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What are we upto?
Are we really good enough to blame our politicians? Does
Money really matters? – Political Scenario in TN It’s really a long time myth to say that politicians are
corrupt. All are 234 MLAs in Tamilnadu
single? With no family or supporters? Is it like just t...

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Appraisal System:21st Centuries Exploitation System!!!
  In post 1991 period of the technology revolution and the raise of new liberal policies gave way to many new business management concepts. Jack Welch,a former anti employee CEO of GE was the one formalized the most exploitative concept of 21th century in a...

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I can't invite people for a condolence,in my home far across my location innocent 132 fellow budding young brothers and sisters killed brutally......To show our love for my beloved ones died in Peshawar School Attack and solidarity for humanism.A "Human Chain" Organized by Chennai Youth Centre at Elliots Beach on Dec 20 - 5 PM. Please show your solidarity and love for humanity....Kindly share it with all your friends, well wishers,family members across Chennai.......

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Share it with your friends.....

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IT Employees:Basic Understanding Of Labour Law!
   IT Sector around 8-9% contribution to Indian GDP and holding around 2 million young minds,a stabilizing industry. In Stabilizing phase,Corporate always take decision to lay off employees and implement anti-labour policy for profit maximization. During 20...

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A Critique on Indian Feminist Movement-Part 1
                         Indian are
one who keep projecting of historic past but fails to correct the historic
faults, It’s not fault of a Indian because politics run around it. Feminist problem
in India is thousand year historic blunder happened in the nam...

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"Think Before you vote"

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"Think Before You Vote"
"Think Before You Vote" a article purely to understand what has happened to India in last 23 years of Liberalism policy. Take some time to know that problem is not with political parties but actual Economic policy. In 23 years of Liberalism Congress ruled o...
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