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六甲高山植物園では、ニッコウキスゲが咲いています。 また、コアジサイが咲き始めほのかな香りを漂わせています。 7月15日に神戸山草会による自然観察会が開催します。  日時:2017年7月15日(土)10時30分~12時00分                10時受付開始 雨天決行  集合:六甲高山植物園西入口前(六甲ケーブル上駅よりバス、オルゴール館下車徒歩)  会費:500円 小学生200円 含む入場料・傷害保険料) 駐車料別  申し込み方法: Eメール で申し込む          住所 氏名 年齢 電話...

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六甲高山植物園六甲高山植物園自然観察会 2017年4月15日
六甲高山植物園では、雪の中から水芭蕉や座禅草、ヘレボルス・チベタヌス、土筆、コバイモ、ヒロハノアマナ、ミヤマカタバミ、ショウジョバカマ、バイカオウレンなどが顔を出していました。あと2週間もすると水芭蕉も咲きそろうでしょう。 4月15日に神戸山草会による自然観察会が開催されます。  日時:2017年4月15日(土)10時30分~12時00分                10時受付開始 雨天決行  集合:六甲高山植物園西入口前(六甲ケーブル上駅よりバス、オルゴール館下車徒歩)  会費:500円 小学生200円 ...

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Deer Park in Nara お鹿さんの奈良公園
Deers lives in the park in the town in Nara. Deer has been carefully protected by people in town for a long time as God sent it. About 1,200 deer inhabits in Nara Park, and many other flying squirrel, raccoon, marten and wild boars are inhabited. It is exac...

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Hokkaido Was Still Snowy 北海道はまだ雪だ
I went to Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido for business trip.  Cherry blossoms have already bloomed in Tokyo and other places, however  Hokkaido was still snowy and every thing was covered with snow.   It is one month later that a cherry tree blooms in Hokkaido. 出張で...

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Walking Road 和泉の散歩道にも春
Spring flowers have begun to bloom in the road which I walked for exercise every morning. A yellow cress blooms on the embankment. An onion and broad beans grow in the field, and a Chinese milk vetch and a shepherd's purse bloom in the ridge of the field.  ...

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Japanese Garden in Autumn 紅葉の実相院
Jissoin temple in Iwakura, Kyoto is the Monzeki Temple where the head priest is a member of the imperial family. This temple is famous for a Japanese garden that has two types of beautiful garden. One is a landscape garden, " sansui garden" that has a mount...

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Makio River Walk in Early Autumn 初秋のアキニレの小径を歩く
I walk a walkway for a exercise everyday and I have three exercise walkway. The Makio River Walkway is may favorite way, because there are lacebark elm, " akinire ", trees along the river. I always walk this way while thinking a lot of things, so I call the...

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Sense of early autumn at Rokko 六甲は秋の気配
A sense of early autumn was felt at Mt. Rokko in Kobe City. I hiked around rokko mountain area and found chestnuts on the mountain trail to Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden. I love Mt. Rokko because here is closed to the downtown of Kobe like Mt. Takao closed ...

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Practicing Asceticism in Mt. Sanjo-ga-dake 山上ヶ岳で修行
Mt. Sanjo-ga-dake of Omine Mountains is located in Nara prefecture. The woman cannot yet climb Mt. Sanjo-ga-dake for a religious reason in Japan. I stayed at a inn in Dorogawa town and started to climb Mt. Sanjo-ga-dake at one o'clock early in the morning. ...

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Nature Observation in the Nagai Botanical Garden 長居公園の自然観察会に参加
It was intense heat today and a warning of the heat stress went out by the meteorological observatory in Osaka. Therefore the nature observation was held in the shade of the forest in the Nagai Botanical Garden by the Osaka Museum of Natural History . As us...
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