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Ezgo golf cart parts at

Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc offers a large selection of EZGO golf cart accessories, EZGO golf cart parts and EZGO golf cart lift kits.

While different golfers would argue on different aspects of the game, the majority would agree that having a golf cart during a round is the best way to go. This is because having a golf cart can easily relieve yourself from all the strain and stress involved in walking 18 holes, making your experience even more relaxing and worthwhile even in old age. If you are interested in purchasing a popular E-Z-GO golf cart, here are some of the common parts that you would find in both gas and electric models.

Brakes and Accelerators. Both accelerators and brakes are crucial working parts in operating your E-Z-Go golf cart. If you can't accelerate or stop when you want and need to, you won't be able to maximize the use of your cart. Braking is also very important in ensuring your safety while you drive.

Battery & Parts. Batteries are the energy source of your E-Z-Go so be sure to replace the cables regularly to stop corrosion from creating havoc in your cart. Whether you have a gas or electric model, you will find plenty of reputable golf cart parts replacement companies online to keep your battery in superb working order.

Differential and transmission. These two components are integral to maintaining a smooth ride with your EZGO golf cart. The differential guarantees that the wheels can run at varying speeds, which is crucial in driving at tight curves and turns. A well-conditioned transmission meanwhile, is essential for the smooth running of your cart.

Front & Rear Suspension. Your EZGO golf cart's suspension system is a state-of-the-art network of springs and shock absorbers, together with other parts that link the body of the cart to its wheels. It provides superb handling and a smooth ride to your golf cart driving experience.

Steering. Steering is another key aspect of the performance of your prized golf cart and another area in which you can bring in some personalized style. You can opt for lower steering components and steering assemblies to guarantee that your steering system is working at the optimum level so you can get the most out of your cart.

E-Z-GO Body & Trim. The EZGO's body and trim are the most popular parts to incorporate a new level of style and personality to your golf cart. You also have a number of good options to consider to bring the most out of your model. For instance, you can go with headlight openings that come in white, ivory or the signature hunter green. For EZGO golf carts from the year 1996 and above, you can also opt for headlight openings that come in black, flame red, platinum, electric blue of the signature hunter green. Whatever suits your personal tastes best, you can customize this one integral part without much sweat.

Maintenance and Repair tips for EZ Go Golf Cart parts
While EZGo golf carts are indeed the widely preferred models in America, there are some common part repairs that usually need to be done to ensure that your cart will provide you with that kind of driving experience that you need and expect from it. From fixing a cracked canopy to replacing the battery, many repairs can be completed on your own without any professional help whatsoever. However, if there are complicated problems with the drive mechanism, accelerator assemblies, and axles, you might want to rely on the services of a pro.

● Regularly check the battery if you're not using your golf cart. If you have the time, try to disconnect the battery from the cart and connect it to a charger that is set to ‘trickle' charge. This will stop the battery from draining off when you're not using it for a prolonged period.

● When your canopy or body becomes chipped or fractured, you can fix it using a fiberglass repair kit.

EZGO golf cart tires are tubeless, which means you can fix them just like you do a car tire.

● Undergo scheduled maintenance on all your EZGO golf cart parts to keep them in optimum working condition. If you have an electric model, you need to ensure that the tires are appropriately inflated and the battery terminals cleaned properly at all times. If you have a gas golf cart, make sure to check the oil every week and, if it's low, fill with 10W-30 oil. The filter should be replaced every 5 to 10 years, depending on use.

We hope that the share of this information was found of interest and also invite you to visit us online at where you can find quality golf cart parts for your EZGO golf carts.

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Club Car Parts at Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc -

Blockbuster offers all the club car parts you need

If you are a proud owner of a club car golf cart, you know full well that such a product is unmatched when it comes to performance and style mainly because every part comprising it has been subject to high-level design and engineering that uses only premium materials. At Blockbuster Golf Carts, simply make your way through our extensive inventory of club car parts to find the replacements or upgrades that work best for you and your prized golf car. Once you make your order, we can deliver any and all parts that you ordered at break-neck speed!

Whether your searching for a brand new set of wheel, lights, or fan, Blockbuster Golf Carts has all the genuine golf cart parts for a club car with the uncompromised quality you need at a discount rate! While there is nothing wrong in investing a fortune for a replacement golf cart, it certainly makes practical sense to restore your damaged and exhausted parts instead, so you can bring out the best of your cart without breaking the bank. On top of that, you will experience unmatched sales and delivery service to ensure that all your purchasing expectations are met and even exceeded!

