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Beth Cavanaugh
Stay-at-home crafty mom of 2.
Stay-at-home crafty mom of 2.

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Last Year's Halloween Costumes--Minions
Last year, we had fun making/adapting our own halloween costumes, but I never got around to posting them.  I intended to take some good pictures but never did it, and here we are a year later with still no post about what ended up being a really fun set of ...

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Well Hello There! Tank + Skirt = Dress Combo
Let me get this out of the way:  It's been a while. Clearly, I have not been blogging, but I'm trying not to let that bug me.  So what if I only blog every once in a while now?  Just because I have ignored the blog for the last 5 months or so doesn't mean t...

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Beth Cavanaugh commented on a post on Blogger.
That is so classic and adorable! I have been completely out of the Project Run and Play loop lately--I didn't even realize there was voting going on until I happened by today--so glad I found it in time to vote for you!

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Shiny Pink Norah Dress
Well, Little Sister has been a very cooperative girl with all of the Project Run and Play themes, some of which are things she would have never picked out on her own (although she did end up loving them anyway!) So when I saw the "All That Glitters" theme, ...

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Queen of Hearts!
It's Week 2 of Project Run and Play, and the theme is Cosplay.  You would think that after a year in Japan, I would have some great anime/manga inspiration here, but for some reason I just couldn't get into that whole thing.  I was thinking of sitting this ...

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Strawberry Tap Dance Togs
You guys, Project Run and Play is back!  I get so inspired by sewing with a group of people and seeing everyone's take on a theme, and frankly having a specific project that I know will end up in front of more than my average number of eyeballs is very moti...

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New Website is Live!
Oh boy, I am seriously having doubts about publishing this here!  But I figure if I keep trying to get it just right before I move forward, I will end up going in circles for a long time.  So here goes:  I published a website for my new business!  I'm not r...

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Another Natalie Top!
I decided I wanted to make myself something special for my birthday.  I had a piece of naniIro double gauze Mountain Views fabric that I got for about $6 a yard due to a small printing error, and I had been saving it for myself, so this seemed like just the...

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Gearing up for something new
Hi all! I have been neglecting this blog lately, because I've been hard at work on a new project.  For years, I have been sewing portable art kits for kids that I call Coloring Wallets.  After getting fresh inspiration from the fabrics I found in Japan, I d...

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Bicycle Print Natalie Top
I took a risk and ordered some of the "peach skin" fabric from Girl Charlee the last time they had a big sale, not really knowing what it was other than that it was 100% polyester, and this description fro the website:  " Peach skin fabric has a soft brushe...
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