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Joshua Ricard
The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The...Alpha Geek!
The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The...Alpha Geek!

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Fully emerged!

To my technically inclined friends (or anyone listening)...can anyone point me to a good site or mirror for PCBSD? I think the FTP server for is not working, and hasn't been for the last week. Trying to get the download going and it keeps dropping out after about 10 minutes or so. I can't even find a decent torrent on Torlock or Pirate Bay (no one seeding). IF anyone can help me locate a PCBSD .iso or VirtualBox image you would make me a happy nerd :D #PCBSD   #FreeBSD   #VirtualBox   #Virtualization  

I love that Michigan teachers are all calling sick as a protest to the right-to-work bill even though only 7% of 8th graders in Detroit can read at their grade appropriate level (according to the US Dept. Of Education).

Color me in favor of anything that has a chance to increase competition among teachers that can lead to better standards and knocking down unions that have long lost their usefulness in modern day America. #Priorities #Michigan

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I hate it when that happens.


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And loving it!!! There is a lot of potential in this system...I highly recommend it so far!!!

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This is possibly the most disappointing news I have ever read as a Star Wars and movie fan. Please...someone prevent this from happening.


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Anyone with an E-Reader needs to visit this site! BEst deal in ebooks I have seen yet!


Not sure who is going to win this election...but I am ordering another magazine for my gun and buying more ammunition tomorrow just in case. And if by chance Obama wins, I order the Phoenix Arms .22LR and the Hi-Point .40 ASAP. #2ndAmendmentRights   #DefendingMyHome    #GodBlessMurica  

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Please do not throw sausage pizza away.

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