Common Club Car Parts at Blockbuster Golf Carts

Do you need basic Club car parts which require some replacement? If you do, then this is the best place to be! We have an extensive array of common club car parts that are specially sorted out into groups such as accelerators and pedals, accessories, batteries and battery parts, and more.

1. Accelerator and Pedal club car parts - Pick and select from premium accelerator parts, accelerator cables, pedals pads, bearing brackets, ball studs, pivot rods, bushings, and more. You can find high quality and completely operational products for less than $3 - helping you enhance your accelerator without spending much at all. Every part promises a smoother ride so you can enjoy the kind of stress-free round that you never thought was possible.

2. Battery club car parts - If your golf cart doesn’t start instantly the way it should, then there is something wrong with its battery. When properly maintained, a decent battery can last more than half a decade but when used regularly at length, it’s not going to have that kind of lifespan. The good news is we have batteries golf car parts that we can deliver to you at lightning speed so you won’t have to wait long for your cart to start automatically the moment you turn the keys on.

3. Front Suspension club car parts - If you notice your ride becoming a bit rougher than it used to, squeaky when the wheels turn round or not quite aligned right, there’s a chance that the suspension has been compromised. Our inventory of front suspension hub golf car cart parts will help ensure that your car will remain smooth, even amidst rough terrains. From bearings and race set to control arm assemblies, we can give you quality suspension golf car parts that you need, fast.

4. Body Trim Parts plus Hardware - Due to unwanted collisions or simply natural deterioration, certain parts of your cart’s body and trim will require refurbishment from time to time, so you can drive in confidence knowing that your cart is in tip-top shape. And with various patterns and styles of Margate Club Car Parts to choose from, you can easily customize your cart and create your own personal statement.

Electric Club Car Parts at Blockbuster Golf Carts

If you want to replace more advanced club car parts, we also have a plethora of high-quality electric golf cart parts that can reboot your unit and have it running back like brand new in no time. With Blockbuster Golf Carts, we can quickly deliver any electric part that you need without delay, whether its electric motors & parts, chargers and charger parts, switches and parts, etc.

Because such golf cart parts for club car are more complex, you may need the help of a professional to set them up the right way. Nevertheless, if you purchase your own club car parts and maximize our low offerings, you can significantly reduce the cost for a full car restoration.

5. Charger club car parts - If your cart struggles to operate in extensive duration, it could be because there is an unseen issue with its battery or charger. If its the charger, changing it with the ideal part in our inventory will allow you to drive your cart at optimal efficiency for 20 miles or more. We have different types of chargers that come in different voltages, which means you can easily find the one that perfectly complements your cart.

6. Electric Motors club car parts - We offer high speed, torque and fleet replacement motors and replacement parts such as motor brushes, springs and bearings as well. With such an assortment of parts at your disposal, searching for the ideal motor and part that can bring the best out of your cart is a quick and easy guarantee!

7. Solid State Speed controller club car parts - Solid State Speed Controllers Club Car Golf Carts come in different ranges from 36 Volt and 48 Volt for various systems such as Series, Regen, IQ, Powerdrive and i2. With a brand new controller, your cart’s function will improve dramatically, allowing you to stay relaxed and in complete control every time you drive. We also offer numerous upgrades to enhance your cart’s speed and torque.

8. F & R Switches club car parts - F & R(forward and reverse) switches and parts are perfect to achieve full control on all your driving, in preventing potential collisions and accidents and in improving fuel economy. Available F & R club cart parts in our inventory include different switch assemblies in a wide assortment of brands and designs and other parts like handles, shafts, cables, and any and all small part vital to the system as well.

Gas Club Car Parts at Blockbuster Golf Carts

You typically don’t need to invest more in keeping gas powered club carts in superb condition than you would with electronic versions. This means that spending every dime on club car parts for gas-powered units will make great practical sense. Your choices for gas-powered parts at Blockbuster Golf Carts include battery parts, carburetor, intake and fuel pump, clutches and parts, and any and all products that you need to maintain your vehicle in full condition.

