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Aah midnight, superlaggy, i feel watched and violated.

Last day of school hm ... AWFULLY QUIET ... there was some music but since this is the swamp where old people come to die nicely turned off at ten pm ... after all ... life is not allowed here

only behind closed doors in dark corners.

So shal we do the post of the day early so im rid of it and dont have to anything cos i dont want to anything and i wont as long as im stuck here.
Did i hear something like "it wasnt supposed to be like this" ?

So im like ... what the fuck do i care what it was supposed to be like. It was not my choice ... i had plans , they were working, i was getting somewhere

And since here, i am getting nowhere, i had nothing , theres nothing here for me and you carefully kept me out of money.
Im NOT having fun, i cant remember what fun feels like. That game ?

it keeps my mind off being stuck here. Call me addicted one more time and ill smack you with a crowbar to a place where you can meet people you never met and see what you're talking about. Then you can go like OMG YOU'RE SO AGGRESSIVE ALWAYS

so ... all i can do is repeat myself cos nothing ever changes here and ill never like it here and i dont give a shit who thinks or says what and thats how it is

i was doing fine, you ruined my life, my future and my dreams and all that comes with it cos thats not how its done and this is better for me

apparently not but maybe you make it look like something its not its something you would do wouldnt you

so ... did i repeat myself

cos its all i have to say cos i'll never fit in and i'll never not want or need what i want and what i need

not now not ever

it might have saved us both time if you just read any of the posts i made any day of any year here cos its just the same

sorry doesnt get me anything, i cant fuck sorry, i cant pay with sorry, sorry doesnt get me to asia with my cat

you owe me a decade of life and a shitload of money

and i hate this fucking place

there ... in case you forgot
hmm yea

somethings seriously wrong with the pancake dough too ... they're supposed to just fly off the pan when i flip them; im actually quite good at that yea (useless skill) but they get thick and stick, as if im using some industrial prefab cake mix (bleurgh ) or the houseghost or the aliens dropped something in there

meh well, food is food and broke is broke ...

and anyhow its friday, schoolkids having a ball xept the ones grounded cos they flunked (or not) and me stuck here just another day, just another week of life lost , just another weekend of nowhere i can than i wanna be

so fuck off already

nooo im not funny , i know im no fun at all anymore , im becoming this place

complaining about pancake dough on a fridaymorning

flat broke though and not by my own volition , doesnt matter, a-social cant stand humans, no fun anymore, not funny


i guess

ill better avoid humans like the plague

yea i know a thousand times like you should my opinion

addicted, crazy, your solution, its NOT, being crazy and addicted costs a shitload of money, you're in debt for quite a while afterwards.

I SHOULDA started over straight out of jail cos all your promises were false, i shoulda stayed on disability when i had my one breakdown in a lifetime but now

its NOT the solution

you owe me, you ruined me, you fucked me over ten times

i hate this fucking place

should i repeat it once more for saturday already ?
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retorica t

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Ah the post for today so you can leave me the fuck and also alone unless you have what you owe me and can get me what and or where i need to be.

So i guess not since its so good here and better for me so fuck off already, i still have spent all the money for this month (which is only a few 100 euros so its not really hard) so no use trying to get me out in a plce where theres nothing for me.
I wake up at 2:30 am to walk the cat. ... gotta hurry in summer, before you know it its light, you can see the town which leads to the realization that you lost so many years here while you were doing so well and someone thought its better here.

And theres people

humans, and cars, and worse, humans IN cars ... bubble universes in their own world. Feel high and mighty and protected. I think for some its like sadly the only feelnig of privacy they have.

And i notice. Theres three business in belgium left that might be making money :

1-) the government
2) the police

3) the traffic sign and massive roadworks

when i say government i mean the politicians ofcourse, the country is in debt beyond repair, fubar.
the traffic sign business is absurd. I come from the road where only corn and wheat lives .. and a few mice i hear as i see my cat jumping in and out.

