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BOYCOTTING Google+, Chrome, Search, Currents and Maps until they stop being bullies #GoogleReader #SuckIt
BOYCOTTING Google+, Chrome, Search, Currents and Maps until they stop being bullies #GoogleReader #SuckIt

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This is great.
BIGG Guest: We love getting some "Black Belt Mindset" from our friend, speaker, author, and Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, +Jim Bouchard  of Think Like A Black Belt. On this BIGG Success Show he offers great advice on how to overcome fear and uncertainty like a Black Belt. 

Fear comes in many forms. Usually we fear a change that we didn't expect, like losing a job, or an outside circumstance that affects our business. And there's the fear of what others will think of us if we don't "succeed." 

We faced a LOT of fear when we launched BIGG Success back in 2007. What if we put our blog and podcast out there and no one visits our site? Well, that happened at first. But we kept going and things changed. 

What if no one will hire or buy from us? We reached out to our network to let them know what we are doing, who we are targeting, and how we can help them. That got the ball rolling. We continue to do that to this day and work with coaches to help us improve our online conversions.

What if our friends think we are silly for doing what we do? Sure there are some who "don't get it," but we aren't doing this for them. We know our mission and our purpose, and that's good enough for us.

What fears have you faced? How did you get past them? - George & Mary-Lynn

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RT @CIOonline Assange to Google's Schmidt: 'I Don't Use Email'

'a fly on the wall' :-D

BOYCOTTING @Google by NOT using +Google+ Google Maps, Google Search, and Calendar +Google is becoming a bully!
#iGoogle #GoogleReader #Notebook #GoogleSuckIt #WeMadeYouFool #MyChoice

Catch you all on +Twitter+ and +Facebook+ 

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This bothers me.  The view seems to be take away the rights of most for very isolated cases.  Lack of privacy is going to far

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"When the rich take credit for creating jobs, they are like “squirrels taking credit for evolution."

+Nick Hanauer joins rich people like +Richard Branson and Warren Buffet in saying that “We’ve had it backward for the last 30 years - rich businesspeople like me don’t create jobs.”

It might actually take hold if they keep at it.

via +Eibhlin Bradford

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#philosophyfriday #philosophy

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That is such a great conference in Chicago. I miss #SOBCon. Waving 'hi' at +Liz Strauss +Terry Starbucker
Couldn't make it to #SOBCon? Me neither. But I hear there's livestreaming!

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The Wife and the Husband

Said a wife to a husband.
Or perhaps it was
the other way around.

'Do you know me?'

The four words echoed
in their discomfort.

'Do you know what it is that
raises my soul into darkness,
or lifts it beyond the skies?

'Do you know?'
came an uneasy reply.

'We neither do' agreed
their eyes.

'Then perhaps we might discover
the answers together'
said the husband.

Or perhaps it was the wife.

Credit: Nic Askew of for the poem sent this morning
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