Wise Cards got blocked from the Android Market

I have a free version with ads and a full version. After almost a week, the full version still didn't show up in search results. Search in +Android Market is as bad as in the days of AltaVista it's mere luck to find the right thing. So I started to look at the description of other apps to see what they are writing. I noticed the keywords section and found it a good idea. I tweaked the description to see if it matters. Did the recently mentiond got +Android Bouncer triggered? I received a mail to violate the Content Polices section "Spam and Placement in the Store".

At the moment you still can find the free version (with +AdMob +Google Ads). The paid, full version is still not found by keywords int the Market.

For this new app, getting into the Market was easy, to be found not so.
Wise Cards Free in Android Market:
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