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right, online, how long this before i like crssh ? then what ?

think i can afford hospitalization ? whos gonna feed my cat ?

right, offline

this is most annoying ... i havent seen any ads on "free hard drives today" only SUBSCRIBE TO MAYBE WIN SOME CRAP YOU'LL NEVER NEED

so that means adblock isnt installed yet

offline, cyas

yea, webserver on

i really need to hit someone tonight so i can get 50 euros for an extra harddrive so i can keep it on

see  that there is what it should say

today london
tomorrow the world


if you wanna chat with IS on blowing up airports i wouldnt do it via Texas

but if you do, good, more chance you get caugh

i  dont mind if kiddie pron or airport blower uppers get caught on stupidity as for the rest and privacy

i have a very different opinion

ah  yea, well euhm downloadmom

if you downloaded a k3 cd for the kids or something

if you get one of those emails saying "you can be held accountable for up to blabla hundred thousand per song" without anysubstance to it, cos thats how they do it

just ignore it, okay ? its a hundred year old extortion tactic which for some reason seems to be allowed to those people. If you lived in like some places in the states andyou use an autodialler to just SELL things ... maybe you might be fined. But those people just get to send mass spam mails (all the same) ... like if theysend a million mails

and 500 people pay up

thay make money

under any circumstance this would be fraud, extortion, and many more things but since downloading a k3 song is equal to blowing up an airport they just get to do that so

unless your uploadson has been hosting a server with petabytes of movies

just ignore it

okay ?

i dont like you downloadmom, you're among the simple people who keep gettingin my way cos thats not how its done and you have the need to explain to me how the world works

but i like those people even less. If i go door to door telling people to pay up or else

i wont last long

and i need the money more than they do cos until asia there isno life for me

the stars and the birdie said so

and thats a bit more than your labels cos the birdie is never wrong


now go back to fucking off, as a thank you leave me the fuck alone and dont let me catch you gossiping aboutme or prying into my life uninvited




its at the risk of your own life if you do
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retorica t

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mh i get that a lot

but i know what you thought last summer and in most cases what you will be next summer as well

asi said

yes by now i pobably look down on people using joomla and templates or wordpress or frontpage or any of that shit cos they either cant code a line for real  or are too lazy to wordpad or itjust wont compute or simply cos it increases productivity and output

but i dont

if thatshit really exists still actually but im guessing tt does, its something in the trend of moores law, the further the tek goes the simpler the people who can use it cos the interface gets more advanced

but basically even a 1500 euro "smart" phone is noting but von neuman architeecture running unix so, despite the fact that it went from opcodes to wysiwig (probably under a way cooler name that sells you the idea that you're in control different and know what you're doing) to very smll touch screens

the www is still the www

i dont look down on that

i got a problem with people telling me how its done and what i should cos i know what   i can and what i would

its a grave misconcepion induced by my speech styles which in turn developed and evolved cos its the only way of getting through

i dont look down

but i dontlook up either, i dont think thres a pperson alive i actually "look up" to

as in same thing i can't consider anyone my "boss" or superior

just like i simply can't forgive , like never, when i t went too far

thats me

part of me, of who i always have been and of what i became cos you tried to make me what i couldnt and will never be and i had to repair myselfwith the scraps of what was left and a whole lot of thirdspace alien matter

and subjects

so im not one although i seem to be one in some peoples minds

but thats just gossip, the need to ook down so you can look  yourself level in the eye, even as an illusion

no superiors ... mutual self intrest i think is the best one can hope for in most cases like that and if you can you can have some kind of trust

but no boss, thats probably why on most jobs (which i had most likely more than you) i eitherquit or the contract ended cos

mutual self intrest means

since i dont have "a boss"

if i have to be on time or get fired

he or she has to pay on time or i leave

contract or not, i dont believe in paper law i seen too many times what its worth and what its for

mutual self intrest

mh, jyea, jobs, funny really , maybe if you live in a downtrodden placelike here, or spain or greece or a ghetto in britain or america or some faela or close to or by you know the kind

the donald trump succesful kind if i may, themetafors not complete but its late

the kind that had like
ONE job their entire life, in a lot of cases they even had it presented to them by daddy or uncle

or took over the business

never had to "look for" but they do know how it is, how it is cos if you just "look for" then youll find

you know them, right ?