9. Tune up club car parts - The group covers all three kinds of filters for air, fuel, and oil, spark plugs, ignition parts, along with complete tune-up kits to ensure that your Club Car golf cart will operate in optimal shape and condition. Every part features various brands based on the design and manufactured year of a vehicle.

10. Clutches Drive club car parts - Select from different drive and driven clutches for club car and an assortment of replacement parts like bearings and pulling as well. With the right clutch drive and driven parts, you can ensure that you're always under control when driving your club car golf cart. Offered at amazingly discounted rates and in the abundant assortment, you won't spend much time and effort in searching for the best complementary piece for your golf cart at a price that meets your budget!

11. Battery club car parts - Changing your golf cart’s battery is especially cheap and you can take advantage of this economic advantage to substantially prolong the quality of your vehicle and secure a seamless drive no matter where the pavement and green take you. Whether you're looking for top quality bolts, cables or hold down rods, Blockbuster Golf Carts can satisfy your search so you can maintain an optimally operational cart that won’t give you a headache without having the need to replace its battery completely.

12. Carburetors & Parts - Club Car Golf Cart has been providing carburetors & parts to countless Club car golf cart owners and drivers since 1984 - covering every brand and product available in the industry. Whether you're looking to upgrade your carburetor, intake, fuel pump or any fuel system part, we can guarantee top quality manufacturing that can provide the best possible fuel efficiency.

We can also help customize your cart according to your needs and preferences!

What’s more, Blockbuster Golf Carts can help you customize your vehicle according to any fit you desire, complete with seat rails, dashes, consoles, and seat hip restraints. These golf cart parts for club car can dramatically refresh the look and feel of your vehicle by making it appear more luxurious and high end. To add even more style, we also have tires & rims, head and tail lights, and even floor mats that you can pick and choose!

And if you want to modify your golf cart’s overall performance and functionality, we also have engine rebuild and lift kits, high-speed gears, and mufflers and their parts that you can purchase at a lower price. Whatever it is that you need for your vehicle, Blockbuster Golf Carts has you covered! What’s more, we can deliver them to you in uncompromised quality with amazing speed and efficiency! Choose Blockbuster Golf Carts and you won’t regret it!

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Golf carts being used off the course more and more by Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc

The days of only ever seeing a golf cart when you hit the links are behind us. It used to be that most people who weren’t golfers would only ever see golf carts in films. But that’s all changing. In today’s world, golf carts aren’t just used on the golf course anymore, they are being put to use for many other purposes. From public and private transport, to tour vehicles and entertainment systems, golf carts can be used in a myriad of different ways. The truth is, if you can dream it up, you can probably use a golf cart for it. So what are all these inventive uses for a golf cart? In today’s article we’ll look at some of the unique and inventive ways they are being used.

Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc stock all of the leading brands, including Yamaha golf cart replacements, EZGO golf cart replacements and Club Car golf cart replacements.

Downtown shuttles in Cincinnati
Golf carts are providing a new way for residents of Cincinnati to get around the downtown area. This February saw the launch of golf carts as a new method of transport—alongside streetcars, buses, bikes and segways—by GEST.

The best thing about GEST is that they are free to ride! Yes, you read that right, they are free! GEST makes money on advertising displayed on the carts themselves.

But this isn’t any old golf cart. Oh, no. In order for a motor vehicle to be legal in Cincinnati, there needs to be a U.S. Department of Transportation-approved windshield, windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights, brake lights, a horn and indicators. A standard golf cart doesn’t have any of these things.

That’s why GEST has souped up the golf carts to include all of these features, as well as eight batteries—up to four times as more as a standard golf cart—plastic tarps to shield passengers and a large orange triangular low speed vehicle sign on the back.

GEST stands for Green Easy Safe Transport and is the brainchild of Patrick Dye and Lauren Dye—a Bengals Cheerleader.

The Dyes aim to keep this cart service as safe as possible. They won’t be taken out in the snow, in heavy rain or during thunderstorms.

At the moment, GEST are running weekend rights to the city’s top attractions, including riverfront restaurants, and the casino. They average around 300-500 passengers a night and will be operating daytime services in March.

Cincinnati isn’t the only place where golf carts are being used as public transport. Similar services are being run in Alabama, Florida, California and Ohio.

