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Another U.N. Summit and More Nice Words – but No Concrete Action
(Originally published on newsdeeply the 23rd of September 2016) Last week I received an invitation to be a panelist at a side event at this week’s U.N. General Assembly in New York, alongside the British secretary of state for international development and ...

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Hep us bring warmth to our refugees.

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Please support Basmeh & Zeitooneh's #winter campaign to reach some of the most vulnerable families among the #Syrian   #refugees  in the #Bekaa valley of #Lebanon .

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Syrian civil society in Lebanon: challenges and opportunities
(As published on Open Democracy on the 27th of October, 2014.) Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, even before the explosion of the humanitarian situation and the huge influx of refugees in summer 2012, Lebanon has been home to many of the activists...

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Our daily life in the Palestinian camps.

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From Shatila with love
One of the main issues you face when you work in the field of development in such miserable places as the Palestinian camps in Lebanon in addition to the absence of law and order and the possibility of being trapped in a war at any given moment is that pe...

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some different stories from #Syria .

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We do still have human beings in Syria to take care of
When I was invited to the Netherlands by IKV-PaxChristi last September, I was shocked by the reaction of people I encountered everywhere. Most of them considered what is happening in Syria to be more complicated for them to get involved in any way, even on ...

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Good morning democracy... good morning Syrian elections!
How bad is it to wake up on such a morning when social media is buzzing with western journalists thrill over the crowds at the Syrian embassy in Lebanon, waiting to vote in the presidential elections?! As if most of Syrians in Lebanon are really giving a da...

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From Beirut to Aleppo, few meditations and lot of sorrows...
a scene from Beirut. (my lens- winter 2014) One of my greatest joys in Beirut is those small surprises I come through while taking an unplanned walk into its streets. It often happens that a similar scene stops me for a few minutes of meditation... and sorr...
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