jobs, not the guy who admitted he wouldnt be who he was if he didnt drop acid like a hippie. The guy who made the world think he singlehandedly designed that thing you see inn movies and  would have patented unix as if mac os wasnt just a clone .... you know him, rihght? if you go out ask 100 ppl,probably90 will, who wozniak was ?
mabye after the movie, i havent seen it

never liked apple

its for snobs

and lamers heheh

no no, jobs and people who know how its done. Surprisingly cos the similarity is uncannylike your average trump-a-like and the nv-a here, the support they get from people they are actually marginzlizing and eventually criminalizing its more than uncanny its downright weird

cos they're the ones picked on cos they have no ground to stand on but they throw votes at these people as if they're the second coming
i hvent given it much thought

but demagogues are older than the states or europe, so

i think it will come down to some primitive brainfunction like most "normal" and identity things do


to me that ting here was more about finding  out how its done and what it does

then the pictures i just took some but then since nothing ever happened anymore i kept taking them

i wrote some scripties and things i used to perl more but perl is i think redundant or obsolete now , its not about making a statement or impression or showing skills as a resume

it was pure curiosity and i had fun with it when fun still existed

funnyhm, yea funny like that one picture there that says : algebra : 6/ phydik : 6

aiy that funny

the dude smiling cos he's got time to spendtime withhis kid ?

thats pablo escobar
the toothache drops for kids ? thats cocaine

social relativity and shifting over time



mhm , he big  white organogram of theworld

thats not funny, thats freaky

the fat bitch versus the skeletal bitch

the pretty girl who wast pretty enough ....


so you knw how its done huh ?

dont tell me

cos i know it works

and it wont be done like that for long

and its not done like that two streets from where you live

or blocks ... or towns , depending on the  relative size and distances in your environment

if you know how its done, then i suggest you do it like that

but you dont bug anyone else with it

cos someone else

might not like it very much, and some people react really badly in quite extreme ways these days

if you know how its done, you just dig in, stay whree you are


yea im going offline and sleep or at least try

i havent found a hard drive while walking the cat and it really doesnt matter other than that it would be nice to keep it online

dont expect anything from somene you already took everyting from

you forgot your own ways and rules

the only way you control people, is by making SURE they chain themselves to plenty to lose

preferably by the time you "allow" them to pay for what they do if its not oow you do it

18 ? 21 ? 19 ? the age of  getting your firstloan, you know how it works

and i know how you do it


you took everything from me

then again

i never in my life had a loan or insurance

... since i was20 i havent believed that there would be money for retirement

and much more i wont explain or your kids might start jumping off rooftops like lemmings




i hate it when i give a dissertation like that here, feels like a waste
and it gets me nothing
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retorica t

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oh well .... you know that song ... fleetwood mac or something

yea from then tilnow, dont tell me what to dream but in your case

just look at the pretty picture

pretty, not too shiney .... simple thoughts
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retorica t

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i did this pun already yea i guess

ror and rotate left

as in binary 0010 rotated right becomes 0001, effectively dividing by two

in assembler lingo, like one level above the actual machine more or like-ish

cos you get readable commands which still stand for some 00101011001s to the machine actually

before ror and rol there was only 0010101010 and 00011001010 (no i dont know which one is which one, im TOO old for that euh not old enough)

the pun was to roll a join in assembler


how does that combine with streetlife ?
cats have nine lives

statistical anomaly cats maybe more

i told you

i m not any of the guys i used to be

i got brainfog on the side and severe burnout and demotivation

myah that was 8 bit so i suppose that 8086 or whatever it was couldnt have had more than 256 commands, most likelya lot less, i just dabbled a bit
multiclasser, told you
slow levels

knower of manythings

sir links-a-lot cos he knows-a-lot
and you

and this fucking hellhole

want dat was niet masjen

en ook niet met de handen

well i jerk off daily since i havent had a fuckable girlfriend for years ?
thats like a handjob ? thats job with hands working, right ?


see ... this tourette thing

its getting worse

after a while theres triggers in everything i warned you about this, like i did about the fall of europe, the rise of china and the do you think its over with bin laden

but i dont give a shit about that anymore

i want my life and to be left alone and its all im going for

not at your benefit im afraid ... m not your fucking tool
m not your fucking mule
fuck you
(woops, there it is again)
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retorica t