Golf cart tours
Golf carts aren’t just being used for public transport. They are also being used for private transport, too. Maymont, an estate in Richmond, Virginia, is to start using golf carts for estate tours. Starting in March, visitors will be able to use a golf cart for private tours of Maymont’s 100-acres of gardens and exhibits. Unlike GEST, the rides will not be free, however. Maymont will be charging guests $30 per person and $20 for Maymont members. As they are golf carts, the tours can accommodate up to four people.

This will be the first time that Maymont provide an environmentally-friendly way to tour their massive estate, which includes a Japanese Garden, an Italian garden, animal and wildlife exhibitions and a children’s farm. Previous to this initiative, Maymont provided tram rides that could accommodate up to 40 people. However, the tram was retired in 2014. This was because the tram wasn’t appealing to guests walking in the grounds, despite the service that they offered to riders.

Golf carts as entertainment systems
Golf carts aren’t transport anymore. Thanks to former Australian professional golfer, Greg Norman, golf carts are now able to stream content directly to players on the course. Norman’s Shark Experience carts allow golfers to enjoy all of the content that they would enjoy in their hotel room. The PGA Tour has now partnered with Shark Experience to bring live programming and on-demand coverage from more than 30 PGA TOUR events.

The golf carts are made by Club Car and will use Verizon’s 4G LTE to stream content directly to the cart. Players can enjoy the content through high definition touchscreen displays and built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.

But watching the PGA Tour isn’t all these golf carts can do. Players will also be able to stream music via Slacker radio and access other live sports and highlights.

Golf carts as private transport for the average Joe
Finally, we have the most common use of golf carts in the US today, outside of the golf course. Many small towns and villages, particularly in Florida, have made golf carts legal transport, to help residents get around town in a cheaper, quieter and more environmentally-friendly way. As golf carts are powered by an electric battery, there is no need for gas or diesel as a fuel source. They run entirely on electricity, which means zero emissions. All owners have to do is to remember to charge them. Using a battery as a power source also means that golf carts are much slower than cars and bikes. As a result, this makes roads in the towns that allow golf carts a heck of a lot safer. In theory, the more carts on the road, the less accidents that should occur.
That being said, there have been several accidents with golf carts in the past year, so care should still be taken if you are planning to use your golf cart as public transport. Make sure that your town or village allows golf carts on the road before you head out and obey all road traffic laws.

You might also be interested in knowing Why Choose Blockbuster For EZGO Golf Cart Parts, Here is everything you want to know

As the uses of golf carts grow and grow, spare and repair parts will become even more vital. At Blockbuster Golf Carts, we sell high quality spare parts for virtually any golf cart in existence. If you need a spare part or your car needs a full repair, speak to us today. Whether it is a wheel, an engine or just a brake light, you can find what you need at Blockbuster Golf Carts in Margate, Florida.

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Golf Cart Parts for Yamaha Golf Cart -

Just like any vehicle, your Yamaha golf cart has parts that will require some much-needed care and attention. Whether you currently own a Yamaha golf cart model or are considering buying one, it would always serve you best to know the different parts that you need and want to replace when they become worn out. Here are some of the most common Yamaha golf cart parts that are worth looking at:

1.) Yamaha Battery Charger

Without a doubt, the most widely used and replaced part of your Yamaha golf cart is the battery charger. Purchasing a new battery charger for a definite period of time is always a must but most importantly if your shopping for a new golf cart.
Normally, golf cart dealers will give you an older, at times used, charger unit when you purchase a golf cart and, chances are, it won't provide you with the best results or won't last that long. Since this essential part serves as the primary energy source for your electric golf cart, finding a brand new charger is always the ideal route.

2.) Yamaha Golf Cart Windshields

Aside from the battery charger, your Yamaha golf cart's windshield is also an integral part that needs some special attention. If you normally drive your cart on off-road, rocky, and bumpy terrains, it can suffer from cracks and dents because of numerous reasons such as:

● Popping rocks or pebbles
● Collision to hardy tree branches
● Impact cracks (i.e. driving through large rocks and the like)
● Other hard items that could accidentally hit your golf cart while driving

Bear in mind that it's never a good idea to use a golf cart with a damaged windshield. Cracks can blur your line of driving sight or the windshield can break in front of you when you drive through a large rock or obstacle. Also, the golf cart you purchase may not come with a windshield of its own and if this is the case, installing one immediately would be crucial if you want to better protect yourself while you drive.