Into the dead zone here where old people come to die (which is more or less the whole town these days)

where nothing moves, in daylight even barely, only around 8-9 and 5-6
after that curfew ...

theres TWELVE traffic signs on that crossing


who pays for that ? let me guess ...

and theres streetlights every ten metres on that road who stay on all night

and theres just me and my cat and only on some nights

who pays for that? let me guess?

lets blame it
on the syrians

and the unemployed (i hear their number is growing , maybe you wanna get careful what you say there, soon they're no longer a minority but about the size of the group that votes extremist)

big road business gets handed out to a few select companies cos very few can handle it

also ... who pays for that?

all of that is paid for with loans by mister Draghi then

and the ever expanding appartment bubble

it just wont stop

im not gonna say, and i hope i dont have to see how many are standing empty five years from now cos if im still stuck here by then i think im gonna train to become the 80year old unabomber later


so let me clear it once more :

-leave me alone

-no yapping behind my back , only speaking to my face or STFU-ing

i will never have a life here, never fit in here, i will never want to live here, i dont want friends here, two or three here in town is more than enough

i will never comply

you owe me a decade of life and a shitload of money

THERE, in case you forgot, now you can just leave me the fuck alone NOT wake me up and fuck off

i think i have to put the glass out ... i think im supposed to do that in a container cleaned with bleach and perfumed but i dont see the logic in that so a plastic box will do im sorry. You can insult me to my face if you think thats not how its done but NO YAPPING BEHIND MY BACK

good, that was the post for the day now im gonna fuck off
i suggest you do the same

ah, yes, i just hear, when im angry it means im scared

good then you got what you wanted

but you still have to fuck off cos you have nothing that i want

mh ... in case the houseghost or the aliens forgot ...

i spent all the money for this month last week , all whopping few 100 euros a month i have left ... so theres no use pushing me outside, i am also going to bed
at 9am so ... let me do the math , healhty would be 9+8=17
meaning if anyone feels like driving by honking at 11:30 or 9 again


just to annoy me or to wake me up into a world thats not mine where i didnt choose to live and will never fit in ?

or cos you think im gonna prove that you are normal by doing what you do ?

let me sleep
i didnt choose to be here

whoever put me here owes me, and all the insults i had to endure here make for extre intrest on that

and dont get me started on the fact i couldnt have my cat operated on cos you kept me out of money all these years thats sicilian vendetta stuff i dont wanna post online

go along now ... make sure you can pay off all your loans for all thet shit you had to have and dont blame it one me and if you have anything to say come say it to my face ... and rest peacefully knowing that by the time you turn 60 your life no longer belongs to your bank

is that why you made me "wait" ?

cos thats not how its done cos you had to ? that why you ruined my life ?
cos i woulda made it out WAY before that ?


dont tell me its over, its over when i am where i need to e with all i need to have (which wont include at least one of my cats by now and cant be fixed like many other things BECAUSE OF YOU)

i am capable of many things, i can do many things (except masjen) but one thing i am TOTALLY incapable of

thats letting go

my money stolen, insulted, beaten ...

i can't ...its not in my system and despite all your stalling me it still doesnt say jesus the forgiver on my forehead. The priest has nothing on me and he has nothing to say on me cos im not a christian

i will NEVER let it go cos you can't ever fix what you took from me

there you go, thursday post
Onze oproep om via Scoopshot foto's van de gekste verkeersborden door te sturen, werd massaal beantwoord. Uit die ruime keuze maakten we volgende ...
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retorica t

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and this is where i noticed ... so fourteen posts on how much i like it here conveniently not posted public ... im being paranoid again i suppose, just a glitch, right ?
Yea ... i think we have a winner again

ofcourse ... since im posting it

ah i notice it put itself on private circles again, how many posts did it try to obscure this time ?
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retorica t

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number 13
retorica t originally shared:

this place is going nowhere, the continent is doomed , you're gonna owe me a whole life by the time this is over

you have a time machine yet ? money cant pay for lost experience ?
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retorica t

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number nine
retorica t originally shared:
that was one follower gone fast ... if you're looking for meaning here theres nothing but my dislikes and minus ones

no i obviously dont need to be liked, im not likable anymore after years here what i need is my life and all the things you kept from me and owe me

and to get out of here with my last remaining cat before im too old to enjoy it

if you wanna know me you'll have to meet me irl

so dont bother

and no
i will NEVER like it here

not after all that happened

and NO europe isnt far enough away from here and yes all that was very realistic until the day you put me heree
and NO i will not settle for less cos you did

and leave me the fuck alone

and i wish i could just stop ranting here cos it annoys me but it probably for the best so it doesnt come out in a worse way
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retorica t

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number eight
retorica t originally shared:
op zijn vlaamsch

