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On the flight to NOLA! I'm definitely feeling a strong affinity to minority populations everywhere. I literally met one other Android user in the hundreds of people I've passed this morning. The iPhone has taken over America in a big way. I just can't help wonder how everyone could want the exact same phone that everyone else has. #invasionoftheidrones
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dunno, but clearly the "Be Together But Not The Same" message doesn't seem to be making an impact. Whatever, I'm quite happy with my #moto360  and #nexus6  and freedom to do what I want with my phone. 
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I have an iCloud account for those rare times I use an iDevice, but turned on 2FA immediately. It appears this only impacts jailbroken devices.
Easy fix here, stop jailbreaking your iPhone bonehead.
"only jailbroken iOS devices have been affected by this breach."
Additional information pertaining to the iCloud account compromise that we reported about last week has now been made public, including a way of checking if you've been compromised.
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#iPhone users just got a ton of new options in the #smartwatch and #wearables category! This could provide a big boost for the Android Wear smartwatch market as well. Good news all around! 

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(Very impressive) Android M feature list.
Some people believe that Android M doesn’t deserve the title of Android 6, mainly because it isn’t as big of an overhaul as previous Android 1.x releases have been or because it doesn’t accompany the visual changes we’ve seen on previous 1.x releases.

While on some level this is true, going over the long list of improvements does really put into perspective how big of an update M truly is.

Let’s go over all the features we will(or might) see on Android M:
• Now on Tap
• Permissions Management
• SD Cards can be “merged” with internal storage
• Android Pay
• Native fingerprint authentication
• Automatic app data backups
• App Links (you’re going to see less of those “what do you want to open this in?” prompts)
• Doze and App Standby
• Multi Window(currently hidden, uncertain future)
• Theming support(currently hidden, uncertain future)
• Dark theme(removed, uncertain future)
• Customisable Quick Toggles along with other UI tweaking
• Visual Voicemail Support
• Redesign of the Clock Widget and Music Identification Widget
• New “Memory” Section in Settings(it was there before, but hidden)
• Support for deleting screenshots directly through the notification centre after they’ve been taken
• Landscape mode available for the Google Now Launcher(feature will likely be backported to older versions of Android)
• New app and widget drawer with scroll bar support and vertical scrolling
• Built-In File Manager receives a bump in functionality
• Native tap to wake support
• Ability to disable “heads up” or “peeking” notifications
• Native 4K output support
• Stricter APK validation
• MIDI support
• USB Type C support
• New boot animation
• Introduction of a “voice interaction” API to allow better interaction with voice actions in apps
• Toggling battery saver by voice
• Ability to undo and redo text changes with bluetooth keyboard shortcuts
• Multi-selection to merge, delete or share has been added in the contacts application
• Faster text selection along with a floating toolbar for text actions
• Default apps UI
• Direct share can allow you directly share stuff with contacts through the share menu
• Much more granular app info
• Native bluetooth stylus support
• Split-screen keyboard
• Better do not disturb along with repeat caller exceptions
• Bluetooth scanning to improve location accuracy
• Native flashlight API
• Easier access to Multi volume controls(ringer, media, alarm)
• Smoother volume scrubbing (credits to Jason Efstathiou)

Putting all those features aside there are also a number of under-the-hood improvements that seem to have had a very positive impact on both performance and power usage.

I’m puzzled as to how someone could call this a “minor” update. 

Credits: +Android Police​​​
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+Kevin Jones ohhh that's right I forgot
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Getting closer to real time virtual reality multiplayer gaming.
[Throwing a torch in Virtual Reality] 
This seems like a bigger achievement than it looks : Two guys basically blindfolded, using a digital representation as their basis of motor functions like throwing/catching. Pretty wicked.

The speed of the calculations occuring here is absolutely mind-blowing.
Person A starts to move arm - computer A sends information displaying arm movements and torch location. computer B receives the information and displays it for Person B. All fast enough for Person B to actually physically catch the torch. The simulated times and distances and RL times and distances have to be within an extremely low margin to successfully catch a thrown object.
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More #AppleLove from the hardworking Google devs released today.
Introducing Google+ Collections on iOS

Google+ users on Android and the web are using Collections to connect with others around shared interests ranging from Homebrewing, Climbing Junkie Photos to Magical, Mystical Mountains and Marine Life Today, we’re excited to announce Collections on iOS.

Create a Collection about something you’re interested in; make as many as you’d like;  and don’t worry about over sharing since people can follow just the Collections they like. 

Google+ users who have already created Collections asked us for the ability to customize who can see their Collections and if they could add taglines to describe them. We recently announced these features on Android and the web; today they are also available on iOS. To better explore the wide range of Collections already created, we announced last week that you can search for Collections on Google+ on Android as well. 

