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His name was Jonas. Normally here is where one would say they had the pleasure...or displeasure, of knowing a person. Mine was smack in-between the two. You see, Jonas claimed to see things that weren't there. Oh, for sure they were real enough for him...just not to everyone else. But that was before the Incident. Then we all believed him.

I first met Jonas when he was brought into the asylum. I was the only female janitor at the time. In fact, I made history by being the first female janitor in the state. I guess I was similar to Jonas in that respect. We both made history in our own way.

Jonas was in a straitjacket, held on either side by two burly guards as they escorted him to his cell. Ranting and raving, not unlike some of those evangelists who claim to spread the Word by promising fire and brimstone, Jonas shouted of the "Shadows" and the "Snarlers", spewing frothy spittle from his crooked mouth, and looking about him with wild and crazy eyes.

The Shadows and the Snarlers. Words we'd all heard and all thought to be the imaginations of lunatic. We were wrong. All of us. You see, everyone knew of Jonas. The news had highlighted his crimes, his trial as well as his sentence, nationwide. Some hoped he would get the death sentence, others thought a life sentence in a maximum security prison would be the way, but not one person, not a single one, thought him innocent and that he should be free. I guess that was a first in history too. The whole world hated him for his crimes. Even his family and closest friends.

If we knew then what we know now, Jonas would have been a hero, a messiah, our saviour.

But there I go again, jumping ahead of the story. It all began on Friday 13th. Jonas had been taken to a separate cell so I could clean his. I had even seen him taken to the opposite wing so I had nothing to fear, nothing to worry about.

But when I entered his cell, I found Jonas sitting there on the floor, straitjacket and all. I would have screamed. I should have screamed, running out for my safety, shouting warnings for the guards. I would have done so. I should have done so. But Jonas was not alone.

What we now know as the Shadows and the Snarlers were right behind him, appearing as if from thin air. Jonas was weeping silently, seemingly aware of the creatures behind him but unable to do anything about them.

Jonas looked up, and spotted with a sad smile. Almost in tandem, the Shadows and the Snarlers turned their attention towards me. And headed straight at me.
Takhayyal - Friday 13th vs Valentine's Day
Takhayyal - Friday 13th vs Valentine's Day
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