"Elk bedrijf mag wettelijk zelf beslissen hoeveel aanmaningskosten aangerekend worden voor achterstallige betalingen.
Het is wettelijk verplicht dat dit duidelijk vermeld staat in hun algemene voorwaarden, en dat de klant hiervan ook duidelijk op de hoogte gebracht wordt, door deze bijvoorbeeld op de achterkant van hun facturen te plaatsen."

alles voor de werkgeverbond, de middenstand en de ontvanger, niet waar ?

nou dat zulle we effe zien dan ....


i have hated this place since i was 15 and it gets WORSE by the day
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retorica t

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Todays compulsory post ... raped privacy leads to trusting no one in this whole country ever again.

I have no use for sympathy, hommage, honour or acknowledgement,


i cant fuck that, i cant pay with it, it doesnt get me to asia

you owe me a decade of life and a shitload of money,

you can never fix what you did to me

i hate this fucking place i dont want anything to do with anyone here



but you knew that, since you know everything about me
dont you
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number fourteen
retorica t originally shared:
no three hours in the afternoon does not make up for six hours lost in the morning.

Why are you wearing such a thick sweater . o, cos i LIKE it sticky and sweating like a pig, ofcourse, and mainly cos who's gonna do this square metre garden and if that shit touches my skin i get a rash :)

cos its funny en vu te lachen ofcourse

its all an excuse you know that im like usopp the liar

you know me so well



arsecontraption ... why do you feel addressed, im only talking about faceless who are too shamed to show their face but certainly not to yap behind my back

i have NO problem giving people direct answers i dont need a chatroom for that i was still born here in shitville the swamp flanders belgium recht op je mulle as they say on the far side of grand flanders
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retorica t

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nammber 12
retorica t originally shared:
theres nothing here for me, i hate this fucking place

you owe me

a decade of life and a shitload of money, waking me up at this hour gets me nothing and makes you look like a bunch of schoolikds playing ring-the bell and run

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retorica t

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number eleven, its actually hard to see which one came first
retorica t originally shared:
and ya blabla

what now what ? what next, back to the 'or else" ??? which is according to the routine or else jail cos

something something spend

cant i already did

what now ? using pictures of gay girls ? SHES GAY you fucker

equals : i cant fuck that

your algorithms are severly stuck

like me

thats why ?

am i crazy ? i dunno, ask people who know me

thing is

nobody knows me anymore

i made sure of that since you put me here

ask , ask why what ? you know me, right, you know everything about me, everyone seems to know everything about me

the things i hear about me
or heard when i was still listening

things i didnt even know about me

you know me inside out turned every leaf, crawled under every rock and pieced it together from who i was before no one was there

thats 15 years you're missing

but you know me, why would i bother

what would i say ?

other than

you OWE me

and i dont think you know the slightest bit about me

and i hate

and i hate and i wasnt like this in any kind of way but you made me

cos you tried to make me what i'll never be

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retorica t

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number ten
retorica t originally shared:
pick one

wake me up at 730 drilling in the wall and hitting it ONCE

okay , fine ... it happens .... once

i barely slept an hour im worthless i havent done shit, the place is a dump, by the time its the time i intended to get up and start my day im beat

im back off to bed, the place is a dump i havent dont shit cos you woke me up i never intended to live in a place like this again


so i crawl back in bed, sleep the hours i intended to, if this shithole lets me

to wake up

feeling bad cos the plase is a fucking dump cos its been like this for way too many days

meanwhile due to lag

20 euros on a saving is floating somewhere in midair cyberspace

the transaction passed THREE TIMES

SO, now im actually out of emergency phone money and everything

SO that is how you wouldmake me aggressive, fucking with my money keeping me sleepless then wondering why im biting

i hit the walls, i surprise myself how hard adrenalin can still do that

one of my knuckles the size of a marble

so ... thats when you say

LOOK such an aggressive guy

didnt notice the past years that went before this huh ?

so i got another good reason to not set one foot outside in shitville flanders belgium europe

i hope no one calls the police cos im doing dishes after dark


yea im crazy and aggressive and if i dont behave prison, who comes up with that shit man ?

i barely leave the house, only when i absolutely HAVE to get food COS I HATE THIS FUCKING PLACE ?

cant you find something realistic if you want me scared  like "you're gonna be stuck in belgium after 40"

allow me to repeat you

"too late ..............."

