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if i were you id scroll down and start bottom up
if i were you id scroll down and start bottom up

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i can not be held responsible for whoever is using other machines on this ip so pl0x don't connect my site with anything at all in big government databases which did not exist until snowden invented them ... no offense ... im not extreme, not left not right, not monotheist, not polytheist as such, not atheist ... no ist at all .. its sad i even have to write this here but i feel i do

skype : muad_-dib

no hangouts

no facebook

email for closer circles only

owh , i forgot


not if you teach your kids baby jesus ears bleed easily, they might go blind over less subliminal erotica and the dark arts, not meaning magic but ART of the kind that tends to try the limits of what is acceptable and what is art supposed to do ?

that's right, precious, it is supposed to make people THINK, reflect and maybe gaze a little dreamery, its supposed to evoke

E M O T I O N nnnnnnnnn omg i gtg

thats about it unless you want a date and have a batplane HAH HAH

i dont keep guys in my circles either but im NOT gay ...

which doesnt mean i'll try to un-panty you

there you go ...

or not cos this is not a dating site but if you REALLY wanna talk ...

thats it

i think ill move my albums from here to there too before googles ai turns to using my pictures to sell me shit after it beats starcraft

ever though about taking on civ worldclass ?

its turnbased, has about what ? a billion more options per turn than chess and no two boards are the same ?

you still think those inbreeds dont do it on purpose ?

i hear the bell go FOUR times,n i just fell a fucking sleep i swear it cant have been more than ten minutes


i get down

nobody there


did you just steal my line there ?

no you're not getting another chance you're dam fucking right you're not

let me sleep

until i slept


and fuck off

beds as empty as ever

i dont owe anybody jack fucking shit

and you owe me over ten years worth of life and money by now


this shithole

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Yo man ...

dont ask me to get it away from you

the pact i made clearly stated it would bring harm to all those who would harm me and my chosen family

which by now is my cats


so if its on you, i dont think its going away cos it must mean you did something

its a one-way ticket, remember ?


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and if you're not an explorer but a follower,



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I think ill get an early rest, wether i do or dont the day is lost and this is belgium so fuck it

i'll leave you with a pussy pics


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ah , smells like teen spirit :p

pun not intended cos there already is one in the picture

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one of the things to have on your checklist of things to achieve in life

to be SO fucking great you can get away with that and people still sensei and sama the fuck out of your shadow after you've gone for three hours

Albert Einstein at his home wearing his fuzzy slippers 

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think i found something kuul tho

unless you prefer the kind for people who sleep on lifesized pillows with drawing of anatomically impossible teenies with superpowers

have you ever considered those girls would topple over without tittie-crutches ?

well, gouts et couleurs, i wont piss on yours if you dont piss on mine

Yes, i know, you're great at negation

right now my main concern is trying to eat less , trying to keep NVA-zis and useless feeder programs off my back, avoiding a certain number of local total inbred mongoloids and why i cant find any app that simply lets me use my phone as a cam i can use with motion, they all have serverpages and motion doesnt detect the stream so i cant put the system in 2d awareness

theres no one here for me i'll die before i start anything with "singles near me"

as long as im stuck in belgium

i dont know how to block those ads cos my phone is slow
i bought that hoping it could deflect rowhammer attacks

yea i did, i also dont see the point in smartphones that cost more just to play pokemon

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