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I just finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. (Note: Amazon affiliate link!)  I actually don't think of myself as a particularly unhappy person, although I'm sure I have some habits that fall into the slightly-disliked category. For instance, I s...

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Baby, it's FRIGID outside
My family makes fun of my about my love of a good snow storm. But, as long as everyone is safe, I really do enjoy being stuck inside! Watching the white snow fall is nice; it always looks so pretty! And, growing up in Western New York, I've certainly seen m...

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I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said...
I definitely struggle with patience. And listening. Want someone to start listening and then excitedly talk over you because I can't wait? I'm your girl! This makes it hard when I'm trying to listen when I'm praying. Did you know that part of praying is als...

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Here we are
It's already February, which is quite a long ways from October when I stopped in last. I guess I'm not as good at staying on track with writing as I'd hoped I'd be.  We've had holidays and storms and goodness knows what else since then. But, there's no sens...

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Wow, it sure has been a while. As everyone does, I guess I've just had a lot going on! I'm here with a cup of coffee now, though, so won't you sit down and join me? Over the summer, a friend of mine and I took my girls to a One Direction concert in Philadel...

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How I Want to Be Remembered
Not too long ago I was thinking about how I want to be remembered. I'm not entirely sure how I got onto this subject in my head, but there it was. To be honest, I wasn't necessarily thinking about death. I mean, that was part of it, but I also wonder how my...

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Summer time is done so here's a list of fall favorites
This is it! Labor Day has arrived and the kids go back to school tomorrow. I'm taking the girls shopping   for some last minute things today and then - that's it! I'm actually pretty glad that we're approaching school because that means cooler weather is fi...

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Prayer and pretzels
We picked the kids up from camp yesterday. They were full of laughter and stories and song and God's word. They talked about the 'affirmations' they received from their counselors and were all so happy. They also loved the food, which is always an interesti...

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And when I worry
School is finally done! Here in WNY, we tend to go for too long. Elementary school had a half-day this morning and finally let them free. Middle school finished on Tuesday. You can barely tell we slowed down, though, with baseball/softball filling the time ...

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