Thanks to everyone for these ideas. Please keep the feedback coming - we’re listening. Have questions about Collections?  Check out our Help Center or join this community for Help, Tips & Tricks:

To get Collections in your Google+ iOS app, download it here:

We can’t wait to see what Collections you create!
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Ok I joined a few...
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Very sorry to hear this. Dr. Dyer was such an amazing person. I enjoyed several of his numerous self-help books and movies.
Dyer wrote "Your Erroneous Zones," a best-seller for 64 weeks, and claimed to have treated his own leukemia through remote "psychic surgery."
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A +BlackBerry​ Android phone with a slider keyboard? Looks like it. I wonder what secret sauce they bring to the Android OS? Improved security, better battery life? We shall see!
Here's a phone that could make you want to switch back to BlackBerry. Over the past few months we've been hearing that BlackBerry is at work on an Android slider featuring one of its famous...
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<sad rant>It appears that I am a "cult follower". This is a rather depressing picture of the most amazing social platform ever built (clear indication of my cult follower status there, but I really do feel that way). Those (seemingly very few) of us who have been active on G+ might want to start beating the G+ from a little louder, or we might be looking elsewhere for our social networking needs.

For me personally, if G+ is closed down, I'll shut down my other social network profiles and give up on this medium entirely. Let's hope that's not the case, but if a platform like G+ can't succeed, I'm not sure that social network sites are where I need to be spending my time and energy.<\sad rant>

Of Google+’s 2.2 billion profiles, just 106,022 or .0005% were keeping the page up regularly.
Wondering where Google+ is headed? In this article, you'll discover recent findings on current Google+ activity and Google's plans for the network.
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Awesome #blues album from blues legend Buddy Guy now available for free on Google Play Music.

h/t +Brent Sullivan​ ... Oh yeh 😎
New album from blues guitar legend now free on Google Play!

Buddy Guy was ranked 30th in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. His song "Stone Crazy" was ranked 78th in Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. Clapton once described him as "the best guitar player alive". - Wikipedia

Here is a direct link to album in the Google Play Store:

Note:  I have no way of knowing if this offer is US only.  Let us know in the comments below if you "can" get in any other country.

#buddyguy   #dealoftheday   #freemusic   #chromecast  
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Quirky is a community company. Our mission is to make invention accessible. We believe everyone can be an inventor, and invention can happen anywhere.
Something's strange! Internal server error. Sorry about that! If you keep running into this page, shoot us a note at These pages may be helpful: Learn how Quirky works · Browse the latest inventions · Submit an invention · Meet the community · Work at Quirky · Get in touch.
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I joined the Spartanburg Planet Fitness with the $20/mo. membership ($1 sign up fee) on a 1-year commitment, and have been overall very pleased with my decision. The atmosphere is very casual, almost like an exercise "bar" with a row of TVs in the middle to enjoy while using the treadmill or eliptical machines. There are stations for abs, legs/back, and full body as well as free weights (all self-contained with safety guards and self-spotting locks) and resistance machines for every muscle group. [PARENTS BEWARE:] The General Manager, Lisa, is very difficult to work with, and not very accommodating if you need to bring a child to the gym with you. They don't allow anyone under 13 w/o adult supervision and no one but the black card member can sit in the sofa area. They're open 24/7 with a trainer available 8am-6pm. The $20/mo. membership includes access to the massage and tanning area with both chair and water massage as well as multiple tanning booths and a Beauty Angel booth for skin tone and relaxation. With all of these services at only $20/mo. ($10/mo. membership available as well w/o guest or massage/tanning privileges), there really is no excuse not to join a gym. I absolutely love it and am planning to go at least 3 times/week.
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The Ale House has good food and a great selection of local and regional craft beers. John, the owner, is an exceptionally nice guy and genuinely cares about his patrons. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is a mix of artsy, sports bar and night club all in one to provide something for everyone. They have live bands or DJ's most weekend nights with ping pong, tables and corn hole in the outside area which make for a lively nightlife. Definitely a top three food and drink destination in Black Mtn.
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Excellent Thai cuisine but a bit pricey. The Thai Red Curry is very good though the number 5 isn't hot enough. The tofu soup is bland and the salads are small but the ginger sauce is very fresh. Lunch price is from $8-11 per plate.
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Frisbee golf course, hiking trails, three soccer/football fields, four tennis courts, and a large playground make this the premier park in Spartanburg county. If it had a basketball court it would be perfect!
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Easily the best bakery in Black Mountain. Their cakes, pastries, and breads are all excellent. The biscuits are the size of a small plate and amazing! Be sure to try the biscuit with shitake mushroom gravy.
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Excellent food, service and atmosphere. Parking is limited, but we were seated right away at lunch time. The gyros is excellent. The mushrooms and hummus appetizers were wonderful. Or waiter was fast and extremely pleasant. Limited beer selection with no local beers.
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My favorite book store.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Very Good
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