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A writer finding himself
A writer finding himself

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My 2 cents- I only found out about the Boston Marathon tragedy until later today. It seems like the things you would think that are safe, are not. It's disgusting. We should be to run for charity causes, go to school, or even a movie. However, it seems we can't do that. You want us safe... Then make us feel safe. That is all!!

 My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Boston!

So prior to 3rd Round, I was 25-11 and only won 2 games on Saturday. Ahhhh... One of the Final Four teams I picked is now eliminated. #MarchMadness 

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Pics from Sandy a.k.a Frankenstorm (14 photos)
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Got a brand new phone. Thank you +Crystal Gray for a great night. Tried hibachi food... yummy. You are the #BGITW. I love you. <3

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Check out my blog. Got a couple of ongoing polls going.

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It only gets worse for the +NFL . Not good...
The New York Post gets in on the replacement ref bashing in a big way. 

Photo via +Newseum Broadcast 

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A Craigslist user posted an ad looking for replacement referees.

Watched the end of the Seahawks and Packers game last night on Monday Night Football. The ending of the game, like Jon Gruden said, ending with a bad taste in my mouth. NFL better do something about their #referees . The #ReplacementRefs  suck. 

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Wanna know why you pay so much for these IMPORTANT BILLS than anyone else around the world... Here is a reason why...
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