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Spinning some #truth over here.
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Booyah!! Suck it Oracle!

Fair Use!
Oracle has spent many millions trying to get a chunk of Android, to no avail.
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I love taijustu

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Just... no. LOL
Not every object should connect to our smartphones—and if it does, it should at least work
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Hi keven jones
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Glad to see pilots finally being put on YouTube for free. Looking forward to watching further episodes of #Preacher.
The summer TV lineup has become increasingly watchable over the past few years. Even with Game of Thrones ending in a few weeks, there will still be plenty of worthwhile television to keep up with,…
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Love that scene. They picked the right actor for the part.
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If you're in the market for a Chromebook, make sure it's on this list first.
Chromebooks are about to get far more capable with the addition of Android apps, but unfortunately, not all Chromebooks are going to get that capability. After announcing plans to roll out Android...
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+Robert Byrne lol yeh true. Seems the issue is with the older models running an earlier Linux kernel that didn't support containers. As an open source fan, I'm continually amazed how well Google ties all of this hardware and open source software together for a reasonably user-friendly experience. It's a rather monumental effort when you really think about it.
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Hhhmmm... 😏
Wonderful news, that Google begin official support of +Raspberry Pi 3 with Android. However, I would prefer with both - Android and Chrome OS.
Google's Android source repository gets a new device tree especially for the Pi 3.
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A team of MIT researchers has for the first time broken through a theoretically predicted ceiling on how much sunlight they can convert into electricity.

#solarpower #solarenergy #breakthrough #MIT
System converts solar heat into usable light, increasing device’s overall efficiency.
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#StreamingApps is a new #KillerApp feature announced at #io16. You'll now see a "Try Now" button when searching for apps from an Android device which will let you try the app instantly before installing it. The app is a little sluggish due to the fact that it's "streaming" from the Google Play servers over the network, but it's an excellent way to quickly try apps to know if they're worth installing.
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This works on marshmallow too?
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Find out if your email address has been pwned in a security breach.
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"Just to level off emissions over the next 50 years, the world's solar capacity would have to increase 100-fold, according to research by the Princeton-based Carbon Mitigation Initiative."

People, even technical people, just don't get exponential growth. Solar PV, globally, is growing exponentially, having a doubling time of something between 2 and 4 years. Log2 of 100 is 6.6. So to get to 100 fold will take something between 14 and 27 years. But, and this is the other thing about exponential growth, when it does, in another doubling, 2-4 years later, it will be at 200-fold, and in 20-40 years it will be at 1000 fold.
One million solar power installations now dot America's rooftops and landscape, an achievement being hailed as a milestone by advocates of solar energy. There were just 1,000 such projects at the turn of this century, and only six years ago, going solar cost twice as much.
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I hope they open one in +Asheville​.
A little-known fast-food chain run by two former Costco executives is about to launch a rapid...
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The very powerful automobile lobby strikes again. :(
Earlier this month, we reported on the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the DMV holding hearings to decide whether or not to allow Tesla to get a second dealership license in…
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They don't deserve it because of their bigoted laws anyway.
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Nafisah, the sales assistant, was awesome and the Model S P90D I test drive was literally out of this world! As you've already seen in the YouTube videos, putting the pedal to the floor from a dead stop feels like jumping out of an airplane. I actually got a little light-headed from the blood rushing to my head. :P The self-driving feature is incredible. The car literally drives itself even stopping at red lights. I'm hoping to be first in line for the Tesla Model 3 pre-order! :D
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Best Indian food in Asheville. Excellent beer and cider selection.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
The only $1 theater in Spartanburg. Great movie selection. The popcorn bucket is a very good deal if you go regularly.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
I joined the Spartanburg Planet Fitness with the $20/mo. membership ($1 sign up fee) on a 1-year commitment, and have been overall very pleased with my decision. The atmosphere is very casual, almost like an exercise "bar" with a row of TVs in the middle to enjoy while using the treadmill or eliptical machines. There are stations for abs, legs/back, and full body as well as free weights (all self-contained with safety guards and self-spotting locks) and resistance machines for every muscle group. [PARENTS BEWARE:] The General Manager, Lisa, is very difficult to work with, and not very accommodating if you need to bring a child to the gym with you. They don't allow anyone under 13 w/o adult supervision and no one but the black card member can sit in the sofa area. They're open 24/7 with a trainer available 8am-6pm. The $20/mo. membership includes access to the massage and tanning area with both chair and water massage as well as multiple tanning booths and a Beauty Angel booth for skin tone and relaxation. With all of these services at only $20/mo. ($10/mo. membership available as well w/o guest or massage/tanning privileges), there really is no excuse not to join a gym. I absolutely love it and am planning to go at least 3 times/week.
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62 reviews
Excellent quality and flavor.
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Good deals on quality clothing and accessories.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
The Ale House has good food and a great selection of local and regional craft beers. John, the owner, is an exceptionally nice guy and genuinely cares about his patrons. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is a mix of artsy, sports bar and night club all in one to provide something for everyone. They have live bands or DJ's most weekend nights with ping pong, tables and corn hole in the outside area which make for a lively nightlife. Definitely a top three food and drink destination in Black Mtn.
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reviewed a year ago