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Access to total honesty through overwhelming ALL WIN REALIZATION :

This is a very facinating idea. An even more facinating practical possibility. You can do your thing with total honesty as long as ALL WIN REALIZATION is actually carried out. This can be your business plan , your social plan and your entire way of living.

This means : everything improves continously.

You save great amounts of time and energy and hassle by being totally honest and open with your intentions. This luxury is available if ALL WIN REALITY is the actual core of your strategy. 

Seeking actual all win you do not ever need to hide anything or conceal anything or distort anything. You can access total honesty in your all interactions simply as a result of the real actualization of amazingly mutually beneficient scenarioes. Mutually beneficient as well as value maximating and accross as much as possible of the spectrum of "shared human interests". Even hackers and trolls and attackers on the internet may suddenly appear friendly.

The all win principle means the practical realization of "shared human interests" in the empirical situation playing out. Also : along as many different interest areas as possible combined. Which could be described as a scenario where all affected parties will actually benefit greatly.

The spectrum of shared human interests include interests like the following :

The interest in efficiency
The interest in learning
The interest in high quality communication
The interest in high quality and mutually beneficient social relationships
The interest in co-evolution-of-ideas through superintelligent cooperation
The interest in using all resources in a situation to their maximum efficiency , economy and in multi purpose well as structures of innovative networks of value through making resources out of things that had not previously been treated as resources...integrated systems of synergies
The interest in maintaining a sense of harmony in all daily interactions with the general surroundings
The interest in beauty
The interest in fun
The interest in inspiring and useful gamesmanship
The interest in relieving misunderstandings 
The interest in simply feeling like a good person , who gives value and recieves value , in all interactions with people
The interest in general physical and mental health and balance and wellbeing
The interest in situational attention
The interest in high quality food and air and liquids
The interest in environmental flourishing
The interest in looking in the mirror at the end of the day and thinking : "That is a good person...a person doing as well as can...a person who deserves to be happy"
The interest in experiencing superb quality time : combining and maximizing the common interest spectrum in the limited time and space available
The interest in living a life of love and intelligence and greatness

All win means the actual realization of many such interest areas , in real social interactions , with few if any downsides that are worth mentioning. When at the end of the day every influenced person in an event can say : "This was a superb success for everybody!" : this would be a typical all win scenario.

Said differently the all win scenario could be described as a massive supreme success story.

If this success really is the actual intention , and even a goal we will fight for as long as it takes relentlessly until we finally shall realize it with dignity , then total honesty in all interactions is accessible.

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Creature of the information 

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A variation on the theme "meeting point" or "infinite tunnel"

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Say hello to the friendly alien :)

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Facinating movie about the possible near future. We sure live in interesting times. It makes me think about a quote by terrence mckenna which is ever more true now than it was when he said it: "Business as usual has been taken off the menu"
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