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Who doesn't love free? Hop over to enter to win this amazing batch of KitchenAid appliances!

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NYC City Hall Monday Dec. 8th.
12:45. Save the carriage horses!!!!!

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Here's a "preview" of what you'll witness during
the LIVE webcast:

*A SIMPLE trick build a large, sustainable organization
that duplicates with NO extra effort from you - you’ll be
kicking yourself because you didn't do this sooner!

*How to move away from the “cold, hard reality” of your
niche and to the “magic” of it. Do this and watch as your
teams responsiveness SOARS making you windfalls of

*How to harness the magic of power of storytelling,
and how stories can captivate the attention of your
team,leaving them hanging on your every word …
even if you SUCK as a storyteller!

All of this (and more) is happening in less than 60 minutes .

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LIVE Webcast Starting Shortly -- How to Make it Happen in Your Business. With Genius Team Builder David Wood.

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One of the core skills every entrepreneur needs is how to get traffic to their offer ...

Would you agree?

If you've been thinking about starting a business and this has been holding you back then now is the time to join us as we share with you some key skills ...

How to get paid traffic for free. Sound good?

We start at 8 pm UK / 3 pm Eastern

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From Joel ben Izzy's "The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness":

"Telling stories is not about the words you say.
When you have a story inside you,
and an open heart, you become a conduit —
the story flows through you.
As for the words —
they're merely commentary. . .

"Your confusion is all that you've got.

"The answers come when they're ready.
The harder the question,
the simpler the answer.

"First you must learn to love the question."

Here is what I asked.
And here is the answer I received.


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Are you or is someone you know a submariner or retired submariner? This blog by Challen Yee offers insights into the experience that submariners have when their vessels are decommissioned. Please share this with anyone that it might help.
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