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The NDAA is something that has been passed every year since 2008. Currently congress is voting on this year's NDAA to be passed in December. Take a few moments of your time to let your senators and representatives know that removing the indefinite detention without trial mentioned in last year's NDAA is important to you.

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Woah hey, I have an idea! Let's get caught up in meaningless party politics by making a typo an argument against somebody getting elected! Many productive discussions will follow! #Amercia #WeAreCattle #Hopeless2012

What is more horrifying than the worst conspiracy theory? More terrible than burning in hell for eternity? Unfortunately for many, the answer is simple reality.

Think what you want. The NWO is planning WW3. Jesus is coming back. A solar storm is going to break through the magnetosphere and kill us all. When December 21st comes around, most people will backtrack and say they misinterpreted all of the warning signs, convincing themselves that imminent destruction of the entire world is still just around the corner.

What a sad way to live. Should make for some good parties, though.

I don't understand why it is so important that Iran doesn't create nuclear weapons. Pakistan has had them for a while now and their government is arguably much more hostile toward the US than Iran.
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