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Simone Oech
Attended University of California, Santa Cruz
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Simone Oech

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US-Expats or people who want to be.... consider this:
Yet despite FATCA’s trillion-dollar price tag, the Wall Street Journal reports that the US government has taken in just $13.5 billion in revenue from hidden foreign accounts that FATCA is supposed to eliminate.
Obviously the cost vastly exceeds the benefit. It’s insane. Plus FATCA has driven nearly 15,000 Americans to renounce the citizenship since President Obama signed it into law in 2010.
These former Americans are often criticized for taking such a controversial step, one that is derided as being “unpatriotic”.
This criticism makes no sense when you take a larger view of history.
The State Department estimates that there are up to 6 million Americans living abroad.
Given the average size of a Congressional district at roughly 700,000 citizens, there should theoretically be eight members of Congress representing the interests of Americans living abroad.
Yet expats have no representation. There is not a single person in Congress fighting for expats, even though they are still subject to pay tax.
More than 240 years ago, residents of the colonies had a term for this. They called it “Taxation without Representation”. This idea is as old as America itself.
And in 1776, American colonists divorced themselves from the British government. Much of this was tax motivated.
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson expressly writes that among the reasons for independence is “imposing taxes on us without our consent.”
Former US citizens are following in these footsteps.
Earlier this week the State Department released its latest statistics for people who have renounced their US citizenship. 2015 was another record year, with 4,279 people divorcing themselves from the US government and heading to greener pastures elsewhere. This was the third year in a row that broke the previous year's record, showing that this is obviously a growing trend. The number one reason for which is quite simple: tax. Many of these indiv...
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They pretty much don't pay anyway. They have expert accountants that use every loophole they can find or make to reduce their payment. They don't take the hit. And for a "super-rich" paying someone 1,000$ each year to do their taxes is a different impact that someone who just earns normally. And doesn't owe the taxman anything.
Maybe one way is that if you earn over X amount in wages or income, then file. Others who don't- exempt from filing the extr US papaers, only need to file  in the country of residence.
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Simone Oech

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Wonder what hoops US expats have to jump thru for the IRS? This article outlines some of the difficulties.
And this is toned down. In some cases US expats have not been able to open bank accounts, or the IRS has insisted that a non-US spouses income be US-taxed as well.....

Not a happy situation. Not at all. And I am hip deep in it. I am an expat.

#expats #UStaxes #USAtaxes  
Americans filing from overseas face Byzantine rules and draconian penalties, courtesy of the IRS
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Simone Oech

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US Expats
The ACA is, and has been working for fairer, easier Tax laws for us expats. This is a statement made to a committee asking for information about taxpayers all across the US. And the ACA highlighted problems US Expats face - penalized for living out of country.
The ACA site is worth knowing as an US Expat, and has a wide range of information. And they respond quickly to questions and are interested in communication, hearing the problems people are having with taxes and sometimes can help.
#expats #fatca #ustaxes #overseas 
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Simone Oech

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All over the map of the US- Kickoff meetings for "Our Revolution" TODAY.
Find the one nearest you thru the link- and join others.

+David Bee ??
The next step for Bernie Sanders' movement is a new group called Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in. Get started by hosting an event today and let's continue this political revolution.
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Simone Oech

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Europeans particularly
This is scary. And sounds so very true. With no solution in sight.
Hed: ; How ISIS Is Changing Counterterrorism Investigation; Inside The Murky Underworld Of ISIS Investigations
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Simone Oech

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From Wikipedia: some suggestions to help people who are looking for less expensive options:
Consumer Reports said that another option was the generic autoinjector Adrenaclick by Impax Laboratories, which they found selling for $142 at retail stores. A pharmacist told Consumer Reports that Adrenaclick and EpiPen have the same drug in the same doses, but there are differences in how they are used, so Adrenaclick users must be trained in its use.[31][32][33] Consumer reports said that another, cheaper option was using standard syringes and filling them manually from vials of epinephrine. This requires training and the shelf-life of an epinephrine vial is only three months compared to 12 to 18 months for the EpiPen and Adrenaclick.
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This is a big part of what's wrong with our current systems.
I know that my own views are significantly more radical than almost anyone else concerning medical patents but even the most moderate people should agree that if the company didn't pay ANYTHING at all to develop the drug then the ones who did pay should have a right to demand a fair price.
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Simone Oech

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US-expats It is less and less possible to be invisible.....
And putting your head in the sand and hoping it will go away, will have nasty consequences.

#taxes #expats  
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Simone Oech

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Awesome analysis of Trumps style of speech. The supposed word salad, that when you read it seems to make nearly no sense..... is decoded by a world-renowned cognitive linguist.

