Stephanie had always hated Valentine's. It did absolutely nothing for her. Chocolates, flowers, gifts, cards...yuck! It wasn't because the only Valentine's gift she'd ever received was from her parents, or the ones in class when the teachers forced them all to give a gift to your desk mate...or that she'd never gone out on a date.

No. Stephanie hated Valentine's Day because that's the day she died. Not only did she die on that day, but Tillianus, Cupid's arch-nemesis, made Stephanie an anti-Valentine's spirit.

Armed with a violin (to play depressing music), a cage (to lock up the victim's heart and emotions so Cupid wouldn't have a chance to shoot his pesky arrows) as well as an accompaniment of crows (you know, because crows symbolize death and her job is to kill the victim's love), Stephanie's new role was to go around the world, hardening the hearts and emotions of people so Cupid wouldn't be able to make humans fall in love with one another.

Did Stephanie love her job? Absolutely! Did she hate the overly romantic but cute, Cupid? Definitely!
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