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sunday nigght huh

i can barely see the screen as my neckstarts ating up from standing still here upright

what a MESS

i didnt expect id be taking picture of half-life for YEARS in a row

if i did id have done a script to generate a page according to link clicked

wel .... got all summer i suppose ....

first wirld problems hm ?

yea, no offense to the person who actually said that last time but lots of offense to all the people who treated me like that before

i WOULD, its not i COULD

have done it ten times over by now without you interference cos thats not  how its done
precious sirs and madams, fat and single moms on the couch


not could

o , distracted, gotta watch my bird....

from up to down from byrds to bird

taming in a game

... from that year there

to this year here

its going like europe

wich i have been like
saying i gotta get out before im 40 since

WAY before i turned 40
and am now three years over deadline and is three years less possible of ever lettting go

you dont have to read this

bu i have to write it

and keep busy

before i start nslooking up dark chatrooms

on my terms

not yours

yours got me here

i am NOT playing your game anymore

no matter the threat

irs not like riding a bike, thats why your good teacher in your school where you get paper degrees would urge you to place remarks in the code

actually what you really want to do since this is the internet age is
to keep a version of the code (or makeup markup in this case WITH comments and one online without since

well, by the time seven billion peoplep get online, one remark for each webpage will slow it down noitceably
it will
luxury problems, when i was in that depression clinic

ONCE ;;;.
never went back, like jail ... where i had myyself admitted to

on the closed ward where i still crawled out to go fuck my girlfriend cos it was dam right easy if you didnt take ten valiums a day

there was people there who had houseS

villas and houseS, driving mercedes and or ducattis


so they dont have that right either then ?

i see


so we all have to be happy cos somewhere in the world someone's more hungry

shit aint like that, hippie
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retorica t

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Hm ..

o wait, cat miao ... hes really lost since his lifelong friend died

something i will forever blame you for since you kept me here and out of money so i couldnt even try to have her operated on

i cant say that enough and i wont stop but

you know

obviously you dont cos you liv e in your illusion (which has actually proven to be failing all around you but you're the best at ignoring reality, that much is clear)
Testing me without prior notice and consent

leads to me getting a feeling of violated privacy and mental rape

which is = not good

you are also very bad at hiding intentions cos you are normal and i have the curse of the betazoid to keep it short

nobody gets an honourable mention, im just REPEATING how bad an idea it would be
to test me

without prior notice and consent (on my part
warning me simply makes my blood boil since im pretty sure i havent done anytning since you put me here

theres nothing to do here even if i would think anything is worth it

i have fought fistfight ONCE in 43 years , for a cheating slut of a girlfriend which i forgave myself since i was only 15

hormones, losing cool ... acceptable

nothing to do with your law or papers

everything to do with action reaction risk reward and result based oriented operation

threatening me (or hitting me) is about one step worse cos i am un able to let go

even if it was a stupid reason cos afaik i havent done anything to justify that and im definitely not scared of anyone here even if some can kick my ass

scared people get broken jaws too

way too late for that

now, if you think i am that guy still who would jump on top of the guy who been on my ass for two days while i kept my cool 48 hours while on coke and speed

and pills

and weed

and lots of alcohol

and then jumps him .... on top, with five or six cops standing next to it cos it was too much

and they had to literally BEAT me off of him with batons cos i was like killing him

choking smacking for dead against a store front trying to gouge his eyes out

then you're living in the past

i save all my anger for a special day

i am not scarface

more kingbenny but im not a movie character

dont test me

dont warn me

dont threaten me, its easy

i dont want anything to do with anything here

i leave everyone alone

i expect the same

no yapping behind my back either
no anonymous calls, no stalking no "warnings" or vulgar public display of power

cos it ticks in my head like a counter for that very special day

and since i havent done anything

if that day comes

ill feel fucking justified

you shouldnt worry anyway , im not going to your fair, and your whatever day of local hero, im sure the dude is cool

im not interested

i dont wanna

even if i had a 1000 to throw away

i wouldnt even pass by

okay ?

yea it pissed me off dont worry

was i not friendly to everyone ?

if some people here got or get scared just cos i walk by i suggest they get some pampers when they go beyond their front door cos face it

what the fuck have i done since the day you dumped me here

for better or worse ?

