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Post is pinned. is one of the Internet's most trusted online retailers of quality EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha golf cart parts and accessories.

Did you also know that sells both new and used golf carts? Whether for a single golf cart or fleet golf cart purchases, is a true authority and can even export your golf cart(s) worldwide.

As we enter the busy season for many recreational outdoor activities involving the use of golf carts, we thought it a good time to share some safety tips.

We hope that you will consider the following information useful and enjoy the safe use of your golf cart year round.

Golf Cart Safety Tips

Golf carts are fun, and Golf cart safety is becoming crucial especially since golf carts are fast becoming a popular alternative mode of transportation. In retirement hot spots, like Florida, many of the seniors are beginning to use golf carts to travel around the neighborhood. With the increased popularity comes an increased rate of golf cart injuries, the latest estimates are over 15,000 injuries every year! What’s most troublesome is that over one-third of the accidents involve children. Because golf carts aren’t held to the same regulations as other vehicles they present a serious safety concern for young children.

Respect General Golf Cart Safety

While no motorcycle, golf carts go roughly 15-20 mph. At any speed, a golf cart can do some serious damage if not treated with attention and care. Golf carts often have no seat belts, in the case of a collision you will not be surrounded by the same safety features as a vehicle. Golf carts are not made for drag racing or joy riding. Golf carts should never be operated under the influence of any substances. Use some common sense to stay safe in your golf cart.

Get Yourself a Horn

Installing a horn on your golf cart is the simplest method to increase your visibility. There are many electric golf carts today which make almost no sound when moving. The best way to let others know you’re around and to be on the lookout is with a toot of the horn. Horns are a simple install and tend to be very cheap, there is really no excuse to not have one installed.

Capable and Experienced Drivers

While you may think a golf cart is simple to operate that a child could do it. However, how will child handle the golf cart in an emergency? It may not seem like letting an inexperienced child drive a golf cart may be a big deal, but it can have dangerous consequences. Only someone with driving experience who will be able to handle an emergency should drive the golf cart, for safety.

Headlights & Seat Belts

About one tenth of the time in a golf cart accident the buggy will roll over. Without a seat-belt, people are generally ejected from the golf cart. These rollovers cause serious injury and even death. The best safety measure is to install seat-belts in your golf cart. Headlights while not necessary for golfing are necessary for night driving situations off the course. Just like the tooting of the horn in the day, headlights ensure people and other vehicles can see you.

Some simple precautions and accessories for your golf cart can minimize your risk factor. Golf carts can be very useful off the golf course, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are still vehicles capable of causing significant damage.

Blockbuster Golf Carts
Golf cart dealer in Margate, Florida
Address: 1870 NW 54th Ave, Margate, FL 33063
Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–5:30PM
Phone: (954) 977-4131

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It was in 1978 that Yamaha began to sell its first golf carts.

Before that, E-Z-GO and AMF (Harley Davidson) dominated the market, but the Yamaha golf cart, due to its build quality and powerful gas engine, forced them to reevaluate their golf carts. What Yamaha did was to manufacture a golf cart with a gas engine and superior drive train that literally left the others behind. Accelerating uphill rather than struggling, these carts were a revelation and the attention to detail and quality lives on today in the carts and spare parts that are currently available.

As you would expect from a major manufacturer, Yamaha provide quality spare parts to suit all of the servicing and repair needs for their range of golf carts. Not only that, but they also make accessories to personalize your golf cart.

We at Blockbuster Golf Carts carry too many parts and accessories to list in total, but we would like to highlight just some of them.

Batteries and electrical systems require routine maintenance, we offer parts such as battery cables, battery rods and battery hold downs for carts ranging from the G1 to the G29.

For gas powered golf carts, we supply accelerator cables; the six different types that we have in stock cover most models.

Yamaha golf carts are proud of their safety features, and to keep the brakes in top condition we stock brake cables for both electric and gas powered models. You may also need to replace the brake hill torsion springs and brake pedal stop pads.

The drive system of a golf cart is one of the most hardworking parts and can be prone to wear and tear. We can advise you as to which bushes or collars match your particular model. We also carry cover kits for primary clutches, clutch drives and clutch drive pullers and drive belts.

We also keep a range of larger parts in our facility, ranging from wheels and tires, to front suspension parts and units and electric motors.
If you wish to customize your golf cart then we supply golf ball and golf club washers, fender flare kits, mirrors and dashboard organizers. In hot weather, you may want to use one of our fans and in chilly weather, a propane heater.

Our aim is to ship the correct Yamaha golf cart part immediately, not only to customers in Florida but around the world. If you require an assistance when choosing the part for whatever model you own, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 954 977 4131

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Quality Golf Cart Parts "not the only thing you will find at".

Blockbuster Golf Carts is proud of the service we provide to golf cart owners, not only in South Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys but also to our many clients around the world. When our clients are unsure as to what golf cart replacement part they require we are always ready to help in choosing the right golf cart parts for each specific need. We supply parts for three major manufacturers of golf carts, E-Z-GO, Club Car and Yamaha. Choosing which golf cart to buy, from the wide range available isn’t always simple.

Today’s post here on Google, we thought it may be helpful to give a brief outline of the history of the companies whose golf cart parts we supply.

