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"What the f*** happened to the (Dubs) I used to know?" ;-)

If you don't watch the entire video, start at 1:11 in...

#LetsGoWarriors #StrengthInNumbers +Golden State Warriors #BeatOKC #BeatTheThunder #BeatEverybody

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Stu Jackson said the decision on the "kick" to Adams' privates is not about intent but, instead, about recklessness/endangerment. My quick thought on Stu's tweet...

#SafetyFirst EXCEPT when shooters like @russwest44 flail into defense + get rewarded, right?

Westbrook flying-kicks Tim Duncan in the nuts in a Playoff game, Westbrook goes to the line to shoot free throws:

+NBA+Golden State Warriors

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69 wins and counting. Keep it up, +Golden State Warriors​ & #DubNation.

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Not trying to dwell on the game last night but I just gotta' say this right quick...

Yes, Harrison Barnes likely could've/should've passed the ball to Steph for the final shot last night. It was just too "perfect" a situation/placement not to. That being said, HB was the only starter with a positive number in the +/- column. Scored 14, grabbed 8 boards, etc. You might recall him hitting the 3-ball that put us within 1 pt of the Celtics, and/or his rebound that gave GSW possession of the ball in the closing seconds to have an opportunity for a last shot... and HB committed just one turnover. 1. Not 3, 4, or 9.

And the Home Win Streak?

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY (4/2/15)... HB hit the game-winner with 0.4 seconds left to extend the Golden State Warriors' Home Win Streak, which on that date reached 35.

We're still the best in the League, Dub Nation. Keep your head up.

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SF City Hall during +San Francisco Giants vs Detroit Tigers, Game 4 of the 2012 MLB World Series. The game was shown in Civic Center Plaza.
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Added photos to 35th Mill Valley Film Festival.
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