3.) Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Cables

Since the battery cables serve as the key connector to your battery load and charging system, having this part would be crucial to owning a Yamaha golf cart. Yamaha golf cart cables, like any other golf cart battery cable, is susceptible to dust, mud, and corrosion. If the corrosion manages to eat its way into the cable, then you may need to replace it with a new one.
Furthermore, you need to ensure that your Yamaha golf cart battery cables are always in good condition since they serve as the vital link to your charging system. Regular checkup and cleaning are essential to keep dirt from building up and corrosion from creeping in. They are also quite cheap which means replacing them from time to time would be a good idea.

4.) Yamaha Golf Cart LED Lights

Yamaha golf carts are hip and stylish and come with their own head lights. If you want to take style further up a notch and create your own signature appeal, you might want to add some LED lights to your golf cart unit. Yamaha LED lights are extremely popular and are one of the most highly sought after parts on the internet. Moreover, older models don't come with their own lights which means adding fancy LED lights would provide you with both illuminating function and aesthetic appeal in your ride.

5.) Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

And lastly, every Yamaha golf cart owner's favorite part, the Yamaha golf cart lift kit. If you have a Yamaha golf cart with you, then adding an arsenal of lift kits would be a good idea. There are those who prefer bigger golf cart tires and with added size comes the inevitable need for more space for the golf cart tires. That is where the golf cart lift kit comes to the rescue. There are many options for golf cart lift kits:

● Golf Cart Drop Spindle Lift Kits
● Golf Cart A-Arm Lift Kits
● Golf Cart Drop Axle Lift Kits

The best part is, you can easily install golf cart lift kits on your own without any professional help so you can enjoy a more durable, robust, lifted look. It's also a great Yamaha golf cart part to consider when you drive your cart outdoors in tougher terrains.

Blockbuster Golf Carts offers a large selection of Yamaha Golf Cart Parts for Yamaha Golf Cart. Check out our full range of yamaha golf cart parts here If you're not sure what golf cart parts to need, call (954) 977-4131 today!

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We are proud of our knowledge of EzGo, Club Car, and Yamaha golf cart parts.

We are even more proud when a customer shares their experience. We would love to earn a five-star review from you and invite you to experience the right quality golf cart parts you need fast at Our very special thanks also go out to WILLIAM LAYNE

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Choose Blockbuster For EZGO Golf Cart Parts by Blockbuster Golf Carts

Blockbuster offers the best EZGO Golf Cart Parts and replacements parts at very reasonable prices. EZGO golf carts are perfect for those who have a vast area of land and need a fleet to have everyone in their organization, community, or event travel with convenience. To keep the EZGO golf carts in optimum condition, you need to have EZGO golf cart parts at all times.

About Blockbuster Golf Carts Inc.

Blockbuster Golf Carts is a leader in the neighborhood electric vehicle market in South Florida. We don't only serve in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Keys but we also ship golf carts parts worldwide.

Extensive Inventory

Blockbuster Golf Carts boasts a large-scale inventory of EZGO Golf Carts, parts, and accessories. The durability of EZGO Golf Cart parts means that we can also provide great deals on used EZGO Golf Carts parts, allowing you to obtain amazing EZGO value at very affordable prices.

You can find a huge selection of cart accessories such as mirrors, fans, and brakes. Each part and accessory found at this website is competitively priced and ready to be shipped worldwide.

Browse through our EZGO Golf Cart Parts here. For more assistance, email us at or call (954) 977-4131 today!

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Choose Blockbuster for Golf Cart Parts

Nothing keeps away the blues like a day playing golf. However, without the complete parts and equipment, even the best weather can't seem to motivate you to play. So when that day comes, you can trust that with us here at Blockbuster Golf Carts Inc., we can provide you with your golfing needs.

Blockbuster Golf Carts Inc.: No Matter Where and How
As a leader in South Florida's neighborhood electric vehicle market, Blockbuster Golf Carts Inc. has been providing quality services and products to our customers no matter where in the world. We can ship our golf carts and golf cart parts to you without worries. Because not even distance can stop you from playing at your best.

Not only for playing, but we know that golf carts have become necessary for a variety of purposes. They work great for property managers of maintenance workers in apartment complexes. Security personnel in parking lots and garages, groundskeepers at zoos or amusement parks, and a whole lot more also use them. Therefore, not even a missing or defective part should keep you from doing your tasks well. And with us, we can assure you that you'll efficiently do so at the highest quality.

