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O site do Flathub recebe melhorias que facilitam a sua busca por pacotes flatpak, confira nessa matéria.
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Top 5 SQL DataBases!
This visual look at #Oracle, #MySQL, #MicrosoftSQLServer, #PostgreSQL, and #DB2 considers those SQL options from a developer’s perspective. learn oracle pl sql here!
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Hello and welcome everyone!

First of all, Thank u for accepted my join to the group.

Secondly, I use my Arch Linux for everday tasks, for examples: listenin' music, watchin' videos, creatin' docs and so on. I like the phylosophie of the Arch Linux as KISS. I do not really like desktop enviroments cuz I think and I know that these desktop enviroments - GNOME3 and KDE - use a lot of resources as CPU , RAM and so on. Instead of these desktop enviroments I prefer use window manager as i3, awesome, icewm. I think these windows managers have a low resources and faster thant the big brothers desktop enviroments. :)
However these window managers are greater and faster than the big brothers, sometimes need more knowledge for you to use them. I mean, if I have installed an i3 wm, I need to setup the runnin' applications, the runnin' services, background and so on. What is more, it would be very uncomfortable for the newbies, but I do not care about it. Although, I am not a Linux expert, but I know somethings to use my Linux operatin' system.

Thirdly, I have used ArchBang long time ago, however there was a problem with it, and I deleted from my computer.
If I good know, that was problem with the ArchBang' and the maintanin' closed. But, as I can see, the project has weak up, thanks for the community.

Last, but not least, I believe that the ArchLabs project will rise long time, and I hope we will enjoy the advantages of it.

Thanks to read my words. (Sorry 4 my bad Englsih).

PS: I will send my ArchLinux desktop image later. :)))

Sziasztok, köszönöm a felvételt. - még ha így megkésve is írok. -
Szeretem a Scribus alkalmazást mert nagyon frappáns, sokszínű és egyben hasznos is. Szinte minden anyagot Scribus-al készítek amit lehet.
Alapdolgokat csinálok vele, és ha kész másoknak is megmutatom az eredményt. :)

hello everyone. i am very thankful to joined it to the group.
i am preparing for my english exam, and i need to practice someone else as i have a big problem with the english literature. :)

Hello community. I am very thankful to be here in the "Embedded Linux" group. I am a hobby Linux user and i use my Linux OS for main Operating System. I like all Linux distros, especially Arch, Debian, CentOS and i am very like the independent distros like NixOS os Void.
In my sometime i write article for my website about the "Linux's Worlds and the OpenSources Applications" and i am translating many websites for the Hungary people from English to Hungarian.
Sorry for my poor English, but my English literature not very well, so i need to pratice a lot. :)

Have a good doy everyone and happy new year... :)

thanks everyone how accepted me to join in this Architect Team. :)
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