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Simone Oech
Attended University of California, Santa Cruz
Lived in Philadelphia, PA


Simone Oech

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... another version of "Practice  of random kindness and acts of senseless beauty". I like confetti!!!
Via Tumblr/yoga9vipassana
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dear +Satyr Icon ... sometimes it is a fine mind exercise to take a position and stand on it. I understand the doing of it. i don't have the mental quiet to take a different stance at the moment, though it tickles at me. Perhaps I will come back to this.
The main point of the exercise, to hopefully synthesize and come up with an idea greater or deeper than the original stances... I very much agree with.
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Simone Oech

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Not "good Muslim". Mensch. Community member. We are all Homo Saps.... but what does it take to be.... Human?

I suspect... empathy. That is what I miss in so many trolling, so many hateful posts. If empathy were a virus, I would infect anyone I could.
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Simone Oech

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I have felt "Sonder". And oh,my... "Vellichor" - caused by the smell in a used bookstore, particularly of my favorite one,  I miss that....

How about you? Recognize any of the described feelings? When do they hit you?

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Jouska every minute of every day, sometimes even while my mouth is talking.
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Simone Oech

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Gotta share. Faux News. Fox Noose. ore whatever you want to call it... it is NOT journalism, not News. It is propaganda, mouth organ for xyz and not to be taken seriously by anyone who wants to be informed about the world.
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Faux News - I like that.

...honestly though, they're terrible, but I feel the same way about most of the news sources out there.
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Simone Oech

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Vote. Vote. Vote....
Not voting is making a choice... to leave it up to "others" do you really want that? Do you really want someone else making a choice FOR you? I f we keep making a choice between the "lesser" of two evils, over and over, won't the "evil" grow ... lesser?

<blatant support> Look at Bernie Sanders.... and his history.. and think about voting for him. "Consistency is truth" and he has been constant throuout his whole political history.
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And vote Bernie in!
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If I sit in my office and watch this all day.... am I working?
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Getting dizzy
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Simone Oech

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Signal boost!
INFO REQUEST! Please folks, if there's anybody out there who meets ALL of the following criteria, then I need to know...

If you:
- use Google+ daily, or at least almost daily, for posting comments and sharing posts or pictures.
- Use the G+ Android app as your Primary method of using the plus
- Have done so for at least the last three months continually.
- Have NO complaints about speed or "App Not Responding" errors. (complaints about features are fine).

If you can agree with all these things, then I want to know what Android device you are using. Also details about it like whether it's rooted, what version of Android, if you use any system monitoring apps, things like that.

There's got to be some device out there that this crap works on. Whatever the programmers use to write the program, probably. I need to upgrade, mine's falling apart anyway - time for a new one. So I want to know which options work best. I'll still probably go with the cheapest thing I find that works, but first knowing what works is vital.

If you know of someone or something that you think fits these criteria, PLEASE send them my way or comment on my post. Or even reshare this if that's what it takes.
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Simone Oech

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Get to know what he thinks, what he wants to do. His back history is solid.
                                          Why Not?
by Bernie Sanders                      

Our job is not to think small. It is to think big.

The United States is the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Why are we so far behind so many other countries when it comes to meeting the needs of working families and the American middle class?

Why doesn't every American have access to healthcare as a basic right?

Why can't every American who is qualified get a higher education, regardless of family income?

Why can't we have full employment at a decent living wage?

Why must many older Americans be forced to choose between paying for food, shelter, or medical care?

Why can't working parents have access to affordable, high-quality childcare?

We should be asking questions like these every day. We have more billionaires in this country than any other nation on earth. We also have more child poverty than any other major industrialized nation. We have the highest rate of student debt. We have more prisoners, more homeless people and more economic inequality.

It doesn't have to be this way. These conditions are the result of deliberate policy decisions. We provide outrageous tax loopholes for billionaires and large corporations. The top tax rate is less than half of what it was during the postwar economic boom. The real minimum wage has fallen dramatically since the 1960s.

We can make better choices. Let's look at some of the issues that matter most to the American people:

Health Care for All

35 million Americans still lack health insurance. Millions of others are under-insured, with high deductibles and copayments that can make needed medical treatment unaffordable.

We are the only major industrialized country in the world that does not provide universal health care for all its citizens. Medicare is much more cost-effective than private insurers, and could serve as the foundation for a single-payer system like those in Great Britain, Spain, Norway, Italy, Iceland and Portugal. Other countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Canada and Denmark, provide universal coverage without a single-payer system but with better controls on costs and service.

