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Jim Murrell
Christian business man, serial entrepreneur, executive manager, board member, husband to my beautiful wife, proud father of two sons and one daughter.
Christian business man, serial entrepreneur, executive manager, board member, husband to my beautiful wife, proud father of two sons and one daughter.

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Chattanooga is first city in world to offer 10 gig Internet community-wide

EPB just held a press conference and announced that as off today, Chattanooga is making 10 GIG available to all its citizens and businesses. The new fiber optic upgrade is complete and accessible in all of Hamilton County, a 600 square mile area.

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This announcement triggered my distant memory of an article from almost a year ago suggesting that Comcast should acquire T-Mobile rather than TMC. It also suggested Sprint should join with Time Warner and the smaller MSOs.

Maybe it was a modern day prophecy or at least an eerie premonition of turbulent times for telecom and cable. Both industries or overdue for a season of disruption in status quo -- I.M.N.S.H.O.

A gambler worth his salt probably would never bet the house that the Comcast deal would fail against all odds. If for no other reason, David's special relationship with the first family would be enough to tip the balance. But that's another story...

Hit rewind back about a year and read the Forbes article titled, "Why Isn't Comcast Buying T-Mobile?"   Strange how sometimes it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Kinda leads one to wonder about the obvious questions, naturally to follow...

1. Will Comcast buy T-Mobile?

2. Are Sprint and TWC going to merge in reaction?

3. Does DISH join Charter/Brighthouse if #1 and #2 happen?

If all or any combination of the 3 items above begin to unfold, does the FCC postpone the 600 MHz Spectrum Auction? Interesting times!

Here's a link to the Forbes article from May of 2014... enjoy!

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First CES I've missed in the past 10 years but hopefully for good reason ;-)...

P.S. Can someone show me (with a reasonably short and simple algorithm "Al Gore Rhythm?") when FCC Auction 97 will end?
What's the best stuff we found at #CES2015? Here are the winners as we chose them!

YotaPhone 2, Samsung 105-Inch TV, and Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Among Geek Beat Best of CES 2015 Award Winners

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Fascinating political maneuvering but the unanswered question will remain... what are the unintended consequences of "regulation". With history as our judge, it may make things worse rather than better.

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The oppressed will always find away... human quest for freedom can't be contained.

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Finally my home state is number #1 in something!

I'll never forget going to Logan, West Virginia back in the late 1980's to build and establish a competitive wireless phone company as an alternative to the old legacy Bell System monopoly. When we finally negotiated a deal on office space, the landlord told me that he was glad someone from Mississippi was willing to start a business in West Virginia and hoped we'd be successful because... "if it weren't for Mississippi, they'd be last in everything".

I'll never forget the good humor or my response. I told my new friend that we were glad to be there and that I had a great idea for an initial promotion. I told him that in Mississippi when we launched service, we gave away a free pair of shoes when people signed up for wireless service and it worked very well. Then I asked him if the launch in Logan, we should change that to a free set of teeth."

To my old friends in West Virginia... Mississippi is still ahead of you in at least one category according to Fortune! …

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"...earning incremental data revenue is not a simple matter of leveraging already built infrastructure; providing increasing amounts of data is going to require significant capital investment."

Good insight but rising cost and shrinking margins are only the tip of the iceberg. I'm a little bit surprised the "elephant in the room" went almost unnoticed. The article barely mentions the near-term multibillion dollar costs associated with acquiring more licensed wireless spectrum to satisfy the exponential growth in data consumption.

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The "dumb pipe" dilemma...

If Comcast and other "pipes" become "net neutral" (dumb) we are eventually forced into government price regulations and guaranteed margins for a few large access carriers - killing innovation and creative destruction on the delivery side of the equation.

On the other hand, if Comcast is allowed full discretion of content delivery pricing based solely on what is best for shareholder value (fast lanes for the favored who are willing to pay the toll), we are left with a two-tiered internet corrupted by the most powerful and their lobbyist destined for unending creative politically motivated subsidy requests by the unfavored - stifling innovation and creativity on the content side of the equation.
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