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A blog about a teenagers experiences with dysgraphia a learning disorder

Teresa Cardon

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Okay, so I live in a really cool time.
The boom of technology in my life time is incredible and a little bit hard to fathom.
Let me explain what I mean . . . .

I remember our first VCR. It was the first on our block and it meant we were pretty cool. We had Superman 1 and Superman 2. We watched them. A lot. All the time. With every friend on the street. It was incredible.

We had an Atari, a ColecoVision, and then a Nintendo.

We had a Texas Instrument Computer. By the time I was a senior in high school, I could type on a computer and print up my papers. I didn't very often, because it wasn't really a thing we were expected to do, after all, paper and pencil were fine.

Things are a little different today.

Today, my floor was vacuumed with a robot, while I started my car from inside the house with a remote control. At the same time, my DVR was recording three shows that I plan to watch sometime on my 55 inch flat screen TV. My phone allowed me to play a quiz game with someone in Finland, I sent instant text messages to my mother in Arizona and sent pictures instantly to my sister in California while recording video of my children on my phone. All at the same time. My electronic reminder list magically updates on my phone, my iPad, and both of my computers, and I don't have to do anything to make that happen - it just does! I don't even print papers any more. I store them, on the cloud. Forever.

I seriously wonder what my 1980's VCR would say to my iPhone.
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