If these countries can provide universal health care, why can't we?

Tuition-Free Public Higher Education

Student debt has reached crisis proportions in this country. 41 million Americans are burdened with student debt. Student debt has surpassed credit card debt and is now the second-largest source of personal indebtedness in this country.

People who graduated in 2014 with student debt owed an average of $30,000 each. That's unsustainable, and unforgivable.

College tuition is free in Germany, even for citizens of other countries. It's also free in Denmark, Norway Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, and Mexico. If they can do it, why can't we? Why do we accept a situation where hundreds of thousands of qualified people are unable to go to college because their families don't have enough money?

Paid Family Leave

We are the only major nation in the world that doesn't guarantee paid time off for new parents. Of 182 nations that do provide paid leave, more than half guarantee at least 14 weeks off.

In Great Britain, new mothers get 40 weeks of paid leave. 70 percent of countries offer paid leave to new fathers as well. Dads get two weeks of paid leave in Great Britain, Denmark, and Austria.

We are a nation that prides itself on its dedication to family values. Why can't we ensure that new parents have time to bond with their children?

Sick Leave

Even when working Americans face a serious disease like cancer, they have no guarantee of paid sick leave.

The average worker in other developed countries is guaranteed paid sick leave for long-term cancer treatment, for periods that range from 22 days in Canada to 44 days in Germany and 50 days in Norway.

We are the only one of 22 wealthy nations that does not guarantee some type of paid sick leave. When will we join the rest of the world in ensuring that ailing workers can get well without going broke?

Paid Vacation

We are the only advanced economy, and one of only 13 nations in the entire world, that doesn't guarantee workers a paid vacation. Workers in France get an entire month of paid time off every year. Scandinavian workers are guaranteed 25 paid vacation days per year. In Germany the figure is 20 days, and Japan and Canada each guarantee 10 paid vacation days per year.

It's common (although not guaranteed) for higher-paid American workers to get some vacation time. But half of all low-wage workers in this country get no paid time off at all.


Americans are overworked in other ways, too. Despite huge increases in productivity over the last 100 years, Americans continue to work some of the longest hours on earth. Vast majorities of working people (85.8 percent of men and 66.5 percent of women) work more than 40 hours per week. Compare that to a country like Norway, where only 23 percent of males and 8 percent of females work more than 40 hours per week.

Every year Americans work 137 hours more than Japanese workers, 260 hours more than British workers, and 499 hours (62.3 days) more than French workers -- despite the fact that productivity has risen 400 percent since 1950!

Other countries are moving in the opposite direction. Spain, Norway, and the Netherlands have all shortened their workweeks to 35 hours. Interestingly, those countries have higher productivity than those with a 40-hour workweek.

We're also spending more years of our life at work. Millions of Americans are delaying retirement -- and, in some cases, working until the day they die. Polls have shown that a third of Americans are afraid they will never be able to retire.


We're lagging behind in other areas too, ranging from childcare costs to internet access. We can and must do better. That means addressing the great economic, political, and moral issue of our time: wealth and income inequality. We have more inequality today than at any time since 1928. That is unacceptable.

We must send a simple message to the billionaire class: You can't have it all.

They will argue, of course. So will the politicians who serve them. They will insist that we can't do better, that we can't have the same basic rights as citizens of other countries.

It's time to ask them, and ourselves, a simple but very important question: Why not?

from HuffPost ->

#bernie2016   #FeelTheBern   #mydailybernie  
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Simone Oech

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What he said......

When I came to Germany (from Santa Cruz, CA) and got my job, (in IT) many of the women around me trilled "Oh, there is no need for (ick) Feminismmmmmm. We get paid the same as our colleagues." Me: "Oh, so you are team leads, department heads or VIPs in the company? Do you expect to be.... and if you do, take a look at the company structure and tell me how many of us women are in management positions?" (At that time there were exactly: Zero.)
They did not understand that they would always be paid the same as their colleagues, who would always be the new ones coming in, and then these would move on and up.... leaving the women to be paid the same as their new colleagues.

h/t +Craig Shaw 
I've always loved watching Mark Ruffalo on screen. Now I love listening to him/reading him too. Much respect. 