literally nothing

you will not have the excuse, since you seem to think warnings is a tool

that you werent warned

if you think im still "that " guy then you're seriously living in the past

no matter who you got your info from

i am none of those guys anymore

im definitely not the front i present

you leave me alone

thats best for everyone
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Save it. I dont pick up for numbers i dont know. Definitely not for private. No one has it xept a few who never called or already declined. Only cops and stalkers do.
I normally take the simcard out but its on silent. I picked up once. Wrong numbdr from brussels. Losers and stalkers. Posers and camera phones.
Leave a msg or send sms. No private numbsrs. If its not about what i need the answer is no.
Faceless cowards. And hags. I give my nr to no one. I keep no friends here. Faceless cowards, annoying gnats. I hate this shitty little town. The contacts for some reason were auto put there by google. I dont know those people
Retard country, fucking europe


Fuck you. If i signed up to entertain id expect payment but i didnt. I hopr you and your kids get run over or something.
Fuck off
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aa jaa

ikk atten uk gezeid dage mij ni moest ier steken, dage mij moestlotten doen en watter zou va kommen azzek ir te lank vastzat in da gat dak  ni kan uitston vanaf dak 15 ben
ik kan nog steeds maar 1 onclusie trekken

twas de bedoeling om mij leiven grat nor de zak telpen

awel tes gelukt

nou zien ofdager iet on etj

en morzougen en mor memmen zegt

en getj alles , de gelukkegste meesj ter wiejereld

nieje ik em allas wadage peist da gijj zotj willen of gewildj

mor zelfs doeerin zejje mis

mij leiven

es no de zak en ik gon ir nujt ni wille zen

in da gat ir in da achterland

jamais de la vie
mijn kat wiltj buiten

zee gelijk opelijk est nog ni kliejer

ak kompanie moen emmen zak ze wel zuuken
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yea, as a kid i often wished i could be like those beings who were not standing against the wall kicking a ball and playing cops and robbers

when i was playing robber

dealer i didnt wish for much cos i felt good all the time
fake or not, chemically induced like the shityou get from your doc or not

i did

its not the only time in my life i had money
i just had


you get used to that fast

then when i tried on advice to work hard like everyone and found out working for  someone else gets you nothing

not one step further in life

i often wished i could skip a few years in a coma

for real

but i didnt

i also thought about having a lobotomy or electroshock so maybe i could lose a few things

but i didnt and im glad i didnt give in to the urge to get brainkillers last time i visited the doc

i mean angry is lousy, it doesnt make friends

but i dont WANT friends now

i want EVEN and my life where it needs be

or die trying

and i wont try what doesnt get me


woops there it is again, hey i lastet almost 20 lines of text before attacking ... self control man
self control
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mh popup works on checkbox ,  mouseover canvas and mouseout ... what happened to my stylesheet? ah
oowh owh ah

yes, cat, good , focus ,
this wont work for long precious

i havnt had inspiration in years once its adapted the it is over

i probably miss out lots of tricks like about 90 % of crapp coders would in their way by not even knowing what gedit or notepad is

cos the more flashy equipped the better you get, right ?


i heard that too

yes i used to have it hosted

but i cant afford that anymore

i just keep saying that dont i

like so many things

a cheap (SUPER alloy so it has no excuse of you pouring something on it so it catches fire with SUPER spike protection and a 50 euro cpu which is like half a day outside going out)

it runs about just as fast cos it doesnt get visitors :)


this is NOT what i wanna be doing right now
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shit aint like that and shitaint like this


NOT funny

funny, someone just posted a polllike whats your fav language and included htm

html aint no language

the thing there is jscript and dtp markup (rendering instructions)

the thing where it says function (boat) and function (cloud)

to draw a boat and a cloud witout using pictures, just angles and veecors and coords

thats language
the rest is makrup


but tell me

who gives a shit
i am not enjoying myself, not trying to show off with some messy crap

just reinstalling it so i dont forget where id been by now

nothing to do with the things i was like IN school studying for, thats a fallback as you would say

a slavewge job (an interesting one more or less or else i wouldnt last a month) but still a slavewage job to fall back and eat if the economy goes south for a while and you do non essential business

what time is it ?

late? early ?