Golf Cart Parts and Supplies
When you're looking for golf cart parts, then you can always count on us here at Blockbuster Golf Carts Inc. Here, you can find the quality replacement parts you've been searching for. We have a wide range of quality selection that you just can't find anywhere. We also have with us golf cart parts for the three top brands in gold carts:

● Yamaha golf carts
● E-Z-GO golf parts
● Club Car golf cart parts

And when it comes to accessories for that personalization, then we've got it just for you. Our selection of cart accessories such as mirrors and brakes are in our inventory for you to see. We also offer new golf carts supplies and accessories as well as used to fit whatever budget you have.

Speaking of budget, every part and accessory found at are competitively priced and ready to you anywhere in the world. So you can, therefore, find the best ones for your pockets no matter how far.

Our Categories
For everything you are looking for, simply browse through our golf carts for sale as well as the golf cart parts. You will surely find the one that perfectly works for you. Here is an overview of our categories:

● Club Car Golf Cart - Parts
● EZGO Golf Cart - Parts
● Yamaha Golf Cart - Parts
● Golf Cart Parts & Accessories
● Golf Carts For Sale New - Club Car
● Golf Carts For Sale *Used - Club Car
● Golf Cart Batteries
● Rental Golf Cars
● Tires & Wheels
● OEM EZGO Parts
● Clearance

Today, we know that golf carts aren't just for golf anymore. So don't hesitate to contact us and consult with us about the ways we can tailor fit your golf-cart needs.

*Blockbuster Golf Carts offers a large selection of golf car parts. If you're not sure what golf cart parts to need, call (954) 977-4131 today!

#golfcart #golfcartparts #golf #golfcarts #golfcar #ClubCar #Yamahagolfcart #Yamaha +E-Z-GO
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Buying Golf Cart Parts For Club Car - by Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc.

Looking to purchase some new golf cart parts for club car? Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc offers a large selection of golf car parts from accessories to body trim parts. They lead the electric vehicle market in South Florida and ship anywhere in the world.

Golf carts are not only good for the course because you can also use them anywhere. You can use these carts in apartment complexes, parking lots, amusement parks, and so much more.

Accessories For a Club Car

If you want to upgrade the look and style of your club car, trust Blockbuster Golf Cars accessories. These accessories can improve a car's appearance, add new features, and make it more comfortable. In fact, many premium dashboards of club cars are built with a glove compartment and cup holders.

Accessories help you customize a golf cart. Your club car will be more prominent with the addition of a cooling fan, high-end console, or a brush guard. Additional equipment will also provide functional benefits. For example, a battery meter will tell you when it's time to hook up the charger.

Cup holders remain the most popular golf cart accessory. They offer a comfortable place to put your beverage while driving the cart or playing golf. Other popular accessories include wind blockers, armrests, and chrome wheel dress-up kit.

Accelerator Pedal Group Parts

A club car must be well maintained, which is why you need to have golf car parts always on hand. The club car accelerator switch is one of the most important parts to keep your club car in peak condition. This accelerator switch helps maintain speed and mobility. Without it, the club car may work with jerky motions.

Studs, pivots, and spring caps are other small parts that give a large impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. These small parts ensure that the operation is smoothly connected for efficient utilization.

Batteries And Battery Parts

You need 6-volt and 8-volt batteries to keep your golf cart function. If your golf car needs 12-volt batteries, then you can purchase a battery conversion kit. This kit enables you to use six 8-volt batteries instead of four 12-volt batteries.

Consider buying a maintainer to keep the batteries fresh. This saves you the cost and time of buying batteries more often.

When you have to put new batteries in your club car, make sure that you have all the other parts to suitably finish the job. Important battery parts include battery cables, battery rods, and battery hold downs.

Body Trim Parts

If your club car is often used by guests, it becomes more vulnerable to noticeable damages. You don't want your vehicles looking beat up so you'll need to always have replacement body trim parts like bumpers, bag racks, and floor mats.

Blockbuster Golf Carts offers a large selection of golf car parts for club car. Check out our full range of club car golf cart parts here If you're not sure what golf cart parts to need, call (954) 977-4131 today!

