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Thomas Ho (Tom)
"Back home again in Indiana"
"Back home again in Indiana"


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Has anyone tried using a ChromeBox with a Promethean ActivPanel? I'm already using a Chromebit on a TV for digital signage so I'm ready to "take the next step"

Is there a mechanism to EXPORT email addresses from G Suite? I need to get them into our SIS in order to use

Under "Managed Bookmarks" there is a field labelled "Managed Bookmarks Folder Name"

What does that do? What is it for? Is it a mechanism for organizing managed bookmarks with folders?

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Hoosier innovators: are you on this list? #INeLearn
If your district is not on the list, it's easy to remedy! Just complete this form. We'll share an update on Monday!

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How do I add the new Spaces service to my domain?

Anybody else having trouble getting a PIN for GAFE tech support?

Recently, I "discovered" Groups for Business so I migrated from "ordinary" Groups. All of my NON-student group members have posting permission, BUT for my STUDENT members, it says "Web posting has been disabled by domain administrator"

However, I can't figure out WHERE I disabled posting permission for students!

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Will Google Play for Education remain a viable way to distribute CHROME apps to individual (and groups) of students?

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