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Know anyone who "does" packaging for a company? Are you someone who decides what packaging is used?
This is important: 100% compostable "plastic". And 100% food standard compliant.

Yes, its an ad. But word needs to get out there, so that we stop with the plastic. Via this you can request more information and make contact with the company that is manufacturing this material.

It my be too late.... there are already nano-particles of plastic in our rainwater. And the ocean is inundated. And animals, birds and fish are starving and dying- because they eat the plastic. But never stopping guarantees that it is too late.
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I don't think that there are filters yet that remove nano sized particles. I will look for some articles and post them. Not happy news.
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The question I have: how to get that test done? Where is it available? When is it available widely? What are the plans..... and which Big Pharma will cash in on it and make the test so expensive that no insurance will pay for it, even if it saves xdy amount of money in later treatments?

A more better question: What connections could we Plussers make to make this available widely? What company would be able to take this and manufacture and distribute it a a reasonable cost?

So. Raising bandwidth.
A revolutionary blood test, which acts like a smoke detector to spot cancer up to 10 years before symptoms appear, could be available within five years. - New Zealand Herald
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If a number of us just did ONE thing in the list, be it a phone call or donation.... then alot can be done.
Alone we can do little. As a mass we can do anything. (Or, alternatively..... nothing at all.)

Me, I signed and donated.

(Freed from a private post- because this needs people to DO stuff! And in order for lots of us to do stuff, people need to see it!)
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Support the Stop of the North Dakota pipeline that threatens the water supply and scared sites of the people living there.

t/h +J Stone
Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which endangers the water supply to Native American reservations. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue: Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which endangers the water supply to Native American reservations. Created by C.S. on August 15, 2016. Sign This Petition. Needs 0 signatures by September 14, ...
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... 5 years. 2011.
Our world, the only one we have.
On June 14, a natural gas pipeline ruptured and burst into flames near Cuero, Texas, releasing an estimated 165000 pounds of toxic volatile organic compounds into the air. Nearby residents evacuated their homes, but no one was injured. Still, the accident serves as another reminder of the ...
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Nothing to see here, it's not happening, no climate ....nothing.

Yeah, right.

t/h +Asbjørn Grandt
Visualizing the Warmest August in 136 Years

August 2016 was the warmest August in 136 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). It follows last July ( which also was the warmest in 136 years of modern record-keeping.

Eleven months heat streak

Actually this record warm August continued a streak of by now eleven consecutive months (starting October 2015) to set new monthly temperature records.

Read the full article and get more information here:

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies:

Where to start when looking for information on climate change?

Check out NASA's Global Climate Change Vital Signs of the Planet website with lots of information on global climate change:

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory chart by Joshua Stevens, based on data from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)

On another note: Thank you for your interest in this collection which, actually a few weeks ago, reached over 100,000 followers. Maybe take a look at my other collections as well? Try the Space/Space Technology collection ( or the Astronomy/Astrophysics collection (, or follow me +Pierre Markuse to get every of my posts.

#science #earth #climate #climatechange #globalwarming #temperatureanomaly #nasa #giss #august #warmestmonth
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Great post.
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Work with your money- take it away from these institutions, if you can.
Work with your phone- call the places you can- tell them that you disagree with what they are doing. Public opinion does have power... it needs to be lots of us tho.

What huge financial machinery is behind all this....
There is a complete list of which financial institutions are funding the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline! These are the people responsible for attacking women and children and men with attack dogs and bulldozing their sacred places! Each and every one of them is responsible for what is happening, they need to be held responsible and so do their hired guns who are doing their dirty work for them! SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!
When the Army Corps of Engineers issued a permit for the 1,100-mile Dakota Access Pipeline in July, executives at the corporations behind the plan probably thought their path forward was clear. They’d moved easily through the permit process, seemingly dodging the concerns of people affected by the pipeline, and were ready to go ahead with construction.
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For some reason I cannot search just this forum, so cannot find posts relating to my question. So- here I post.
I feel like yelling- but will refrain.

Where are my circles? I spent alot of time organizing and putting groups together the way I wanted to see the posts. And now I simply cannot find them.

Where are my circles?
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Ahhh, in settings! Got it. That helped exactly. Thank you +Julie Wills !!
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What must be in the minds of the people that set dogs on other people. Where are their hearts?
How do we raise people that do this and take actions to deliberately harm others... for money?
Are people so desperate for--- something? money? jobs? that the humanity of others is forgotten, obscured?

t/h +Valkyrie
On Saturday in North Dakota, security guards working for the Dakota Access pipeline company attacked Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray as they resisted the $3.8 billion pipeline’s construction on a tribal burial site. On Sunday, more than 500 people marched back to the construction site and held a prayer, mourning the destruction of their ancestors’ graves. Now, later today, a federal judge in Washington, D.C., will decide whether to gr...
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money makes the world go round but now a days it is killing the world in the name of profit
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Not right. This and he, should not be forgotten. The structures around made him, and evidently the structures around him are telling him (thus many others like him) "oh, slap, what you did , well, don't worry, it was't so bad."
It was.
The young woman will never be the same. All the relationships she will have, will share the scars and pains she carries from this. Her family and loved ones. "20 minutes of action"- and a wealth of scars.

So, no. Look at it and too bad- he did what he did and now hear the music. And let others listen and understand what he did was wrong. Deeply, structurally, wrong.
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Ich besitze ein Zafira Diesel und ich komme gerade von einer 40 Minutigen Tour mit dem Mechaniker um heraus zu bekommen und zu zeigen welche "Spirenzchen" mein Auto macht. Es hat sich natürlich nichts gezeigt. Der Kollege hat währedn der Konversation auf der Fahrt noch mehr Details und Umstände aus mir herausgelockt und eine Theorie aufgestellt weshalb mein Auto das tat und jetzt nicht. Die scheint zu passen. Und er hat mir von einer weiteren Untersuchung (sprich kostenpflichtig) erst mal abgeraten. Er hat mir gesagt das ich auf dies und auf das achten sollte, und wenn ich ein Tag habe wo die Symptome wieder auftreten, soll ich vorbei kommen. Also- Fazit- Beratung und Zeit, mit Ausblick, als Service, ohne kosten. Ich bleibe bei dieser Werkstatt.
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Eine super Terrasse! Insbesondere eine einmalig "Kompass-Rose" das die Terrasse schmückt. Danke an die "Künstler" - ich freue mich jedes mal das ich auf der Terrasse stehe und schlepp jeden neuen Gast heraus die stolz zu zeigen. Professionell, und von dem was ich beurteilen kann, gute Materialien sauber verarbeitet. Aufgeräumt zurückgelassen. Ich ürde die Firma jederzeit weitermpfelen.
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