#golfcart #golfcartparts #golf #golfcarts #golfcar #ClubCar #Yamaha #EZGO +Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc
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How Golf Carts Are Being Taken To The Next Level - by Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc

Golf carts have long been an iconic, and for some necessary, part of the game. Although these vehicles don't offer much in terms of speed, they are very practical and functional considering the nature of the game. In fact, for many, being able to ride a golf cart during a friendly or professional tournament would most likely be the cherry on top of an absolute exceptional golfing experience.

So, it only makes sense why one professional golfer has taken up the initiative of taking an average golf cart to the next level. What is even more interesting is the fact that he named this new enhancement after his own golf nickname: The Great White Shark.


Every avid golf fan will have heard about The Great White Shark. Not to be confused with the actual fish, The Shark is actually one of the most loved professional golfers in the world, especially during the 80' and 90's. His name is Gregory John Norman AO.

After winning over 90 international tournaments, claiming several awards, being appointed as Officer of the Order of Australia, and turning to entrepreneurship and other ventures, the 62-year old has made the headlines once again. It may not be about another golf trophy, but it sure has something exciting to offer to the golfing community.


The Greg Norman Company has been working for years with Verizon, Club Car and GPSI to come up with a new and advanced take on your standard golf cart. This new technology they have collectively developed is now known as "The Shark Experience."

There is not much of a shock right there considering that this is Greg Norman's brainchild. With his personal mantra "your game... your way", Norman was inspired to provide a much better and personalized on-course experience for his fellow golfers. The Shark Experience is basically a more techy way of enjoying golf.

Rumor has it that this whole idea started when Greg Norman himself was in a cart barn. All of sudden, he realized just how it would be if all the carts had a screen on them where golfers can enjoy the same things they do on a regular day at home or in a hotel like music or sports.

The result of such golf carts that will soon be equipped with this new technology will, however, look just like your average cart. But, this time, with the addition of an HD-touchscreen and speakers.

It turns out that the HD-touchscreen is actually capable of displaying more content than what anyone would have ever expected from a golf cart. It can stream music, live sports, news, and some bonus video tips from The Shark himself. On top of that, any future innovations from partnering companies can also be integrated into this technology.

According to Norman, the platform will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of the industry. In fact, they already have a few additional features in mind like Hole-in-one technology, Shot Tracer, and some food and beverage options. Now, who knows what will come next.


The golf carts, which will be manufactured by Club Car, will come in three tiers.

The basic level features the capability to provide an instant measurement of yardage, which will ultimately help golfers in taking a precise shot to the pin.
The second tier will include two built-in Bluetooth capable speakers that are strategically positioned to project sound towards the center of the cart in addition to the yardage measurement. So, golfers can easily stream music via Slacker Radio while playing.

Lastly, in the final tier, golfers will have the ultimate Shark Experience. Aside from all the other features mentioned above, they will also be able to watch live sports, news, and entertainment contents on their screens.


Today, the Shark Experience is in pilot testing. The preview will be available to the public at the 2018 PGA Show in January of next year.

The aim is to slowly roll out this technology to select golf courses across America by 2018. According to Norman, the carts will be available to municipal, private, and resort courses and may open an opportunity for these entities to partner with them in revenue sharing.


Considering the kind of world we are living in today where almost everyone is overly dependent on technology, this innovation in golf carts can be considered as long overdue. Nonetheless, as the old saying goes, it's better late than never.

In fact, the golfing community must feel so grateful that someone has finally stepped up and thought of bringing the advantages of modern technology to golf carts. Sure, some may not find this new advancement as necessary as others would, but it is undeniable that the added features will surely take the whole golfing experience to the next level.

Greg Norman was very clear with his goal when it comes to how he wanted golf carts to be and luckily, he was able to materialize that in the most accurate way possible. The level of connectivity and customization that this new technology offers is very promising and if it does work out well during its first year in the market, we will surely hear more about everyone's unforgettable Shark Experience.

While you wait the get your hands on the Shark Experience, why not upgrade your current cart with the help of Blockbuster Golf Carts?

We hope that the share of this information was found of interest and also invite you to visit us online at where you can find quality golf cart parts for your EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car golf carts.

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UPS Using Golf Carts for Delivery

The new UPS delivery system has people saying goodbye to trucks and hello to Golf carts.