E-Z-GO was founded in 1954 by two brothers; they had a belief that they could build a better golf cart and built their first cart in a small machine shop in Augusta, Georgia. They soon outgrew that facility and E-Z-GO went on to become a world leader and manufacturer of not only golf carts but also personal transportation vehicles and utility vehicles. Still headquartered in Augusta, they now build tens of thousands of vehicles every year. They continue to innovate to improve efficiency and user experience. Their AC drive delivers high torque matched with high energy efficiency and the automated parking brake, that engages whenever the vehicle stops, provides a high level of safety.

Club Car golf carts are also based in Augusta, Georgia. Established more than fifty years ago, Club Car pride themselves on state of the art engineering and award winning design; this goes towards their ethos of designing and building golf carts that are recognized in the industry to be efficient, whilst also provide long-lasting value. Part of the Ingersoll Rand group, they take customer service very seriously; they have a worldwide distribution network of over six hundred dealers and factory branches.

Yamaha is a company that began by building an organ back in 1887, but it wasn’t until 1955 that the Yamaha motors division was formed. Yamaha golf carts fall under the umbrella of this part of the huge global company; they are one of the largest producers of motorsports products in the world. To sum up their company ethos we have taken a quote from their website, “Yamaha products are recognized the world over for superior quality in design, technology, craftsmanship, and customer-oriented services.” Their commitment to manufacturing premium quality golf carts can be illustrated by the organizations that they collaborate and partner with; these include multiple PGA divisions, the National Golf Foundation, The First Tee, GCSAA, and the CMAA.

We carry a huge range of golf cart parts to not only maintain your golf carts but also parts to help you customize them, whether you are an individual owner or are responsible for a fleet.

We hope that you found this interesting and invite you to call us (954) 977-4131 should you have any questions or help in maintaining and sourcing the right parts for your golf cart.

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Blockbuster golf carts often share information regarding the latest news in golf car parts and golf cart accessories. Occasionally though, we find an article relating to golf carts that make us smile. The article below, linked from golf digest, is one such article. Although we don’t condone taking a golf shot from the top of a moving golf cart, we can’t help but admire the skill involved.

We hope that you enjoy this as much as we did.

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Hello EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car Golf Cart Owners!

If needing golf cart parts for your Yamaha, EZGO or Club Car golf cart?

We can offer to share the following link which will take you to Blockbuster Golf Cars "Golf Cart Parts" store where you will find only top quality golf cart parts that ship worldwide fast...

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Post has attachment simply offers a better way to shop online for quality parts. We offer only quality golf cart parts for the leading golf cart brands including...

Golf Cart Parts for EZGO

Golf Cart Parts Club Car

Golf Cart Parts Yamaha

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Where Can You Get "QUALITY GOLF CART PARTS" for EZGO, YAMAHA and Club CAR, Golf Carts, FAST?

Here you go, the right quality golf cart part and fast...

Click over to where you will find the Internets place to shop for affordable Yamaha, EZGO and Golf Car quality golf cart parts.



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Update: Yamaha Golf Cart's "New Drive System

An important announcement made earlier by Yamaha golf Carts seems to have slipped under the radar for some individuals and fleet managers.

We thought that the announcement would be of interest and decided to share the information here on our Google plus.

*All new models of Yamaha golf carts are now based on the "Drive2 drive " system.

Designed and manufactured by Yamaha, the Drive2 system ensures a more agile, engaging and memorable driving experience.

The Drive2 system has been ten years in the making. In 2006 Yamaha introduced a new drive system to their golf carts; this was called the Drive Series. The drive system incorporated an advanced, independent automotive front suspension for a smoother ride. Over the course of the next years, Yamaha continued to improve the ride and the performance of the golf carts.

These technological advancements have culminated in The Drive2 which was launched in the summer of 2016. The Drive2 has significant differences to the original Drive Series and is available on all four models; electronic fuel injection carbureted and AC and DC electric.

Yamaha Golf-Car Company President Tom McDonald announced the launch and we found an excellent article on that details the changes to the range of carts. The article can be found here.

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Everyone at would like to thank all of our valued customers for helping to make a leading online retailer of golf cart parts and golf cart accessory. 

Whenever you need quality parts for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO golf carts, we hope you will think first.

Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc
1870 NW 54th Ave Margate, FL 33063
(954) 977-4131

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Blockbuster Golf Carts knows golf carts and their parts!

At, you will find the quality golf cart parts you need for EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car Golf Carts.

We deliver anywhere in the world, FAST!

Located in Margate, FL, we are a dealer and exporter of new and used Club Car golf carts. Rentals are also provided. At, you will find a wide selection of top quality parts and accessories and that are always competitively priced.

Browse our website and our broad range of products and the finest quality golf cart parts that include:

Pedal Pads - Accelerator Pedal Assembly - Tires - Wheels - Brakes - Belts - Cables - Axles - Mirrors - Body Parts & Trim - Gauges - Horns - Light Kits - Bulbs - Carburetors - Dashes - Clutches - Bumpers - Molding - Steering Columns - Steering Wheels - Rims - Fans - Spings - Steering Wheels - Electric Motors - Charging Cords - Cargers - Charger Parts and more.

We invite you to visit the next time you are needing the finest quality golf cart parts for your EZGO, Yamaha, and/or Club Car Golf Carts.

Why Wait?

Why not visit and create your online account today? You will be automatically added to our list of members which will receive our special "golf cart part' coupon offers.

Register here:

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