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Will be in a bathtub again for a shoot for Lux. This time though no beautiful ladies with me...maybe will just ask for a rubber duck...ha ha

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We got a great deal on salmon at 99 Ranch yesterday so lunch will be this spicy salmon poke made of:

- cubed raw salmon
- chili garlic sauce
- soy sauce
- toasted sesame oil
- toasted sesame seeds
- chopped green onion
- a squeeze of lime

over steamed rice, topped with some fresh daikon sprouts.

It was so GD hot at the beach today. I'm glad the kids' surf lessons were early because I would not want to be out there right now.

What's lunching where you are? :)
Salmon Two Ways 02.05.12 (13 photos)
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WebStorm 5.0 demo doing totally editing with Chrome. Also featuring Emmett (née Zen Coding), +AngularJS, and Ace Jump, which after watching this other screencast ( by +John Lindquist, I'm totally into.  This is fantastic.

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Glutenfree pancakes, Ayrshire bacon from Glenwood meats, yellow and green kiwifruit...

#itswhatsforbrunch #glutenfree #comfortfood
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