As more and more Americans shop online, a surge of deliveries has been projected to take over the streets. With an expected swell of 18 to 21 percent of sales made during the recent 2017 holiday shopping season, UPS is looking at golf carts as an outside of the box option to make deliveries during peak season.

The company sees a near double average package volume.

Golf carts are just one of the many non-traditional delivery methods UPS/United Parcel Service has tried over the years.

UPS has had its success in other states using non traditional delivery including the use of bicycles with trailers to deliver their packages (hopefully dominated by golf cart part deliveries from With Golf carts in the mix, UPS has been slowly following through and getting approval to use this new delivery method throughout the States. One place where people can look forward to this kind of delivery is Denver. The use of golf carts for delivery was scheduled to begin operating on residential streets between December 8 and 31, 2017.

How it Works

Since golf carts operate only within a limited number of neighborhoods, UPS has made it easier for drivers to pick up the parcels by placing them in an area within their reach. UPS would bring that day’s package load to a secure location in that certain neighborhood for storage. They would later be picked up by the drivers.

The storage location, in accordance with UPS’ agreement with the city, will be up to the company. It is their responsibility to look for a place within the neighborhoods for storage of not only packages but golf carts and trailers as well.

Benefits of Using Golf Carts for Delivery

This new delivery method by UPS has been met with various reactions. However, it must be said that it too has its own merits. Below are the benefits of using golf carts as a great alternative for deliveries in Denver:

Provides more part-time work which undeniably makes people spend more than usual. What with the gift giving and holiday dinners to plan. Many people look for additional part-time work to cover the cost. With this new golf cart delivery for the holidays, UPS can give an opportunity to people who are looking for part-time work.

Satish Jindel, the president of ShipMatrix—a Pennsylvania-based shipping operations consulting company, saw this as a great way “to expand base of people who can get deliveries done in the growing e-commerce space.” He got inspired from a recent trip to China where he saw many small vehicles making rounds in the country to make deliveries.

Less Big Trucks

Another problem solved by golf carts is the elimination of big trucks crowding up small residential streets. No more bulky trucks taking up the roads. The Golf carts with trailers in tow will be a good alternative to those big delivery trucks by UPS. This downsizing decision is met with positive reviews by Golden police Capt. Joe Harvey whose place is also receiving this new delivery method.

Golf Carts Are More Environmentally-Friendly

With the elimination of diesel-fueled big trucks comes a cleaner and more fuel-efficient alternative, the golf cart. The use of this new delivery method is in alignment with the wide selection of vehicles utilized by UPS such as gondolas in Italy as well as bicycles, snowmobiles, horse-drawn carriages, electric-assist bicycles, mountain bicycles, motorcycles, and more.

Golf Carts Provide Access to Tighter Residential Streets

Golf carts would be a better choice when it comes to making deliveries on tighter residential streets. Furthermore, it makes those smaller areas accessible than what the large brown trucks of UPS can reach. The golf carts with trailers in tow will also be good at accessing those residential streets with a 25 mph speed limit.

Public Safety

Once the big trucks are replaced by the small golf carts, residents can now feel at ease with their increased public safety. Big trucks tend to block the other side of the road; making people more prone to the possible dangers they fail to see. An example would be a kid who darts out behind a UPS truck wherein somebody from the other direction would fail to see the kid coming up. It could potentially cause accidents. Big trucks put a child, pet or animal, into danger.

With golf carts, it will be easier to see a dog, a cat, or a child running out into the street. The 20 mph speed limit of golf carts, as agreed between UPS and the coordinating cities, will also increase safety. Furthermore, golf carts will also decrease industrial truck congestion in neighborhoods.

Drivers’ Safety

In line with that previous point, golf carts not only promote safety among residents but to their drivers as well. Aside from the 20 mph speed limit, the UPS golf carts are required to have front and rear lights and will be marked as UPS vehicles. The carts will also have a red reflective hazard symbol affixed to the rear of the trailer. These are under the agreement between UPS and the city. In addition, before a person is accepted to drive the golf carts for deliveries, they will be required to go through golf cart driver training. UPS will also add turn signals, seat belts, as well as mirrors to golf carts.

If the use of golf carts proves successful and early reports support exactly that, there is a good chance that UPS will extend to make the program full-time.

We hope that the share of this information was found of interest and also invite you to visit us online at where you can find quality golf cart parts for your EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car golf carts.

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