i cant see the diffrence, the room is too full and the bed too empty



no precious i wont, i need to know who first, dont you worry

i just need
EVERYONE to leave me the fuck alone here
i want nothing to do with here
i dont fit in here

i never have

i never will

PISS (dafuk) OFF
combine this with a criminal record for drugs and violence ?

statistical anomaly dearie



mutant scum
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your nervous system is of great interest to me, i dont work for people, i hate humans and im not a terrorist
lol ... expert in none, meta in all
  • the gods told me to relax
    inquisitor, 2001 - present
maybe a dog in the wild has buddha nature, but a slave is nothing but a tool, what do i know, im not a wiseman, im not even a wise guy anymo
I never knew hell was an actual place in the Americas 8-0 , I was convinced it was right here


watashi-wa watashi da

dont ask why its just how it evolved, i can not not be me

see, people tell me i have trust issues

let me tell you, SORRY ? sorry doesn't get me anything ... I can't eat sorry, I can't fuck sorry and I can't use sorry to buy what I want SO KEEP YOUR SORRY cos I have no use for it. Its a bit too late for sorry, wouldn't you say ?

i dont have trust issues, i have so many knives in my back i look like a hedgehog on a kirlian photo, thats a spikey aura there, thats why im always on the edge and ready for defense

these are not 'trust issues' ... trust issues is not this

so, online, no one is who they say they are until prove otherwise, see , inhere its even easier to appear as if you were not someone from my past i never wanna see again, might be an ex, might be a rat, might be anything ...

fallen angel from another heaven, when i fell through the hole in space as i was exiled, never to return your one remnant narcist hippie antfarmkid asked me : "do i KNOW you?"

i said : no ofcourse you dont you fucking proto-douchebag, i never chose to be here, i should have wings still instead i got a back full of knives, thats not trust issues

thats being careful

say what you will, think what you will , you are not me

and i sure as hell won't be you

non serviam, i liked that one though, the nicest of his servants before you lot of ants twisted his soul into a burning ball of hate for humanity, turned into a mirror and this is what you get

no one is who they say they are until proven otherwise, if you wont, then dont, no problem
i dont need you anyway

privacy my highest good after my cats, oxygen and money



Ni dieu , ni maître ?

mh, i dont believe in gods who care i'm an agnostic polytheist and i picked my morals well, THEY ARE STRONGER THAN YOURS and less hippiecrite ...
ni maître ?
I fear no man, scared people get black eyes too, did you know that ? But as with any man, even the mighty Merlin in his glory days could be brought to his knees and frozen forever by a women, the enchantress ...

Liberté ? Yes , ofcourse, they call it evolution in the law that predates and surpassas any paper law of men

Egalité ? Look around you, where the hell does that exist but in lofty speeches and constitutions ? Like good and bad, a concept invented by the human brain to cope with perception.

Fraternité ?
My back is so full of knives my Kirlian picture would look like a hedgehog. I have a REAL hard time believing in that forever friends crap. So i'm 100% but theres maybe 5 people in the world i trust ?

So ... if you were looking for a place where all is good and fine all the time and where people tell you constantly its all fine and good and you're great ... YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE MAH FREND. I don't do hippiecrite, the moon shines but you can't see the darkside. And a star might burn and shine on all sides but i'm not really a star even though i might have been perhaps, but even so i will go nova on your ass if you annoy me.

Not everything is good, not everything is positive, some people are plain bastards, others are plain idiots. A lot of them are leeches or black holes, looking for the one who shines most bright to suck up all the energy until they too become the darkness.

I prefer a social network with a dislike button too. A googleplusandminus, where not everything is always good and you can express dislike too.
But i cant find one.
Ask any phd who mastered in mass or personal psychology whats healthier. A place where people tell you where it's at ? Or a  place where people only get to tell you they like everything or shut up ?



hah .... im gonna find a place to shout that out loud now (very therapeutic ...)
Bragging rights
you can wikipedia the introduction, im still not the person youre looking for
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib, present
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib , seriously, dont be shy i prefer a live conversation, you can turn the video on or off, to this turn based strategical chatting add me on skype : muad-_-dib add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
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Scientists find how magic mushrooms alter the mind

Scientists studying the effects of the psychedelic chemical in magic mushrooms have found the human brain displays a similar pattern…

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