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Forgotten Realms Classes: starting with the Fighter (see below). This took me longer than expected.

My design philosophy is to keep it close to a 5E fighter, but use the simplicity of the ICRPG system. Basic feats will be figured into the class and its rewards, anything sub-class goes into extra reward groups.

Love to hear what you think. I'll update the link with other classes over the next days and week(s).

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Hey guys, since my D&D5E group is switching to ICRPG, I put up a first version of the bio-forms of the forgotten realms.

Bonuses are closer to D&D, making character transfer easy. Our first two play sessions (report of the second one coming soon) worked fine with these.

Comments are welcome!

Quick ideas/hacks from my last session:

- Particularly powerful (epic?) loot takes up multiple equipment slots (say 2)
- If they want to get to their carried gear to equip it, it always takes basic effort to rummage through your backpack and find it. Depending on how much you carry, it could be 1 or even 2 hearts
- Story reward or character development effort - I like the idea that characters develop organically through their actions. Whenever a character performs a noteworthy action (saving a friend despite taking massive damage, acing something they've never done before) they get to roll an extra personal development die (we used a d6). First story reward is 1 heart, 2nd is 2 and so forth.

This was inspired mostly by my players, so quick shoutout to Xinnie, Marcus and Jan.

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Alright Guys. This took me a while. I hand-drew every room of my own Red Sword and present the results to you in glorious Black and White :) The cards to the sides are visualizations for the Dock, Med Bay and Science Lab.

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Last Session, based on Matt Colville's Setup. My players:

Grom the Hillmann Guardian, Sheyla the Elven Archer, Klaus the Dwarven Blade and Tavul the Torton Priest.

Crammed in a corner of the tavern, eyed suspiciously by the villagers, you quoff down your beer as the doors fly open. "They got lil' Kimmy! The goblin's got her!" Old Dunken causes a commotion among those present. Finally they approach you. "We are but humble farmers, but you, you carry weapons. Please rescue 8y/o Kimmy from those dastardly Goblins, before she is killed or raped. The gobbos live somewhere in the Kordak Forest." The players nod, but Klaus states more than asks: "We'll be rewarded if we get her back!" He rolls a 20 on his intimidation check. The villagers nod in unison. "Handsomely!"- The bartender winches. They get up. "Where was she taken?" asks Sheyla. Old Dunken points to the fields and a lonely farm up the hill. The would-be heroes leave without further words.

Sheyla checks if she can track the goblins (1 heart). Grom helps. They achieve 8 effort and discover a track and drag marks. But they loose it at a river after an hour. Wading through the river (skill challenge, a few failures, hijinks and rescues with rope and hook - "fishing for 'love'). After drying and avoiding a thirsty owlbear, it takes them a while (2 rolls of 1 on effort) to rediscover the tracks and find an old temple raising out of the forest.

Tavul holds back the others to hide in the forest, while Sheyla scouts out. She remains hidden (great stealth check) and discovers a patrol of 2 goblins lazily slunking around the perimeter. The heroes decide to fall into the goblin's backs. A massacre ensues, but one goblin manages to call out for help and two more approach from the door. They shoot at the characters with bows and manage to do 5 and 6 points of damage to Grom and Klaus. Tavul is too stressed out to do any healing (2 failed rolls). Still, our Heroes manage to dispatch one of the goblins, before the other flees inside the temple to warn his brethren and save his skin. They hear weird chanting and goblin whispers. We stop the evening here more is waiting...

There is a brazer room where the goblins are laying an ambush, it has reliefs of knights on their and a simple puzzle phrase. Then the corridor to the room with a statue, where the goblins and a bugbear are carrying out a rite to dedicate this temple to their dark god, with little Kimmy in a cage, frightened, dirty and desparate. She is just being taken out, a knife to her throat as the characters arrive. Will they be able to save her. Will they discover the secret door to the chamber with the graves of the knights of the order? Epic treasure waits to be discovered. Even as skeletons, the knights will defend against plundering. We'll see how our adventurers fare.


Hi +Drunkens & Dragons: Play D&D Like a Badass, quick question from character creation. When I looked at Starting Equipment I first read it that "Common Weapons" take up one of the three slots, but for that one slot you can take up to 3 weapons.

Then I watched your CharGen Stream and you picked weapons in addition to three items from the starting gear list. So, what did you intend here?

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Hi Hankerin, just a few things I noticed.

Shouldn't the arrow in the below diagram between 4 and 7 be the other way around, to represent your advice of leaving no content behind?

In addition: I noticed that for both VOL1 and VOL2 the VTT files of the cards have numbers shifted. For instance VOL1 number 14 should be "Brain in the Jar" but is "Spore Mushrooms". Or Card number 1 seems to be missing entirely from that set. There are many more jumbled numbers, sadly, which I noticed when I rolled d100 things and tried putting the cards into Roll20 and found only one matched the description.

Hey +Drunkens & Dragons: Play D&D Like a Badass, could you add an image file of the cover for ICRPG. I love having my PDFs with an easily identifiable cover, but am totally willing to add that cover myself, as I understand some people prefer PDFs without.

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For my home game, I resized the index cards into poker card size. Works even better for me and my players. The graphics are awesome, gonna try and do a few of my own. What kind of pen did you use?

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Hey guys, I created White Star Character Sheets for Roll20. So, if any of you want to play on a VTT, this might just be your best option. Any comments welcome.
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