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Ashley Griffin
Serving Cooperative Extension in online content development.
Serving Cooperative Extension in online content development.

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There are lots of great webinars offered at Learn ( There will be an eXtension member webinar next Wednesday at 3 pm eastern. .... The REGISTRATION LINK to attend this Zoom Session is in the event description.

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Good afternoon community/network leaders,
**Please respond by Monday, August 11 **

eXtension is taking a close look at how they can better support communities and while staff are gathering community information for this environmental scan we also want to reach out and verify a few items for each community or network.

This survey is comprised of 5 short questions that ask about current leadership, methods of communication used within the group/team, identifying if your community has a project manager in place, and if your community has any type of operating budget at this time.

Your attention to responding to this Survey is greatly appreciated and is designed to take only minutes for completion.

CoP/Network Communication, Management & Funding Survey -

Please respond, by close of business next Monday, August 11 to assist our CEO, Chris Geith and eXtension Leadership to review this information.

If you have questions concerning this request please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

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Hi all,

It is that time of year year where eXtension asks our Communities/Learning Networks to report on your activity from the previous year. The reporting year is from 9/1/2014 to 8/15/2015. Here is the link to the reporting document.

Google forms will be used to collect the data and we will share the generated data with Communities/Learning Networks so you have access to your information. 

Please complete your report by 8/15/2015. If you have any questions, just let me know. 

Thanks in advance for your attention to this request.

It is the time of year for reporting. Please, as you have a chance complete the CoP annual report. You can use the the Tools and Report link in the Manage Your Group pod on your community dashboard page in Create. Once you click on that link select Start a CoP Annual Report to begin the 2014 annual report. If you submitted your publications using the form we sent out about a month ago don't worry about completing that section of the Annual Report, as we already have that information. In years past we had Nov 1 as the deadline for the report, if you can complete the report by Nov. 1 that is fine, however we are extending the deadline until Dec. 1st.

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Thought I would share the newsletter that our Australian partners are sending out to community members just to keep up the synergy.  Some communities do this too here in the US while even others send out messages to their target audience. 

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Want to show place and time? This spring Google launched an app to create Photo Spheres:  and how you can incorporate into sites, blogs, etc. to increase understanding. Could this be used as enhanced photos and visuals for educators to help other educators setup good learning environments and potentially better depict management practices in the field?  Read more about how to make this connection at:

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At our last Google Groups meeting we discussed wanting to share and have more conversation on ways Google Apps could be used for Cooperative Extension. So we started a blog in Blogger. When you are ready to share your stories, lessons learned, best practices, etc. feel free to get started. Remember this is just another demonstration of the tool and we will use it as a test and potential way to put more context around the uses of Google Apps for others.

Please let Amy Hays or myself know if you would like to be added for contributions to this new blog. Work group members have already been added. #sorrynotsorry  

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Google App Project Guide for CES - a draft of the overall charge we have accepted by participating in this group is captured in a Drive Doc. Please feel free to make changes and additions. Over time we can build it out as our project plan and activity evolves.

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+Julie White Your articles in Create now have the tags of "aus crop nutrition" and "australia" too. I did notice a fair number of Administrative type articles created in the list of content articles - You may choose to move them (copy and paste) and start them as Admin Documents instead so they are not mixed with your content articles that will appear in Workflow for Peer Review, Copy Edit, etc.

You can do this by looking at the top of your community dashboard in Create at: and choosing to Create Admin Doc in the Manage your Group box (top right) instead of Create Article in the Create Content for Box (top left).

This is a common mistake for new users - just be sure to start any article you wish to push thru the Workflow using the Top Left Box choices and any Admin Doc page using the Top Right under Manage your Group.


The two tags that are most necessary on appropriate articles will be, "aus field crop diseases" and "aus crop nutrition". In addition they need "australia" on them too.

+Katherine Hollaway I have gone in and fixed the 3 articles currently in Create to reflect "aus field crop diseases" and "australia" tags.

+Julie White I am getting ready to do the same for your articles already in Create.

As +Amy Hays and +Craig Wood and I help you move articles from Bootcamp we will add tags as we go and you can add more as needed but please be sure to start them with "aus...." so we can keep them significantly unique from that of US tags that already exist. If at some pt we can allow better collaboration with US and AUS content then this might change.

When you transfer (copy and paste) the final content to WordPress you can then add the tags of your choice because that install of WordPress and site is unique to AUS. However, I can not emphasize enough what  +Amy Hays  has mentioned about location identification in content. Be sure to include your location identifiers in your written text/content as well as in tags as appropriate when publishing to the Blog.

#Create #Tags
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