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Timothy held his wife and four-year old daughter as they gazed outside their hotel room balcony. It was a beautiful morning. The sea was gentle; lapping at the shores. In the distance, a lone boat was making its way into the waters. Other than that, there was nobody in sight. They were all probably spending time with their loved ones.

Timothy sighed and placed a peck on Amy's cheek, wiping a solitary tear from her face. He gave her a feeble smile and she responded with one feebler than his. He looked down at his daughter, Sophia, and felt his heart break as she looked up at him with a cheeky grin; her life was over even before it had really began.

Today, the world would end. The world's government had announced two days ago that a comet was heading to earth, making impact in less than four hours to decimate all life on earth. The first day was confusion: riots and massive increase in crime. But yesterday, it had all died down; humans realizing that they only had twenty-four hours to share with their closest ones. Wars, violence, crime, all the negativity that we as humans had endured since time immemorial ended just like that, snap with the click of one's fingers.

"Come, let's go and sit by the beach," Amy said, pulling him out of the balcony, out of their hotel room, and out to sit by the beach. They had come for their fifth anniversary in Thailand as a family before the news broke out. Luckily, or unluckily, they were both orphans with no relatives to reach out to in these dying moments. But what of their friends, colleagues?

Silence filled the air around them as they watched the sun climb higher. What could be said? They had said, "I love you" countless times already, falling asleep in each others arms as they cried silently, to avoid waking Sophia, since the news broke out.

Spotting a solitary man walking towards them, Timothy handed the now-sleeping Sophia to Amy, wondering what mischief the man had in mind; there had been too many incidences since the news broke out.

When the man got closer, Timothy stood as did his wife, and he clenched his fists in anticipation of anything untoward happening to his family. The man stopped a few feet from them and Timothy asked, "What do you want?"

The man looked Timothy, then Amy and the sleeping Sophia, and finally back to Timothy again. "There isn't much time left," the man began. "If you want to keep your family alive, I suggest you follow me."

Timothy almost barked out a laugh, but it fell short when he saw the serious look in the stranger's eyes. "How? That's impossible."

"In one hour the world shall end. You have no other option. Follow me and all shall be revealed. We don't have much time to waste." The stranger turned his back and walked off at a brisk pace, without a second look back.

Timothy looked at Amy, her eyes wide and hopeful though tinged with apprehension and fear. He looked at Sophia, her cute snoring sounds bringing fresh tears to his eyes. Turning back to the stranger, Timothy made his mind up then. Gently taking Sophia in his arms, he said to his wife, "Let's go," before following the stranger.
Takhayyal - #writing prompt week 5
Takhayyal - #writing prompt week 5
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