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For the past few months I’ve been working on an experimental project that lets you compile a single program using both Portable Native Client (PNaCl) and Emscripten. This lets developers take advantage of the strengths of both technologies when building web applications. End result? Pepper applications can now be run in a whole lotta browsers.

Check it out at and let me know what you think!
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When prepping for my session at Google IO, I mentioned to +Colt McAnlis that talking to someone right before I went on stage helped "warm me up" for the presentation.  His pro tip was to chat up the AV guys while they wired you for sound.  Ask "what's been your favorite session today?" or something like that.

"So, what's been your favorite session today?"
"The last one is always my favorite one."
"Hmmm... what about life being about the journey, not the destination?"
"The journey I like best is the one back to my hotel."

I got warmed up, and the conversation was amusing.  Passing on the pro tip: talk to people before your presentation to warm up.
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