A "Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught since 1972" (from biography)
#BewareTrump #trump
Trump is swaying millions with his calculated rhetoric.
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Everybody who lies, or merely shades the truth, for a living uses those phrases.  It's a tell, but it works. Why it works? It seems that humans have a built-in bias toward belief, and to tell somebody to believe, reinforces that bias, when, in a rational world, it should do just the opposite.
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Simone Oech

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Paying by card is convenient. And comes with a non-cash price.
Not having the option of cash...... a much higher price.
Wanna pay it?

The proclaimed Death of Cash is thus an episode in the broader drama that is the Death of Privacy, the death of breathing room, and the death of informal, non-measured, unaccounted-for behaviour. Every action you take must forever be attached to your digital persona, dragging with it a data trail extending back to the day you were born. We face creating an entire generation of people who do not know what it feels like to not be monitored.

So, let's prepare for the War on Cash. Remember, this is not about romanticising the £10 notes with the Queen on them. This is about maintaining alternatives to the stifling hygiene of the digital panopticon being constructed to serve the needs of profit-maximising, cost-minimising, customer-monitoring, control-seeking, behaviour-predicting commercial bureaucrats. And fear not, the Germans are onside, along with the criminals, the homeless, the street-side buskers and an army of people whose lives will never get a five-star rating on a mainstream reputation scoring system. We will forge alliances with purveyors of non-bank alternative currency systems; and yes, we will maintain the option to use our payment cards. Because what we fight for is precisely that. The option.

t/h +謝予穎 
A long read.

'Cashless society' is a euphemism for the "ask-your-banks-for-permission-to-pay society".

The 'shadow economy' is a derogatory term used by elites to describe the economic activities of people they neither understand nor care about.

... cash hampers central banks from setting negative interest rates. In the absence of cash, everyone must keep their money in the form of digital bank deposits. During recessions central banks could then use the banking system to deliberately corrode people's deposits via negative charges, 'inspiring' them to spend rather than hoard.

And so we get Visa's Cashfree and Proud campaign. If people really were ashamed of cash, they wouldn't need ads to tell them. Visa must engineer that shame to teach you that what you want is the same as what they want. And if you don't want it, just remember that cashless society is inevitable. Don't get left behind.
Banks, governments, credit card companies and fintech evangelists all want us to believe our cashless future is inevitable and good. But this isn't a frictionless utopia says Brett Scott, and it's time to fight back​
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In certain cyberpunk fiction stories people would have had quasi-legal unattached credit chits (or cards, or sticks, or whatever that story used) that had cash on it under either a fake name or none at all.

I wonder if we'll eventually see preloaded "burner" debit cards being sold just like today you can buy with prepaid burner phones.
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I am deeply passionate about ideas and people. I do my best to respect different viewpoints and retain the right to say mine is different or even "I don't like yours".
I look for people who are not just of the genus "Homosapiens", I look for "someone home".
I love google+ because I can find people of shared viewpoint and different viewpoints. People who show me funny, tender, silly, beautiful things. People who share of themselves and who are really there. From all over the world.
I had the fortune to find and study a subject I was fascinated by- computer science. After graduating I took the chance to move from the US of A to Germany for a year to see where my family roots came from... somehow that year has turned into much, much longer. Life happens while you aren't watching.
Now I look with concern at what is happening in the States, in the whole world. It is as if the world is going crazy and sane at the same time. There are such wonderful things happening... and such scary/horrid things.
In reference to my home country,  NDAA legislation, for instance, and the brutality with which Occupy protesters were/are gone after. The US of A that I knew, and honored.... I want it back!
*** EXPATS *** like me: inform yourselves about FATCA- a move by the US to increase tax control over ex-pats, but in the process making us financial pariahs - all over the world. Check out "" menu point FATCA.


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Ich besitze ein Zafira Diesel und ich komme gerade von einer 40 Minutigen Tour mit dem Mechaniker um heraus zu bekommen und zu zeigen welche "Spirenzchen" mein Auto macht. Es hat sich natürlich nichts gezeigt. Der Kollege hat währedn der Konversation auf der Fahrt noch mehr Details und Umstände aus mir herausgelockt und eine Theorie aufgestellt weshalb mein Auto das tat und jetzt nicht. Die scheint zu passen. Und er hat mir von einer weiteren Untersuchung (sprich kostenpflichtig) erst mal abgeraten. Er hat mir gesagt das ich auf dies und auf das achten sollte, und wenn ich ein Tag habe wo die Symptome wieder auftreten, soll ich vorbei kommen. Also- Fazit- Beratung und Zeit, mit Ausblick, als Service, ohne kosten. Ich bleibe bei dieser Werkstatt.
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Eine super Terrasse! Insbesondere eine einmalig "Kompass-Rose" das die Terrasse schmückt. Danke an die "Künstler" - ich freue mich jedes mal das ich auf der Terrasse stehe und schlepp jeden neuen Gast heraus die stolz zu zeigen. Professionell, und von dem was ich beurteilen kann, gute Materialien sauber verarbeitet. Aufgeräumt zurückgelassen. Ich ürde die Firma jederzeit weitermpfelen.
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