a coup and keeping obama for another four years

he just mentioned trump

this is part of the information war, dearies it doesnt mean he supports the other side

it means he doesnt like the one side

thats how they get you, plankton

im not as polite as most cos you werent very polite to me in the past

i havent been shutting up a lot lately but

the more i speak the more you're gonna want to bury me im trying to find a balance

especially when i use whole speeches of other people without contradicting one word
... it gets dangerous
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retorica t

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tis one of my convictions, like only the muslim could soothe and conquer the fanatic muslim

despite what happened in the past on any side

so goes the black man my man

aint no one gonna stop this if the one covered in blood dont go jesus on the rest

its against everything i stand for

im the right hand of vengeance but

thats the path to harmony

destruction is a path as well

theres only one standing at the end

what did you say ?

fuck 'em ?

you forsake your black ness like i forsake my loch ness

and my white ness ... im not scottish

... and we move

to the bubble universe

yea but i been saying that for years

... so i thought what you wanted was
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retorica t

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intellectual gangster?

im not a gangster


move in gangs

im an alpha :) i walk alone

mmmmm hm hmmm if it was a hit by pocket-mon

you coulda told me
or get peplewho do the job less sloppy

assuming its not ...

it keeps coming the logical solution for natural disasters would be to not leave at the foot of the volcano

however history has proven it seems to be a very popular place

despite that its not a suicidal habit
its more like wishful thinking
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retorica t

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first i dont get to post my comment, then by the time i link it

google has signed me out its like

since i talk about the americans i get logged out a lot and my connection is very bad

i dont have that if i talk about the others

about me .. i have had some dabblings in the dark arts of psychology , sociology, applied meta sociology and alien psycho ethics and im afraid i have to come to the conclusion that it depends on the kind of person you are .. which is different field entirely consisting of both genotype and fenotype (education and things like that if you're a homo sapiens but a bit more complicated) ...

some people would beg and if they dont get anything they starve some people would never beg and if they dont get anything they will take someones food

its as simple as that but its 11:15 am and ive been up a long time so the academics might be for later if you're in the field you should already know what i mean

theres another thing about crime , if you're in sociology you live in generations or more, not in years, right ? all agreed? yes ofcourse you do .. well crime is MOSTLY if not almost almost

born from poverty BUT

the other thing it is CONTINUED by tradition

i can spare one more minute

that means if you are born into a family where daddy is the don aint no shit in hell gonna make you work a nine to five for slavewage but

about anything that developed into organised mafia, with our great example the sicilian cosa nostra

caused by corrupt government for one which was in fact the legalized original mafia

is irrevokible proof of that

maybe later cos i think i forgot how to type
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retorica t

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yo, jenkins


what do you think ?

it stinks, right ?

not the song dude

the charlotte thing
ofcourse i love 8bit hommage to the good times
i doubt its 8bit for real but here i go diverted again
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maybe a dog in the wild has buddha nature, but a slave is nothing but a tool, what do i know, im not a wiseman, im not even a wise guy anymo
I never knew hell was an actual place in the Americas 8-0 , I was convinced it was right here


watashi-wa watashi da

dont ask why its just how it evolved, i can not not be me

see, people tell me i have trust issues

let me tell you, SORRY ? sorry doesn't get me anything ... I can't eat sorry, I can't fuck sorry and I can't use sorry to buy what I want SO KEEP YOUR SORRY cos I have no use for it. Its a bit too late for sorry, wouldn't you say ?

i dont have trust issues, i have so many knives in my back i look like a hedgehog on a kirlian photo, thats a spikey aura there, thats why im always on the edge and ready for defense

these are not 'trust issues' ... trust issues is not this

so, online, no one is who they say they are until prove otherwise, see , inhere its even easier to appear as if you were not someone from my past i never wanna see again, might be an ex, might be a rat, might be anything ...

fallen angel from another heaven, when i fell through the hole in space as i was exiled, never to return your one remnant narcist hippie antfarmkid asked me : "do i KNOW you?"

i said : no ofcourse you dont you fucking proto-douchebag, i never chose to be here, i should have wings still instead i got a back full of knives, thats not trust issues

thats being careful

say what you will, think what you will , you are not me

and i sure as hell won't be you

non serviam, i liked that one though, the nicest of his servants before you lot of ants twisted his soul into a burning ball of hate for humanity, turned into a mirror and this is what you get

no one is who they say they are until proven otherwise, if you wont, then dont, no problem
i dont need you anyway

privacy my highest good after my cats, oxygen and money



Ni dieu , ni maître ?

mh, i dont believe in gods who care i'm an agnostic polytheist and i picked my morals well, THEY ARE STRONGER THAN YOURS and less hippiecrite ...
ni maître ?
I fear no man, scared people get black eyes too, did you know that ? But as with any man, even the mighty Merlin in his glory days could be brought to his knees and frozen forever by a women, the enchantress ...

Liberté ? Yes , ofcourse, they call it evolution in the law that predates and surpassas any paper law of men

Egalité ? Look around you, where the hell does that exist but in lofty speeches and constitutions ? Like good and bad, a concept invented by the human brain to cope with perception.

Fraternité ?
My back is so full of knives my Kirlian picture would look like a hedgehog. I have a REAL hard time believing in that forever friends crap. So i'm 100% but theres maybe 5 people in the world i trust ?

So ... if you were looking for a place where all is good and fine all the time and where people tell you constantly its all fine and good and you're great ... YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE MAH FREND. I don't do hippiecrite, the moon shines but you can't see the darkside. And a star might burn and shine on all sides but i'm not really a star even though i might have been perhaps, but even so i will go nova on your ass if you annoy me.

Not everything is good, not everything is positive, some people are plain bastards, others are plain idiots. A lot of them are leeches or black holes, looking for the one who shines most bright to suck up all the energy until they too become the darkness.

I prefer a social network with a dislike button too. A googleplusandminus, where not everything is always good and you can express dislike too.
But i cant find one.
Ask any phd who mastered in mass or personal psychology whats healthier. A place where people tell you where it's at ? Or a  place where people only get to tell you they like everything or shut up ?



hah .... im gonna find a place to shout that out loud now (very therapeutic ...)
Bragging rights
you can wikipedia the introduction, im still not the person youre looking for
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib, present
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib , seriously, dont be shy i prefer a live conversation, you can turn the video on or off, to this turn based strategical chatting add me on skype : muad-_-dib add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
your nervous system is of great interest to me, i dont work for people, i hate humans and im not a terrorist
lol ... expert in none, meta in all
  • the gods told me to relax
    inquisitor, 2001 - present
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