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This is Akshay. I am not really part of Buddhana, but I think that +A Grandmaster and +Infant Derrick Gnana Susai Raj have a great idea with Buddhana, and I would like to help. I love your idea about raising money to build a school in Pune. Education is a huge problem, and the education is improving tremendously, which is good. On a side note, I believe that the whole education system in India should be reformed, but I think there are bigger issues than this, and I will probably make another post about this later. However, I think the biggest issue is corruption. Corruption prevents the growth of India in all areas. I would like +Buddhana  to address corruption and raise awareness about it. If enough people stand up to corruption and protest it, the issue can be fixed. I think two other huge issues are poverty and health. Many people believe that we can just give money to poor people and poverty is fixed. I think that this is wrong. This is just giving people money for free, and they are doing nothing to earn it, when there are many people who work very hard to earn the same money. Instead, I think that Buddhana should address unemployment and do something to lower the unemployment rate, which is currently at 9%, extremely high. Health is also a major issue. There are many deadly diseases in India, which are fairly common because people lack protection against them. The health care in India is also not very good. However, health is an issue that can easily be improved. One of the huge contributors to health problems is food poising and water impurity. Many diseases could have been easily prevented, if people only knew how to prevent them. For example, many times, using boiled water is all it takes to prevent diseases, but there are many people who have access to boiled water, but do not boil their water. Diseases can also be prevented by giving vaccinations. I would like Buddhana to address health issues in India, and to provide people with information on how to prevent diseases. I would also like Buddhana to raise money to give vaccinations and to improve health care in India. Lastly, I would like Buddhana to address the cleanliness of India. I am currently staying in India for two weeks, and I have noticed that the cleanliness here is horrible. I would like to point out that I am staying in Bengaluru, which is nicknamed the Garden City, yet it is still very dirty and there is still garbage lying on the sides of the streets everywhere. I would like Buddhana to address this issue  and raise awareness about making India cleaner. Hopefully, Buddhana can raise awareness about this in India, and people there can do something, or maybe start their own projects to make India cleaner. Thank you for reading this and good luck to +Buddhana ! #jaihind    #India   #Buddhana  
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+Akshay Gowrishankar , I understand what you mean, but as +Kam Narra said, to change corruption in India, is a big goal, and since India's ways are integrated with corruption, we have to slowly work on it. 
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