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let me quote some

quote : "
Belgium is a strange and often forgotten little country which is famous mostly for unleashing Jean-Claude Van Damme onto the world and not much else. Sure they have waffles, chocolates and Tintin but really, what else is there?
There’s these
Whenever anybody says that they are going to Belgium, the standard response is generally “why?”. this may be because, according to some people, Belgium isn’t even a “real country”. It may also be because Belgium is a strange little country caught in-between neighbours that are far more interesting. Who in their right mind would go to Belgium when France, Germany, the UK and even the Netherlands are right there?
Pictured: not a real country
1 – The most boring place in the world
According to pretty much everybody, Belgium is a boring place. Even the Belgians agree and according to a recent survey, 60% of Belgians wish that they were born somewhere else.

see i didnt invent this ... i never wanted to be here this is the land of no portunity

dont make me move to madripoor instead, let me in where i WANT to be

its better for me and maybe for the world as a whole

game over ?

can you tell me when i signed up for anything cos i distinctly dont remember signing up for anything at all so whatever game it is it aint starting till i start it.

i call this album B O R E D

eight years of my life
25 years i hated this town

6 years im stuck back in it

the methods to make me fit into a square (not even a box since i exist in more than two dimensions) range from pavlov-style ... which wont work , cos im not a dog, and certainly not pavlovs to what you would do to teach a 4 year old its limits

So i'll start from the start, i never chose to be here, it was the least unacceptable option

Its not gonna get better until i get out of here (and I WILL)
and no one gets to tell me what to do except my gf who has my back by day and my dick at night, and that is something i am definitely lacking right now.

You took everything, ruined my life five times, theres nothing left to push me with, please dont make me be unagreeable by having third party plebs telling oddities and ends i connect with what to do ?

you ARE not smart enough im sick of the modesty

theres just a lot of you but i have bugspray now

yea this is ME, living in a place like this were i can never be me

i like the hoodie and the hat though, pretty much my style

on top of that it seems to be global dont talk to the cat day and once more the old lady (someone told me i should call those people mom and dad ... they obviously never saw the movie, and my guess is they werent kicked out of the house several times by





must be nice to have a nice protected life

WHY THE FUCK are you trying to change me ? i can be everything if i choose to, not when im made to

what does that mean kicked  out ?

it means kicked out

two days notice

no money no job


you cant even imagine that ... well all the alleyrats and cats can

a lot of them can imagine a lot worse cos im frankly a panzyproblemchild compared to some

what does it mean ?

it means you get out, find no legal work anywhere, lose everything even more

get nothing

take up an offer
make a shitload of money

walk around like fucking scarface after a year

get caught only cos they find 25 people to testify

and after that

you discover rehabilitation is a myth

they made me a criminal i dont take responsibility for that

top of the class, i could have been anything if i wasnt born in the middle of collaboration land




dont tell me what to do

dont play games with me baby

im 10 levels above you and tell that old fat hag its none of her business either

someone thinks its funny ????

funny ???

funny ....


people dying of od and no one even looking around ? like women with babies and black eyes begging cos they're two euros short ?

like a fucking junkie stealing a phone and getting his windows smashed in cos he refused to pay up ?

he did pay up that same night

you think thats funny ?

fucking pleb ?

funny ?

you think i did some sideshow or something ?
im still stuck in it

and YOU LOT pushed me inthere

now i learned one thing

the biggest scum and the hardest hard-ass

will never tell me what to do

fucking cuntass protected ness nazihippie yuppie scum friends on tv watching type of bastards

you dont know  hate

if you did you would convict it

dam shame i just felt like cranking up the beat generator

i dont get that much anymore

no use with people sleeping here right

a beat doesnt sound through a headphone

reverb is not just an effect

its a simulation of how a sound sounds in a given room

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yea thats me

no degree

criminal record

much more :D

you dont want me
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retorica t

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im dead serious sweetie, after the kid of bitches i had

im dead serious

im just not sure about you

i can do anything i like when i put my mind to it

im dead serious

i just cant afford to be falling to a void

i need to be sure



having my back by day

having my dick by night can be worked on

i want out, not be the boss

now if you lied

then we have a problem

espcially everything around me
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retorica t

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anders schijt ik wel effe op je kop pis kut

neuk moederfucking zeikzak

you owe me

eight years

one month

and 28 days
 o wait

we can simplify

you owe me

eight years and

two months

you got a question, you pay me up front next time
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retorica t

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just a question

can you walk in this without looking like an idiot,

girl ?

nnnaaah, just cuzzz

i had a really testing day today

i know you want them

you hold few secrets for me xept the inside colour of your pussy

i prefer to be modest

i always speak in general

thats why im the boss
and the king of nothing
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retorica t

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do you have a plan here to make my life more miserable ?

cos everytime you try to help it gets worse
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retorica t

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i already have all i do is imagine revenge
just gauge your chance of getting there without me
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well, you got what you asked for
probably not what you wanted

im gonna set out what i set out to do

feel like an idiot but i stopped caring a long time ago

im gonna crash now
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retorica t

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i pisss on nazis and i shit on hippies its 2015 retard

go on

push me

do it to my face, go on

come on

come on

military ?

VMO ????
LOL blood and honour MWHAHAHAHA

tak ????

give us a sec

do i look like an idiot with dreadlocks or a guy with a head too big who just has to be at least half as intellignet as you think he is ?


stop fucking with me unless its about non-gay sex ?


i dont care what you do to the world

just to mine
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retorica t

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is there any of you left who still think i might be part of them ?

you can join my camp

but thats it

you'll abide by my rules while inthere

i wont fit in anywhere

any doubts still ?
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retorica t

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just one question

are you still trying ?

on that case tell me what you want and how much i get

straight up

ill say yes or no
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retorica t

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if theres anything i hate more than this place

it's hippiecrites
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retorica t

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sorry im testing by now to see what the criteria are

my personal taste has nothing to do with it
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maybe a dog in the wild has buddha nature, but a slave is nothing but a tool, what do i know, im not a wiseman, im not even a wise guy anymore, not that i ever been
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