THIS is a fucking lousy day, first day my headache is better i get this shit

shit shit always shit shitville, the swamp where old people come to die

yea i know you lifted out one word

thing is YES I HIT MY WALL after i find my very last 20 euros floating in cyberspace until someone solves it

other thing is i havent lifted a finger against any yokel or normal people since i got out of jail

which cant be said from the yokels against me

in a few cases


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number seven
retorica t originally shared:
and blablabla
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your nervous system is of great interest to me, i dont work for people, i hate humans and im not a terrorist
lol ... expert in none, meta in all
  • the gods told me to relax
    inquisitor, 2001 - present
maybe a dog in the wild has buddha nature, but a slave is nothing but a tool, what do i know, im not a wiseman, im not even a wise guy anymo
I never knew hell was an actual place in the Americas 8-0 , I was convinced it was right here


watashi-wa watashi da

dont ask why its just how it evolved, i can not not be me

see, people tell me i have trust issues

let me tell you, SORRY ? sorry doesn't get me anything ... I can't eat sorry, I can't fuck sorry and I can't use sorry to buy what I want SO KEEP YOUR SORRY cos I have no use for it. Its a bit too late for sorry, wouldn't you say ?

i dont have trust issues, i have so many knives in my back i look like a hedgehog on a kirlian photo, thats a spikey aura there, thats why im always on the edge and ready for defense

these are not 'trust issues' ... trust issues is not this

so, online, no one is who they say they are until prove otherwise, see , inhere its even easier to appear as if you were not someone from my past i never wanna see again, might be an ex, might be a rat, might be anything ...

fallen angel from another heaven, when i fell through the hole in space as i was exiled, never to return your one remnant narcist hippie antfarmkid asked me : "do i KNOW you?"

i said : no ofcourse you dont you fucking proto-douchebag, i never chose to be here, i should have wings still instead i got a back full of knives, thats not trust issues

thats being careful

say what you will, think what you will , you are not me

and i sure as hell won't be you

non serviam, i liked that one though, the nicest of his servants before you lot of ants twisted his soul into a burning ball of hate for humanity, turned into a mirror and this is what you get

no one is who they say they are until proven otherwise, if you wont, then dont, no problem
i dont need you anyway

privacy my highest good after my cats, oxygen and money



Ni dieu , ni maître ?

mh, i dont believe in gods who care i'm an agnostic polytheist and i picked my morals well, THEY ARE STRONGER THAN YOURS and less hippiecrite ...
ni maître ?
I fear no man, scared people get black eyes too, did you know that ? But as with any man, even the mighty Merlin in his glory days could be brought to his knees and frozen forever by a women, the enchantress ...

Liberté ? Yes , ofcourse, they call it evolution in the law that predates and surpassas any paper law of men

Egalité ? Look around you, where the hell does that exist but in lofty speeches and constitutions ? Like good and bad, a concept invented by the human brain to cope with perception.

Fraternité ?
My back is so full of knives my Kirlian picture would look like a hedgehog. I have a REAL hard time believing in that forever friends crap. So i'm 100% but theres maybe 5 people in the world i trust ?

So ... if you were looking for a place where all is good and fine all the time and where people tell you constantly its all fine and good and you're great ... YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE MAH FREND. I don't do hippiecrite, the moon shines but you can't see the darkside. And a star might burn and shine on all sides but i'm not really a star even though i might have been perhaps, but even so i will go nova on your ass if you annoy me.

Not everything is good, not everything is positive, some people are plain bastards, others are plain idiots. A lot of them are leeches or black holes, looking for the one who shines most bright to suck up all the energy until they too become the darkness.

I prefer a social network with a dislike button too. A googleplusandminus, where not everything is always good and you can express dislike too.
But i cant find one.
Ask any phd who mastered in mass or personal psychology whats healthier. A place where people tell you where it's at ? Or a  place where people only get to tell you they like everything or shut up ?



hah .... im gonna find a place to shout that out loud now (very therapeutic ...)
Bragging rights
you can wikipedia the introduction, im still not the person youre looking for
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib, present
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib , seriously, dont be shy i prefer a live conversation, you can turn the video on or off, to this turn based strategical chatting add me on skype : muad-_-dib add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
  • add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
    add me on skype : muad-_-dib
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