#HeForShe   #EverydayFeminist  
Mark Ruffalo recently took on the ‘I am not a feminist' movement.
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+Shannon Ware exactly.
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Simone Oech

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If you agree, there are many ways in which you can let ICANN know your views. Between now and July 7th, you can send your comments by email to You can also support a petition ( that a coalition of companies and concerned individuals have established at, or use the phone and email tool of another coalition at, both of which EFF supports.

h/t +Xenophrenia 
Vulnerable users will suffer if the entertainment industry succeeds in pushing ICANN to roll back privacy for domains.
TG Storytime is a free community website for transgender authors, operated by Joe Six-Pack, himself a transgender author and publisher. If you look up the registration details of Joe's domain using the WHOIS application, you get this result:
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Simone Oech

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A clear explanation of what happens to ANYONE in a frightening , threatening situation. And in particular, an explanation of why someone did not, run, scream or fight.
NOT because a victim is not "really" a victim. Body chemistry is not something that we have control over.

h/t +Béibhinn Mhodartha 
Instead of telling people how victims should act, I encourage more studies of what actually happens and to build from that.
An expert offers his explanation, based on brain research, of why people may respond in unexpected ways to a sexual assault.
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Simone Oech

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Margaret Atwood?!?!? Holy WOW! A person I so very admire... and she draws comics?! Oh YES!!!
The Secret Loves of Geek Girls
a Kickstarter project

This already-seriously cool deal has been made even more seriously cool by the new found knowledge that Margaret Atwood can draw!

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is the brainchild of Hope Nicholson, a Canadian comic-book publisher and editor, who called it “a celebration of the stories we tell each other but never make public – until now”. Atwood is the most high-profile of a host of women, both creators and fans, contributing a mix of prose stories and comics to the anthology.

Link to Kickstarter page:
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+Jake Sharman Yes, Please!!!!!!
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I look for people who are not just of the genus "Homosapiens", I look for "someone home".
I love google+ because I can find people of shared viewpoint and different viewpoints. People who show me funny, tender, silly, beautiful things. People who share of themselves and who are really there. From all over the world.
I had the fortune to find and study a subject I was fascinated by- computer science. After graduating I took the chance to move from the US of A to Germany for a year to see where my family roots came from... somehow that year has turned into much, much longer. Life happens while you aren't watching.
Now I look with concern at what is happening in the States, in the whole world. It is as if the world is going crazy and sane at the same time. There are such wonderful things happening... and such scary/horrid things.
In reference to my home country,  NDAA legislation, for instance, and the brutality with which Occupy protesters were/are gone after. The US of A that I knew, and honored.... I want it back!
*** EXPATS *** like me: inform yourselves about FATCA- a move by the US to increase tax control over ex-pats, but in the process making us financial pariahs - all over the world. Check out "" menu point FATCA.


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This Is Your Brain During Orgasm | Experts' Corner | Big Think

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The ruler of the universe.

"Anti-Occupy" law ends American's right to protest | Washington Times Co...

This protest, in China, against a government policy at the government headquarters, would now be illegal in the United States of America.

SHORTNEWS|SUBWAY|„Erklärung der Internetfreiheit“: Das sind die fünf Eck...

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German court: YouTube must prevent upload of copyrighted content

YouTube must prevent users from uploading copyrighted content without permission, under the terms of a ruling handed down by a German court.

Community Support - Friends That Listen

We help support differently abled/minded G+ users.

Ich besitze ein Zafira Diesel und ich komme gerade von einer 40 Minutigen Tour mit dem Mechaniker um heraus zu bekommen und zu zeigen welche "Spirenzchen" mein Auto macht. Es hat sich natürlich nichts gezeigt. Der Kollege hat währedn der Konversation auf der Fahrt noch mehr Details und Umstände aus mir herausgelockt und eine Theorie aufgestellt weshalb mein Auto das tat und jetzt nicht. Die scheint zu passen. Und er hat mir von einer weiteren Untersuchung (sprich kostenpflichtig) erst mal abgeraten. Er hat mir gesagt das ich auf dies und auf das achten sollte, und wenn ich ein Tag habe wo die Symptome wieder auftreten, soll ich vorbei kommen. Also- Fazit- Beratung und Zeit, mit Ausblick, als Service, ohne kosten. Ich bleibe bei dieser Werkstatt.
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Eine super Terrasse! Insbesondere eine einmalig "Kompass-Rose" das die Terrasse schmückt. Danke an die "Künstler" - ich freue mich jedes mal das ich auf der Terrasse stehe und schlepp jeden neuen Gast heraus die stolz zu zeigen. Professionell, und von dem was ich beurteilen kann, gute Materialien sauber verarbeitet. Aufgeräumt zurückgelassen. Ich ürde die Firma jederzeit weitermpfelen.
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