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i can not be held responsible for whoever is using other machines on this ip so pl0x don't connect my site with anything at all in big government databases which did not exist until snowden invented them ... no offense ... im not extreme, not left not right, not monotheist, not polytheist as such, not atheist ... no ist at all .. its sad i even have to write this here but i feel i do

skype : muad_-dib

no hangouts

no facebook

email for closer circles only

owh , i forgot


not if you teach your kids baby jesus ears bleed easily, they might go blind over less subliminal erotica and the dark arts, not meaning magic but ART of the kind that tends to try the limits of what is acceptable and what is art supposed to do ?

that's right, precious, it is supposed to make people THINK, reflect and maybe gaze a little dreamery, its supposed to evoke

E M O T I O N nnnnnnnnn omg i gtg

thats about it unless you want a date and have a batplane HAH HAH

i dont keep guys in my circles either but im NOT gay ...

which doesnt mean i'll try to un-panty you

there you go ...

or not cos this is not a dating site but if you REALLY wanna talk ...

thats it

i think ill move my albums from here to there too before googles ai turns to using my pictures to sell me shit after it beats starcraft

ever though about taking on civ worldclass ?

its turnbased, has about what ? a billion more options per turn than chess and no two boards are the same ?

this site is an experimental zone, and most of all a hobby,the keywords used to describe it relate to whatever is used in its creation, there are no tutorials here unless you like to view page source and hack it,i do it for me and can't be bothered to check wether it all works in I.E. , Chrome works fine since it is my preferred platform and the Fox seems to keep up with everything nicely, advice is always welcome, questions always answered and t...
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retorica t

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And also, if you're not my type do you want me to lie

and also ... i dont know why google even bothers with this ?

to keep the bleached hackers happy i suppose

rightclick inspect element rightclick copy ling, paste in new tab enter right click save image done

if thats hacking calle me a hakzer

tsch, the screenshots dont show the rightclick windows duh

thats too bad

its also a lot of effort for nothing , gugglez

you want that you gotta flash it and even then you can make a screenshot

its futile for all but the plebs

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retorica t

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maybe one more thing for the dude with the bleached hair speaking hipster

THIS is why ancient ones like green terminals

green on black

not cos its so fucking Neo



is there anyone who didnt piss me off yet cos im gonna close google for the day
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mc Bukz ... two ...
Barack Obama escorts Laura Kong during the graduation ceremony at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1979.
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o btw, if you ever apply for what might be mcDonalds class .. do NOT ask the lady if you have to wear one of those "ridiculous little uniforms"

it's "UNIFORM" with an exclamation mark, seems to be a very difficult issue there

no i guess im not suited for that then

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retorica t

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mh how belgium and shit does NOT function, union and other monopolised make money on people making money institutions USED TO be open one evening now they are one afternoon the rest is 9-12 weekdays so you need to take a day off

which, overhere isnt like "ok i just need the day off to do this"

its NV-azi land

so how does it NOT function well ... what normal competing business would do

is open up on saturday

if one does that, they get about 90% of all clientele cos well, most people work monday to friday

however, no one even talks about that, lke asian girls there go to school throuhg summer to finish one year early. Here they couldnt cos you wouldnt find teachers to do it.

SO THATS HOW THIS PLACE MALFUNCTIONS and also in 2017 i need to carry ONE Piece of paper by hand for about 10km to overhtere cos mailing it and printing it there

doesnt count


in case i didnt fuck you flanders yet today

fuck you flanders

wheres my money

remind me to never get "a job" again
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retorica t

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How to turn a funny young lad into an old nag

: money

situation : world : 2017, belgium 1830

no sir, we need you to "physically bring us the original paper in paper, if its mailed to us and we print it that doesnt count so come over to the nearest city b/c we closed all offices in small swamps like yours"

THEN we can START making up the file and when that's done

you can get last years money

thank you

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retorica t

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yes, i can see the scheme, and as you know i have known plenty of people who did

if i succeed in insulting someone unwittingly over a mcdonalds or supermarket uniform (employer dude, id never hack at the wageslave , i AM one)

how would my trauma with uniforms and authority work out there huh, genius ?

not in a million years

not in ten million years

not if the un-constitutional courts of flanders convicted me to force me to there



its like staying here

i will never want to be here, i left this place mentally when i was 15 and im nevre coming back

so ... no i havent checked my mail ... dont need to, i KNOW the money aint there yet

for all i care the world can explode until then

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retorica t

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mh, theres a beemer with a dutch license plate parked in front of my house since this week when "there was no work this week" ...

i am also NOT joining the army

and everything is suspicious in this town i will never be at ease here

i also havent received my money from december yet AND

the heads of the people who stuck me back here

ruining my life

i might have mentioned that before

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retorica t

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mmmh, yea, need thumbnails instead of on the fly resized original pics

k k good

anyone feel like poking the tiger ?

i suggest you do that up close next time
Full Page Test Analysis
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retorica t

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one ...

well i could repeat everything i said

i still dont have my money

i still dont have the heads of the people who stuck me here and ruined my life

tschaaaa neee
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retorica t

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Heb Codima leren kennen jaren geleden toen ze nog in een klein krap winkeltje zaten waar het achter de toonbank uitpuilde vol dozen en stukken. Ondertussen ietwat gegroeid zogezegd, dat alleen spreekt voor zich in tijden van crisis waar men niets hoort dan 'de dood van de pc' ... Ik kan eigenlijk geen enkel minpunt vinden. De prijzen zijn bijzonder competitief, de service is tot nu toe vlekkeloos, ook geen discussie over stukken waar nog garantie opzit (nog maar 1 keer een defect mobo maar dat was binnen een 1 werkweek opgelost, vervangen door een nieuw) Nu jaren later woon ik heel wat verder maar kom ik toch steeds bij hen terecht, mijn laatste bestelling met de post (voor 4 euro zendkosten) 24uur levering, verzekerd, en de verzendkosten zijn ongeveer een derde van wat een treinticket nr Gent me kost What's not to like about it ?
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