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the this is real life app owns

any time of day and week
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modder mister evil frank

i must say old chap

if thats all handmodelled and not like generated like that old program i used to have 20 years ago whats its called,
bryce ?

where you just type a few numbers and then you get a whole world to model

then its pretty fucking amazing i mean like AWESOME

see its what they want they want you to be their culture jew

they're not nazis as such , some of them are jews but its exactly what they want
from me

and you

but you seem to be enjoying it

for free

thats some downright amazing shit man if i didnt know any better id speak like them say something like



you can check that in history books if you like but id rather you didnt cos i have a habit of not lying

its a waste of time if i choose to speak already done

what THE FUCK did you put in my food man im about to liftoff and IM FREEZING
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for once, just for once, i'd take the pillowsized tits to go with it
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Mhm, aha

its part of why you ruined me and keep me as a brain in a jar i suppose

if i went into politics (the last thing on earth id contemplate, i dont have that in me)

id just have gotten the votes of all support desks in the world

that makes me galactic overlord

president of the earth alliance

see ?

thats one of the reasons why but i dont know who and the whole bit

and i need those heads for every year i spent here

#Cosplay de Muse, Sylphy, Kobori, & Salama del Anime #AmagiBrilliantPark
Son las hadas de los 4 elementos en persona.

Cosplayer Muse: luffy cosplayer
Cosplayer Sylphy: olivie
Cosplayer Kobori: kuroki yu
Cosplayer Salama: kami
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#Cosplay de Yoshino del Anime #DateALive
Olvide que era Yoshino y Yoshinon. +Jordan R.Z 

Cosplayer: misa
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your nervous system is of great interest to me, i dont work for people, i hate humans and im not a terrorist
lol ... expert in none, meta in all
  • the gods told me to relax
    inquisitor, 2001 - present
maybe a dog in the wild has buddha nature, but a slave is nothing but a tool, what do i know, im not a wiseman, im not even a wise guy anymo
I never knew hell was an actual place in the Americas 8-0 , I was convinced it was right here


watashi-wa watashi da

dont ask why its just how it evolved, i can not not be me

see, people tell me i have trust issues

let me tell you, SORRY ? sorry doesn't get me anything ... I can't eat sorry, I can't fuck sorry and I can't use sorry to buy what I want SO KEEP YOUR SORRY cos I have no use for it. Its a bit too late for sorry, wouldn't you say ?

i dont have trust issues, i have so many knives in my back i look like a hedgehog on a kirlian photo, thats a spikey aura there, thats why im always on the edge and ready for defense

these are not 'trust issues' ... trust issues is not this

so, online, no one is who they say they are until prove otherwise, see , inhere its even easier to appear as if you were not someone from my past i never wanna see again, might be an ex, might be a rat, might be anything ...

fallen angel from another heaven, when i fell through the hole in space as i was exiled, never to return your one remnant narcist hippie antfarmkid asked me : "do i KNOW you?"

i said : no ofcourse you dont you fucking proto-douchebag, i never chose to be here, i should have wings still instead i got a back full of knives, thats not trust issues

thats being careful

say what you will, think what you will , you are not me

and i sure as hell won't be you

non serviam, i liked that one though, the nicest of his servants before you lot of ants twisted his soul into a burning ball of hate for humanity, turned into a mirror and this is what you get

no one is who they say they are until proven otherwise, if you wont, then dont, no problem
i dont need you anyway

privacy my highest good after my cats, oxygen and money



Ni dieu , ni maître ?

mh, i dont believe in gods who care i'm an agnostic polytheist and i picked my morals well, THEY ARE STRONGER THAN YOURS and less hippiecrite ...
ni maître ?
I fear no man, scared people get black eyes too, did you know that ? But as with any man, even the mighty Merlin in his glory days could be brought to his knees and frozen forever by a women, the enchantress ...

Liberté ? Yes , ofcourse, they call it evolution in the law that predates and surpassas any paper law of men

Egalité ? Look around you, where the hell does that exist but in lofty speeches and constitutions ? Like good and bad, a concept invented by the human brain to cope with perception.

Fraternité ?
My back is so full of knives my Kirlian picture would look like a hedgehog. I have a REAL hard time believing in that forever friends crap. So i'm 100% but theres maybe 5 people in the world i trust ?

So ... if you were looking for a place where all is good and fine all the time and where people tell you constantly its all fine and good and you're great ... YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE MAH FREND. I don't do hippiecrite, the moon shines but you can't see the darkside. And a star might burn and shine on all sides but i'm not really a star even though i might have been perhaps, but even so i will go nova on your ass if you annoy me.

Not everything is good, not everything is positive, some people are plain bastards, others are plain idiots. A lot of them are leeches or black holes, looking for the one who shines most bright to suck up all the energy until they too become the darkness.

I prefer a social network with a dislike button too. A googleplusandminus, where not everything is always good and you can express dislike too.
But i cant find one.
Ask any phd who mastered in mass or personal psychology whats healthier. A place where people tell you where it's at ? Or a  place where people only get to tell you they like everything or shut up ?



hah .... im gonna find a place to shout that out loud now (very therapeutic ...)
Bragging rights
you can wikipedia the introduction, im still not the person youre looking for
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib, present
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib , seriously, dont be shy i prefer a live conversation, you can turn the video on or off, to this turn based strategical chatting add me on skype : muad-_-dib add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
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Heb Codima leren kennen jaren geleden toen ze nog in een klein krap winkeltje zaten waar het achter de toonbank uitpuilde vol dozen en stukken. Ondertussen ietwat gegroeid zogezegd, dat alleen spreekt voor zich in tijden van crisis waar men niets hoort dan 'de dood van de pc' ... Ik kan eigenlijk geen enkel minpunt vinden. De prijzen zijn bijzonder competitief, de service is tot nu toe vlekkeloos, ook geen discussie over stukken waar nog garantie opzit (nog maar 1 keer een defect mobo maar dat was binnen een 1 werkweek opgelost, vervangen door een nieuw) Nu jaren later woon ik heel wat verder maar kom ik toch steeds bij hen terecht, mijn laatste bestelling met de post (voor 4 euro zendkosten) 24uur levering, verzekerd, en de verzendkosten zijn ongeveer een derde van wat een treinticket nr Gent me kost What's not to like about it ?
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