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Kanta roy
reading , travelling, writing ,
reading , travelling, writing ,


Gloomy solitude.

Alone in the forbidden waterslide
Gliding Venice , no more pulsating
Opium's miniature , shaping shadow
pic on wall, owl's optimal midnight tell, breaking mirrored glass window,
Offbeat creecking thou plant's askew
Embracing baith of belt buckle ,
Mad to heed feather sound free,
Swans chilling in silent Avon ,
Icing silver lining boat speed
On moon blood gloomy solitude.

A copyright of © Kanta Roy

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Demonstrating Lenz's Law with an MRI machine

Faraday's Law of Induction describes how a magnetic field interacts with an electric circuit to produce an electromotive force. It is the fundamental principle behind both electric motors and generators. An important aspect of this is Lenz's Law, which states than when an induced current flows, the resulting magnetic field will always oppose the change that produced it.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines produce a strong magnetic field along the central bore where the patient resides. This particular machine has a static magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla, which is approximately 100,000x stronger than that of the Earth's.

When a piece of aluminum (a non-ferromagnetic metal) is moved through the MRI machine's magnetic field, it induces an electric current in the metal. Per Lenz's Law, the magnetic field produced by this induced current opposes the original movement and results in the aluminum slowly falling over.


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Sky craving more, love claims amour private

In front page? No idea why do you

Searching again in test- scroll bleeding, how

ended travels on poetry pottery..

Much better and more detailed pleasure

Thou stepped happy, feet on sleathering floor,

Mickey , mouse, robot sticker on door,

Play loving , killed the cute kitty,

Not easy feast like flesh game,

Mind, if there will stollen! Creat lost

Sentiment , click robot in lab. puppet.

Barbecue baked special buffet breakfast.

Filled, dish washer fluid level, I think

No ego searching female act,let's write

Them on and on, where to hide the bourate

Same! Now the game of syllables

Heart beats in iambic necklace diamond

Can you glide star to right ring attachment?

Where poetry sighs counting heart beat

Our yell claims a natural disaster

Can heart creat love in desolated fracture!

A copyright of © Kanta Roy,

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Let Wrong Be More I Do.

Let wrong be more I do,
Falt best bet on my desk
All posts be dark blackout,
I hide behind ,no reach of you!

I write the opening spring
Artificial to me, echo of effort,
Though I never wish to fight,
Lie and truth helped you

To connect a dark chocolate
Hair color, a subject to practice
Writing 'am the study material,
Hovering vulture over this war belief,

Soon the shape of spring break
Back to original ,I am not too far
From all posts female, apart ,
Departer, pendulums oscilate

Twinkling mist, praise and hate
Doubt and embrace, what not
In short life, poems proud of you
Who I never knew what are all

Broken cartridge, ink still waiting
I write up to end up paying attention
Subject changed, no longer pulsations
Barbie resting on old house ,

Googly I can't play, looks my ass
Fally, no rain,no salt, a big group
On private message via image
Of toe, laughter nodoubt encouraged.

In ups and down I'm proud of helping
Some day , they ashamed to say ,
Good-bye, I will send the best.
Hay, nomore song or write,

Here song never was, horror
In every converse, forcefully
Footprint plunged on midcap,
That grows very slow by strength.

I mourn for long losing money
On canciones hour, money, a heart
Of darkness, horror , not close enough,
No one, no light, a robotic sentiment
Based on digital ponders never,
Writ comes without consent,
Never I am on riding saddlede pen,
Look back never been wishing

To be more helpful than past,
If ,I never, never write, buried song,now
Toad hidden files ever closed,
It could be helpful in weekend

How storm in every month
Perpetual to track, ham, blocked
Milk of heaven, a moulding
Ever changing shape right after the war,
Writes the new page of unique
Explanation, a harmit never knows
Bullet,, suffers robot root, heart
Was needed (karma)to test ....

A copyright of ©Kanta Roy,

Happily, for years structure,
It starts from 2nd week of every month,
Returns from 20th. After weeks progress, repeats on next 2nd week,
Waiting upto next Cyclic order .
If I live, sun will rise some day
To feel the new morning,
Now, send me , I am mute,
Sorry, I can't work , dumb to write
Properly, but, now I am living in
Unconditional happy life.
More you send, more happiness to gain.

A copyright of ©Kanta roy

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Another redlight area .
if I have to push my car before it starts
i won't drive it
Viagra they say is a starter.

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