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I have lived on many worlds, traversed light years to run from galaxy to galaxy, never settling, always on the move...trying to escape my never-ending suffering. But the chains of torment follow me wherever I go. Nay, they never leave me. My constant companions. My fellow passengers. Now I find myself on a another planet, one named Earth.

I made a mistake in my youth, billions of years before this Planet Earth even formed, and I have been tormented by the Beings since.

My heart is always aflame, searing me, boiling the blood in my veins. My brain burns with the hottest of fevers, scorching my eyes, blazing my thoughts.

I can not remember peace. No idea what that feels like any longer, and I have lost all hope.

I only know pain.


Takhayyal - #writing prompt week 4
Takhayyal - #writing prompt week 4
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